Thursday, January 14, 2020

A great day!  It's a HumaneOhio Spay/Neuter day! We sent up 43 local cats--29 females and 14 males. Only one of those was an FFRC cat--her name is Mary Catherine. Our total now for 2021 (including some voucher spay/neuters) is 52 cats---35 females and 17 males. We're on our way for another spay/neuter year!

And you may ask.........who is Mary Catherine. She's a beautiful black calico that we took on yesterday. She is 1 1/2 years old, born 7/6/19. A wonderful person found her outside with a terrible condition called pyometra. It's caused by the womb filling with pus and if left untreated, it can lead to toxemia, dehydration, kidney failure and even death. The only cure once pyo has set in is to get the cat spayed. This horrible condition can be completely eliminated by early spaying. 

Mary Catherine arrived with severe uterine drainage, rather thin and with a horrible smell.  It took two baths to get the drainage off. Upon our vet's advise, two very good antibiotics were started. Because she was eating, she suggested getting her spayed asap. So.......up she went with HumaneOhio today. She was very perky this morning, much less drainage and is ever so so sweet. She's a leg wrapper! 

I know not everyone likes to hear of these "icky diagnosis" but believe me, this condition is not pleasant for the cat either. I just want to impress how important it is to spay. Cats (and dogs) can die from a pyo, especially if it's a closed pyo. Her's happened to be an open pyo, hence the drainage. And it's so simple to prevent..........get those female cats spayed!

We also took on another male young adult cat. His name is Bub. He's orange with white toes and bib. One of our volunteers worked at getting him into a trap and then was brought to FFRC. He arrived 1/11 with a birthday of 7/10/19. He is now neutered. A sweetie big boy. He's in the back Thumper's Room, making friends with Ringo and Shamballie. The boys are happy and planning on how to raid the catnip jar! 

Tonight is bill paying night and yesterday was the Fun-Raiser! It was a great event!  But, first, we had BOXES--two of them!

Anonymous Friend--8 cases (12) 9 Lives Pate

NJ Lurker--2 BIG boxes of Cheryl's Holiday Cookies--sooo yummy!

And then the fun-raiser.........

Item A --  $ 240 --Won By Jack Sch 
Item B -- $155 --  Won by Lynnette
Item C -- $200 -- Won By Mary Laf
Item D -- $390 -- Won By Diane/TweetiTweet
Item E -- $185 -- Won By Tammy from Ky
Item F -- $125 --  Won By Danielle Rit
Item G -- $840 -- Won By Outside Girl 
Item H -- $230 -- Won By M & M (returned back to FFRC for another go-around!)

Total $2,365

And then came the Angel Bumper Uppers!  This raised another $635. 

And now, the Grand Total is a whopping $3,000 
Many thanks to those that donated the items for the Fun-Raiser, to those that wanted the tickets and to Lynnette and Marcia for working on the tickets! It was a great time. And of course we had consolation prizes.  All items will be going out today and tomorrow! 

We have thanks to give!
Jeremy H--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Connie K--donation to FFRC (one of the rescue people of the 3 cemetery cats)
CyllW--donation to FFRC
Jessie, Clark & the rest--a happy birthday chickie $$ for Sevaun. She is the oldest FFRC cat!
Watt L--donation to FFRC
Donald E--donation to FFRC
Faithy M--donation to cover 2 public spays/neuters!
William M--donation to FFRC
Albert F from MA--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to help Sparrow with her surgery & meds
Irene K from KY--donation to FFRC
Marie D from PA--donation to FFRC
Amanda T--donation for FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Sparrow, Maddie Mae Tru and Gheenzoe's surgeries
Lana H--donation for FFRC
Cheryl B--donation to FFRC
Alison A--donation to FFRC
Carole G--donation to FFRC
Ryan B from WA--donation to FFRC
Claudina A--donation to FFRC, in memory of Diann Ballesteros
Amy Goode--donation to FFRC
Jill R from IL--donation because she enjoys the livestream!
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC

Wow--even more thanks to give!
Marilyn & Terry--Chickie $5 for the cats & a Happy New Year
Karen & Gilbert--a beautiful purple coat for Janie to keep warm in, 2 brown box toys for Ramsay as backups!

