Friday, May 7, 2021

 Yesterday was a HumaneOhio spay/neuter day!  One of our favorite things to do!  We sent up 39 cats--25females and 14 males! All spay/neuter days are extra good days! Thank you to Lynnette, Becky M, Gem, Debbie, Mary Braid, Marcia for helping us. We could not do this without all the help!

Wednesday was another Flash Sale! This sale brought in $807--super wonderful!  Many thanks to those that provided the items we sold and to all the participants! Since this week is in the Solar Panel Project timeframe, this sale went towards our project goal!

We've heard from the family that adopted Freddie and Abicat, now known as Freddie and Ginger! "They are such a joy! I can't believe how fast they've settled in. After 1 day they were sleeping on my lap, which I love. They are having so much fun playing with each other and all their new toys. I love