Tineve En J--donation, cat treats, 2 diamond kitty pictures, stationary, chocolate
Aprilcatlover--2 boxes of Beyond CHicken Broth, 2 boxes FF Appetizers

Anne, James & Skippy from Canada--Temptation snacker, sunflower scratcher!
Mr. Meow--for all the good kitties--lots of toys, 5 sardines, 12 FF kitten, 36 cans food.  Also 5 pkgs. BOndi Licks, 4 Delectable Bisque, snackers, 10 Friskies packets

MLS--Santa/Reindeer musical/dancer.  It goes great with the Rooster dancing toy!
Mr. & Mrs. Bedic & baby--2 cases FF adult
Jane9025--bag Purina ONE kitten

Gerard & Wendy from Netherlands--black/white blanket, Stroopwafel, cat yums for Magic, postie notes, snacker for cats & Janie, trash bags, spring toys, Sheba cat food, calendars, stickers, lots of toys.
I was asked a very good question--why it looks like we've shortened the hours of the volunteers. A good question! And here is my response----There is a reason we are trying to shorten shift hours.  We are trying to not overlap the volunteers being here. The reason is because of COVID.  It's very high here and it is of great concern.  We all love the cats, of course and they certainly get lots of loving. But, here's the thing.  If a volunteer comes up positive, then I have to shut down most of the rescue work by the volunteers.  So, if we limit how much time volunteers overlap, it may make a huge difference in our not spreading it.  We've already had several very close calls.  And if it becomes a big problem, I have myself and 3 others that could pitch in. And that would be a lot of work for at least 10 days. Sooooooo, we are playing it safe.  The cats are happy, volunteers are happy that we can still be here and all is good. The volunteers understand what we are doing although many would love to be here even more!  But.....we will get through this.  
Please know that I always appreciate sincere questions and try my best to answer them!

Update on Sparrow,  who happens to be sound asleep on my desk at the moment. Sunday after her surgery, she was here, there and everywhere. She was planting her rear right leg squarely under her for balance. Her incision did get a little infected but was promptly put on antibiotics and is looking much better.  However, her rear right leg has been "giving" a bit now. We will still wait those 2 weeks and re-evaluate her. Dr. Darcy may have a plan! 

Take care, have a great day and know that FFRC truly appreciates you all.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

 Yesterday was an FFRC surgery day. It was a short day but productive!  Many thanks to Dr. Darcy and Amber for making this possible. Dr. Darcy brought in a spay that she wanted to do. We also spayed  Maddie Mae Tru. It's determined her age is 11 years. She is indeed fully blind. Such a gentle soul.  We neutered Gheenzoe and DeeJay. They had good physicals.  Gheenzoe had the toenail removed that was snugged into the fold of his extra toe. This will prevent that toenail from ever getting embedded into his pad.  Big thanks to MLS for providing our drinks for surgery day!

Sparrow had her rear left leg removed. Dr. Darcy agreed that it needed to go--the knee was completely unstable, painful and twisted.  She is on antibiotics and 3 soreness meds.  After 3 days, we will start decreasing her soreness meds gradually. She spent the night in a condo in the back Thumper's Room. This morning she insisted on being out of her condo.  And then she was trying to get out the door!  Soooooo, after getting her meds in her, up she came.  She's taking it pretty easy. I'm pleased that she is already placing her rear right foot in the center while she walks. Truly seems a natural and easy move for her. IF her right knee is not stable enough. Dr. Darcy feels she might be able to do a surgery where she can tighten that knee up.  We'll re-evaluate in 2 weeks. 

Coralie was examined by Dr. Darcy and she was so happy to see our golden girl! We've jiggled her meds around a bit--will do half doses twice a week.  The mass, of course is still there but the meds have given her more space for her food to go down! She is a gift!

We have taken on 2 new teenage kittens.

Gheenzoe, pronounced Gen-Zo.  He arrived 1/4/21 at 5 months. His birthday is 8/17/20.  He was found by himself here in Defiance. He's super friendly and a front paw polydactal. Gheenzoe is a silver grey tiger. 

DeeJay. He arrived 1/4/21 at 5 1/2 months. His birthday is 8/3/20. He was found by himself, crying and was brought to FFRC, before we were to get an ice storm.  What a sweet boy. He's a soft black kitten. 

Ringo is doing fine. I jokingly said when he gets adopted, we will have to send his giant bed and the surgical table with him!  That is his place and he loves it there. I get him off the bed several times a day so he has to walk about. And then up he goes--back on his big bed. He can also see out the window from that position! He's a gentle, quiet soul.

Today starts our fun-raiser! We skipped December but now it's time. This fun-raiser will help us with our utility bills--electric and propane.  Check out the video on the cam about the 8 items. Also you can see the information on our facebook pages. BOXES will be at 1:00 Wednesday, followed by the Drawing, followed by the Consolation Prizes!  Come join the fun!

We also had an adoption today! Eloise went to her new home! She is one of the 3 cats found hunkered down at a rural cemetery.  I feel she is going from a life of sadness to a life where she will be the diva girl at home! And best news is today is her birthday gift ever!

We are doing the majority of Boxes and Envelopes in PawMart. Again, the reason is that we want to minimize how much time people are in the Main Area, due to Covid. We are trying to protect our volunteers and ourselves and keep the amount of people numbers down in the rooms. Thank you for understanding.

And again, I've gotten behind on these thank yous. I'm sorry but know that the cats and I are grateful!

Dewitty--donation to FFRC, in memory of Sonia, her brother Dan's wife

Patricia Schmel Family made a donation to FFRC, in her memory

Zeev N--donation to FFRC

Carla D from FL--donation to FFRC

Terrence B from IL--donation to FFRC
Wayne H--donation to FFRC
Kenneth M--donation to FFRC

Kathleen B from PA_-donation to FFRC
Cathy K from Ontario--donation to FFRC, use where needed

Marco G from Germany--donation in honor of sweet Lucy

Norma C--donation in honor of the Hangin' With Donna video clips!

Robert B from SC--donation to FFRC

Andrew F from UK--donation to FFRC, enjoys the YouTube

Neils C--donation in honor of Derecho for & in Memory of Kazz

Danela G--donation to FFRC

Melissa M--donation to FFRC (had adopted Hettie in 2011)

Jerry B--donation to FFRC, in honor of Letty Bradley, his mom who turned 86!

Karen B--donation to FFRC, in honor of Letty Bradley, for her birthday!

Jakesmeowm;y--donation to FFRC, use where needed

Jill DH--donation in honor of Coralie!

Hallie G--donation for FFRC

Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Hope A--donation to FFRC

Lisa-Marie K--donation to FFRC

Dan J--donation to FFRC

Judy and Phil--donation to FFRC and to a Happy New Year!

Bonnets to Bustles--donation to FFRC, in memory of their kitty Carnie who passed in October 2020 and to all of their sweet pets who have passed.

We had another dear FFRC friend pass away. Diann Ballesteros passed this week. We were notified by her family. Diann had been with us since 2012. A very kind and compassionate friend. We had 3 donations made in her memory by Miguel G from TX, James B from TX and Clara R.   

And then........let's get caught up on BOXES--

Pat C, our Thurs night volunteer--4 containers of disinfecting wipes

Karen & Gilbert--Ramsay is so thankful--2 brown boxes that he loves, now he has backups. They are called--get this......a long name!  Pet Life Kitty Square Folding Sturdy Travel Collapsible Pet Cat House Furniture--wow, what a name!    Plus, a giant bag of Janie snackers! 

Mr. Meow--lots of Christmas toy stockings to give out at adoptions & a pet bed warmer

Melinda G/Mg57--donation of five beautiful hand knit blankets & 2 hand knit cotton washcloths. So pretty!

Debbie & Woody from NC--32 cans Friskies

Terri & David C and Evie the cat--2 bags dog snackers, 40 cans Friskies, 18 Lil Soup, cat snackers, 2 cases Friskies Packets

Tammy & Keith from PA--cards to give out, and a gorgeous horse purse for Jacci

Dewitty--3 face shields

Patricia Schmel family from PA--In memory of Patricia's mom--Box kitty Advantage, toys, snackers, wipes & broths

FaithyMD--for her Hobbit BIrthday--ProPlan dry cat food, Greenie snackers, Dluxe bag of toys, case of Friskies. Happy Birthday, Faithy!

Andrew S--a card and snackers and a hug, for Janie, his good doggie friend!

Rozann & Bianca--40 pk Friskies

Kim R from NC--4 navy blue blankets, 5 plaid blankets

Mary SoCal--Burts Bee Slicker Brush

Outsidegirl/Anna from VA--8 lysol Wipes, 7 handmade scarfs (beautiful), 2 pkgs of kitty wipes

Brian C--mouse toys, 2 bags snackers, 20 cans chicken

Alan & Elaine--2 bags litter, 5 of 24 case Friskies, 1 case 32 Fiskies, 1 Fancy Feast Pate & 1 case Appetizers

Julie D from PA & her pets--lambs wool crate mat, grip kitty bowl, catnip banana toy, bag of Purina One Cat, assorted cat toys, cards, kitten can food, calendars, NWF ground blanket, 2 satchels, case of baby food, bag of assorted cat packet

Keep checking out our videos on YouTube!  And please........remember to click "like" because it builds up donations for FFRC!  There's the GIGGLES videos--all awesome and shows our kitties and cats. There is also a new thing going on. It's called HANGIN' WITH DONNA. These are short videos, shown on YouTube. Enjoy--they will make you smile! And it's in Donna's storybook words. 

Yes, Purlissa is back. She's our Calico Persian and has been gone about 2 weeks. When she returned, she simply slipped right back into her life here at FFRC! It turns out the resident cat from where she went, wasn't too keen on sharing his space with her. He wanted to be a bit bossy about HIS things and not share. So, because that person was thinking of Purlissa's happiness, she brought her back. No worries though, she already has a home lined up for her. And I'm quite sure this will be her forever home!

You all take good care. It was a rough 2020 and a rough first week of January. is good. Cats are awesome. Friendships are valuable. And the sun came up on another beautiful day! Enjoy this day. 

Monday, January 4, 2021

 Today was a weight day......everyone is doing good. No big losses or big gains. Except one!  Coralie has gained over half a pound!  The steroids are helping to reduce that mass enough to help her eat more comfortably! Her appetite is good and she is relaxed and happy!  I let Dr. Darcy know and she too is very happy with this news!

I know you haven't seen Ringo yet except through pictures. He's being a shy boy.  Actually, he totally LOVES his big bed--the bed and Ringo are perched on top of the surgery table. He's  happy as can be! His ears are improving and his wound behind his ear is healing. 

We enjoyed our time with everyone New Year's Eve.  It started with a story read by BillyPogo.  Then I did two stories at 11:00 pm. Followed by the ball dropping here at FFRC--Mary (Friday night) designs that! At midnight, the ball gets a string pulled and Pania Flakes and snackers were dumped all over the floor for their midnight snack! We stayed and chatted with the viewers and loved up on the cats. A nice evening.  

***** For Dec. 31, up to midnight, FFRC had 31,552 views on our youtube kitty cam. At midnight, as the ball dropped, we had 785 viewers on! And here's a bit more stats---In the last year, the channel has been viewed 4,230,335 times.  Next time you are on chat, please give our moderators a shout out!  They do their modding out of the goodness of their heats. I so appreciate them. Without our mods, we would not be able to have our chat. 

We are trying to keep the people numbers low inside the Rescue Center.  Covid positives are climbing in our area. That is why we are doing boxes in PawMart, just for the time being. Please know though that BOXES are important to us and we sincerely are grateful.  Soon, hoping that things will get back to a more normal activity level around here. The important thing is to protect our volunteers as much as possible.  I can't wait for the time that we can welcome visitors into the main area again! That will be a grand day!

We have thanks to give!  (I'm sorry I've gotten behind)

Karen ML--donation to FFRC

Katherine Engler--donation to FFRC

Burgundy--donation for her Son-In-Law Jim that has passed away 💚

Karen C--donation to FFRC

Harm B--donation to FFRC

Shannan W--donation for FFRC

Faithy M--donation to help with two public spays/neuters 

Maureen M--donation for a happy new year

Dora A--donation for a happy new year

Michelle & Mary LF--donation to help with Coralie

Oregon Cat Lady--card and donation

Audrey & Gary P--donation to FFRC, for the Moine family

Janice B & pets--donation and a flat of stamps

George D--doantion to FFRC

Kenneth M from OH--donation to FFRC

Suzanne D R from OH--donation to FFRC

Giuseppe C from Italy--donation to FFRC
Diana H--donation to FFRC

Steven H from AZ--donation to FFRC, in honor of our CH cats

Julie E from NY--donation to FFRC

Dianne G from OH--donation to FFRC

Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Sue OD from England--donation to FFC, who enjoys watching the cam

Mickey H--donation for Coralie's medical expenses 

And then.........we had PawMart BOXES! Know that we are so grateful!

Jody J--4 gallons of Odo-Ban

Joyce R--25 egg cartons

Mr. Meow--for the good kitties of FFRC--stickers, cards, lots of toys. And then....Janie received a Christmas  stocking and box filled with treats and toys! She says a big arf arf thanks!

Auntie Napa--2 boxes of Lil Soups (36) for Pania and friends

Mary S from CA--cat bed, self warming

TweetiTweet--3 bottles liquid white out, 3 of 2" tape, Epson 202, black ink, 2 reams white paper

Anonymous friend--big bag dry 9-Lives Protein Plus

Auntie Beth--Happy BIrthday Shamballie--lots of snackers to share!

Rescued Pride--3-7th generation wipes--504 wipes! And 3 boxes of more wipes--624 count!

In honor of Sue B's birthday--box of cat litter, small scratchers, 24 cans 9Lives, 160 Bounce sheets, 12 cans FF kittens, 5 pouches of FF broth, 5 Friskies Lil Soup, toy wand.  Happy Birthday!

We had to have a repair man come in to look at the furnace in THTJB.  It got down to 48 degrees--the cats were cuddled together for warmth! The Covies though are doing good.  We have a couple of them on meds for minor things. Every month they get their weights and nails trimmed.  The furnace is back to working and will be toasty for them again!

We have an update on Caden, the handsome brown tiger that was adopted in late November. He came for a nail trim today. He looks great and is very happy.  Santa brought him a super piece of climbing cat furniture that is front of the windows!

We also had an update on Dis and Dat. They loved climbing the Christmas tree, all the way to the top! And they have figured out how to open cabinet doors and exploring within! They are well loved. 

Maddie Mae Tru is wonderful. She loves the couch in the Kitty Kabana. And yes, she was indeed in heat. We have her scheduled for her spay soon. She is doing very well getting around. 

I've been asked about Shamballie. He just had a birthday on Christmas. Since he has come up to the Rescue Center, he has lost 1 1/2 pounds--slow and easy!  He's been more active and seems to have found his happy spots! He also gets some time in the PawMart when he wants. 

You all take good care. Stay healthy! Have a great day. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Two more kittens have found their homes before the New Year!  Saben and Sparkles were adopted together on 12/28. They went into a home and family that were very excited to have them. We sent home their adoption bag and that special fake fox tail that they both had so much fun playing with!  It's always nice to see brothers/sisters being adopted together!

We just received a note from Amazon. Each time you make an Amazon order and you go through our website at (click on the Amazon button!), we get a bit of a kickback. It's free money! For September month, which we received today, the amount is $136.06! Thank you all for this! 

The cats are doing great. They are a healthy bunch and so happy! Our cleaning, vaccines, meds and lots of TLC all help make for a happy and healthy environment. 

We have thanks to give! And we for sure are grateful.........

Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC

Jacqueline G-- donation to FFRC
3 friends from NJ--card and donation

Jonathan H from TN--donation as a thanks for having the kitty cam

Christopher B from MD--donation to FFRC

Eike S from Germany--donation to FFRC

Slawomir S from WA--donation to FFRC

Frank R from DE--donation to FFRC

Janet M--donation to FFRC

Mindy R & Marsha S, in honor of our dear friend Schinny

Steph M--donation to FFRC

Colleen P--donation to FFRC

Auntie Napa--donation in honor of Pania

Michelle V--donation to FFRC

Hans from Germany & Jules the cat--donation to FFRC

Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC Ho Ho Ho!!

Scott W & Selena from IN--donation to FFRC

Jeanette R from GA--donation to FFRC

Fluffykater & Tommy in Germany--donation in honor of Coralie

Donna P from NJ--donation to FFRC

Terry D--donation to FFRC

Barbara W & kitties 3--donation to help with SParrow and other needs

Lucy & Peggy (3 leggy) from UK--donation to FFRC & kiss to Coralie

Kittyflynn--donation to FFRC


And then we have:

Gary & Lori W, in memory of ali & in honor of Missy--scratchers, laundry supplies, tuna, towels, litter, cat toys, vol snacks, baby food, bisques

Rita & Eddie M--napkins, cat measuring cups, moomoo egg cup & spoon, Nala's World book, catnip mice, 2 candles, 2 fragrant soaps, desk organizer, bag clips, catnip bubbles, super soft blankie, 2 gold sparkle beverage cups, 1 bronze colored cup, 2 atowels, Belgium Chocolate!!, soft bed. Also a card to the kitties, Donna, Jacci & volunteers

Plee--22 handmade beautiful pillow cases, material for FFRC

I've heard from the family of  Eamon and Eileen. "These 2 have been the most perfect addition to our family. Eamon is so much fun and is such an outspoken and curious personality. Miss Eileen is more cautious. They are the best! We are in love!"  This is why we do adoptions!!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve! We've had the wonderful FFRC ball drop right here at the rescue center for a number of years now. IF Mary (Friday night Mary) can make it here, we will do so again. Also, at 11 pm (FFRC time) I will do a storytime with some unheard stories by Cindy G! Come join the fun. 

Coralie is on my desk--she usually spends 5-6 hours just lounging all stretched out here everyday.  She receives lots of petting, scritches and snackers (many are compliments of the viewers!).  She loves the attention. She is receiving her medication. She loves the Royal Canin mother/babycat dry little kibbles and chicken baby food. She is maintaining her weight and is not gagging too often! I'd say, life is good for her! Each day is a treasure.

We've taken on a new adult cat. He's quite the teddy bear. His name is Ringo.....just because it seems to fit him! It's also a Name a Cat name. Ringo is 1 1/2 years old. His birthday is 5/15/19. He's a big boy, been outside for a while, I imagine. Someone found him and was concerned with his wound behind his ear. Turns out both ears have major ear mites. His one ear has a large wound from his scratching at it. It must just feel miserable to have those bugs moving about in ears. We got quite a kick out of him at a much needed bath--I asked him if he could lay down in the sink full of water and I pressed gently on his back. He plopped right onto his tummy! And not only that, he let me use the sprayer all over him to give a rinse without moving. It must've felt ever so nice!  He's all dried now, has had both ears flushed and treated, antibiotic given and his first wormings. A super sweet big boy! 

Take care..........have a great ending to 2020. We're heading into a happy and healthy 2021!!  

Thursday, December 24, 2020 Christmas Eve Day

 A very special day in so many ways. Mainly because it's the day before Christmas. A most cherished time of year. 

And here's more reasons it's special---

We've had 3 adoptions!

Stuffins--adopted 12/24.  Went to a family with kids and another cat. The cat is Ponce, here from FFRC! Stuffins will have lots of love given to him!

Giblet--adopted 12/24.  Went to a family with a mom and dad, both who have lots of time to give Giblet all the TLC that he wants. He fell asleep in his dad's arms while here at FFRC! So sweet.

Purlissa--adopted 12/24.  She went into a home with another FFRC persian. It's Teelow! And he wanted a friend! Purlissa has a new awesome mom and dad. We will see her periodically (and Teelow too) for --nail trims and fur trims. 


We have thanks to give!

Melinda G--donation for medical supplies/expenses

Anne L--donation to be used as needed

Michael L--donation to be used as needed, in memory of Charlie, his cat who passed this year

Belltime--donation to Feliz Navidad Fund, in honor of Beth A for Christmas

Molly M--donation to FFRC

Norma C--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Beth A--donation in honor of Belltime, for Feliz Navidad Fund for Christmas

Linda H--donation to Feliz Navidad Medical Fund, in honor of Pam S

Currie Family from UK--donation for our medical needs

Sven V from Belgium--donation to FFRC

Paul S--donation to FFRC, in honor of Tory O'B

MLS--donation for finding Ramsay's santa toy!

Romeomom and cats--donation to FFRC

Angela, Tony, and lberico--donation to FFRC, in memory of the Hattonboyz

Karsten Metz--donation to FFRC

Madisonpepper, Charlie & the furkids--donation to FFRC

Matthew F--donation to FFRC

The Rescued Pride/nhfurry &nhcatlady--card & 3 turkey dollars

Julie & David from UK--a beautiful card & 2 chickie dollars

Davena & Richard--card to all for Christmas

Kelly L--donation to FFRC

Arnold A--donation to FFRC

Indy--an Amazon gift card


And now, we had BOXES, of a sort. We were going to do boxes back on cam since Steve and my Covid tests were negative. But, for right now, just for a short time, we have continued to open them in PawMart. The reason--we are trying to limit how much time we are all together in the Main Area. And the volunteers are being cautious too about the Covid worry. We all know people that have Covid. It seems the circle has been invaded a bit and we all worry about safety. Hope you understand. We are just taking precautions for a bit. 

Donna & Robert R in AZ--Lindt Chocolates for all of us--lots and lots and many kinds and oh so delicious!

Linda Gr--beautiful 13 cat crate mats for FFRC kitties--all in Christmas designs. These are 2 sided and so soft. Plus 3 wonderful tote bags and 1 flap purse. And the cutest Boyd Bear cat ever!

Janice Ba--O'Cedar mop & bucket--will be well used!

Dewitty--3 plastic mask guards

Janice B--1 box Glad 13 gal. 110 count & 2 boxes Hefty 33 gal 48 count each

Shari C & Joellen, Precious & Tank--lots of goodies!  Sissors, perm. pens, ink pens, notebooks, index cads, 2" tape, binder clips, letter openers, extra heavy scissors for Jacci, buttons, zip ties, mini spatulas, pom-poms, sponges, flea combs, kitten thermos, Weruva cat food, 2 kitty furry pencil pouches and 2 furry "bag" toys for cats to fill with catnip!

Janet B & the  Alleycat Friends--very good & juicy grapefruits for the volunteers


News Flash---FFRC's blog is moving to a new web address! Check it out at  As usual, the blog will be posted in Chatters and on the FFRC website under the OUR BLOG tab. Blogs earlier than December 2020 will be available to view on the FFRC website under the PAST BLOGS tab located on the lower gold menu bar. 

We have a Christmas miracle! And it's Coralie! We already know she is a miracle all by herself with what all she's been through. But, we've received some news that is exciting. I talked to Dr. Darcy yesterday and Coralie's lab work is back. The fluid from Coralie (taken at time of ultra sound) was sent in to learn more. It's believed to be a benign thymic branchial cyst. This is an unusual finding in cats. It's also possible that she's had this since birth, but is growing. There is no actual cancer cells in the fluid. Surgery is not an option. But....hopefully, steroids can help! The steroids have a possibility of shrinking it enough to make her eating and breathing be easier for her! Coralie received her first injection yesterday and will be repeated today. Then, she will go onto daily pills. We will  re-evaluate after a week. Merry Christmas, Coralie! 

I've been asked about Sparrow.  Yes, this sweet girl is indeed limping more. This week, she has decided to give her all in using her legs. She has been jumping down from the counter, the washer and going up and down the kuranda towers. This has resulted in her rear left leg being even more wobbly. This girl has spunk! I've tried explaining to her we would like her rear right leg to become stronger but not to hurt that knee joint anymore than it already is. She is testing both of her knee. Try reasoning with a cat!  Doesn't work! But it sure brings on the purrs from her. 

One of the sweetest cats ever....Maddie Mae Tru. I have a feeling she is older than first thought. Even blind, she finds her way around. That girl can eat! I think she's enjoying being served 3 (or 4) square meals a day! She just makes me feel like she is so content. And I like that. 

We had a great visit yesterday--by the people of Tri-County Roofing and Home Improvement. They had on their FB page, they would donate up to $1000 to be divided between FFRC and FDHS, if they could get 1,000 likes! And you all helped tremendously with that! They came today with a $500 check for FFRC! Thank you!

The cats and I would like to wish you all a very joyous Merry Christmas. Peace and happiness to you and yours. Please take good care. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

 Four more days until Christmas. As hard and rough as 2020 has been, there are still so many blessings and things to be thankful for. Plus, the cats, while they know there's been changes to this Rescue Center, are happy cats. Their lives are still fun, filled with purrs and play. 

Today was an awesome morning! It was a HumaneOhio Day! We sent up 37 cats and kittens. This broke down to 24 females and 13 males (includes 3 of FFRC boys).  The boys are Nugget, Giblet and Stuffins.

This gives us 1116 surgeries for 2020--668 female cats, 446 male cats and 1 female dog and 1 male dog. 

2019 was 1202 spays/neuters

2018 was 1026 spays/neuters.

I know our goal for 2020 was 1300. I remind myself that HumaneOhio was closed for 6 weeks due to Covid shutdown. And money has been a big issue this year for the public. So..........I am still counting our 1116 a success!   On to 2021 for spays and neuters. We've just received our new schedule for this coming year. We have been switched from Mondays to Thursdays. 

Here are more reasons we are thankful!

Markus S from Germany--donation to FFRC

Uwe N from Germany--donation to use as needed, with a hug to Coralie

Frank & Charlotte from UK--donation to FFRC

Andy M--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Debra O'N--donation to FFRC

Eric B--donation to FFRC
Isabel R from NY--donation to FFRC

Margaret L W and Kitty and Murphy--donation to FFRC

And we had BOXES (still opened off cam  due to COvid quarantine)

Barbara E from NC--6 pretty homemade blankies & 6 awesome adoption bags

Santa Paws in Canada--ONSN's Pet Bed for Janie and all the fur babies at FFRC, because they have been well behaved!

Judy Judy--36 egg cartons

Claudia J from WV & Joey, Ellie and Merry--1 stack in box in box (cat design) for flash sale and 13 sets of beautiful stationery

Mr. Meow--gingerbread scratcher cat house, 2 cuddler cat beds and 3 piece dog toy set for Janie!

Anonymous Friend--Pinata Hut Tower Bed and Hide n' Play cat toy

MLS--long rug, coral in color

And then we had ENVELOPES!

Bill & Linda H from MI--card & donation

Phyllis B--card & chickie money

Jim & DiAnna & Friskey and Sparkey--card and donation

Wanda R from Paulding--donation to FFRC

Debbie & Greg and cats Laurie, Sophie, Sonny, Remy, Linius, Holly, Joey & Stormy--card and donation

 Steve and I are both so thankful and relieved--our Covid tests were both negative!  I'll tell you what--that was hard to stay put in the house even though it was only 3 days for our tests to come back. And the doctor said it was ok to do my morning breakfast routine. But not being out with the cats and kittens, like normal,  was difficult.  I always thought I was a very patient person but I learned that I have more to work on, in that department. 

We have a family coming Tuesday to visit Purlissa. And a family coming soon to visit Giblet too. I had Nugget in the house yesterday to visit and play with Hopie. Oh my goodness, I don't know who was rough housing more--both were crazy silly!  And then the Z's just look at them like they are impossible. 

Joy Joy so loves to have her head scratched. She is getting braver and braver and has love to give. Zasha too. She loves a tummy rub. Do you know the two cats that like to burrow under blankies?  That would be Kiara and Lucy! 

I'd like to send a big thanks to those that donated items to be given to the volunteers at this Christmas time. I love it because I so appreciate what they do for FFRC. And this makes them feel special and appreciated. A big thanks for the volunteer support! 

You all take good care. Stay healthy. Derecho says---wear your masks, wash your hands and stay distanced.  He and the other cats are anxious to have visitors again some day ! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Thank you all for understanding our opening of BOXES and Envelopes off cam until Steve and I get our negative tests back. We do not just want to let the boxes sit unopened or the envelopes not tended to.  I still ohhhh and awww on all of them........because I LOVE boxes and am so grateful. Shamballie helps me!

And so, we had BOXES yesterday! My big thanks of gratitude.......

Plee--475 pieces of peppermint for the horses! Wag dog treats and a Yeowww banana toy

BillieK--Janie snacks--Pupperoni, Cesar packs--84-her favorite! Jar of Milkbone snackers

Janet & Susan--UK--case of Fancy Feast Naturals, case of Purrfectly Chicken packets

Ju-In-Ji--6 cases Gerber baby food

Donna & Robert R, AZ--Beekman pampering items for Jacci, cute cat card, donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Sweet Audrianna. Christmas ornaments for each volunteer, with their names on them!

MLS--long Derecho-type rug, sea glass green

Audrey & Gary--from the Popcorn Factory--a big tin, 3 flavors

Carla M--12 cans Blue Wilderness, case Friskies, cat snackers

Davena & Richard--UK--For Pania--her Pania Flakes, 4 nice collars, one is purple, for CDot, so I may hear him flying through the air to land on my shoulder!

Anonymous Friend--24 cans salmon

Mary S from CA--Aspen self warming pet bed & 25 egg cartons

Richard H--cat snackers and dog snackers

Mr. Meow--toys, toys, toys!  Cat snacks, Squeeze Ups, 6 lg. cans,11 tuna cans, 4 boxes Paws pouches, 1 box Delectables, Cat meat sticks (Covies especially love these!), Whole Hearted cans-4 pks/4 flavors

And then, we had Envelopes!  Love the cards and the kind words

Donna & Robert R & the Riley Rescues--Happy Birthday to Magic and chickie $$, card and puff balls for Magic

Jen & TR E, from CA--Christmas card

Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--card and donation

Dorothy D from TX--card & donation

Martin M--card with saying from the cats!

KathyInWV & Donnie & cats--Christmas card

Roger & Trudy S and Wilella--card and donation

Kathy & John S--Tickle cat card!

Peggy B from MD--card and donation

Matt & Darcia S and family--donation in honor of Dawn and Tom

Maria & Miranda in Sweden--Christmas card

Our new returnee Persian cat, Purlissa is now out and about in the Main Area. She just waltzed right out like she had never been gone! What a big sweetie she is. Loves attention. 

Yesterday was the vet day for Coralie and Sparrow. Here's a preliminary update:

Sparrow--x-rays of her knees and growth plates.  As you probably already know, she had been a hit by car and fractured both knees which involves her growth plates.  Not a good situation for a young cat. Her left knee is still very bad. Her kneecap is no where near where it should be. She has trouble trying to use this leg and is already showing some muscle atrophy from disuse. Her right knee is not good but most definitely better than her left.  The course of action--remove the left leg to alleviate the pain and hope the right knee is able to get stronger and support her hind end. There is a possible surgery that may help her right knee. This all has been gone over by our vets Dr. Darcy and Dr. P. 

Coralie--she had x-rays and an ultrasound. Her heart, esophagus and trachea are all very displaced due to the mass.  It is still there. The good thing....there's no real pain. There is possible discomfort from the displacement of her organs which relates to her respirations and eating.  Coralie is already a miracle cat--she survived severe frostbite and now she is dealing with this. Each day is a miracle for her. So, right now, we are maintaining, day to day. We are watching her weight, respirations, ability to eat, her color and mainly her happiness level. We will love her to the fullest! And remember...........she's a cat and cats are awesome in their ways. 

You all take good care. Enjoy this day--each day can hold wonders for all of us!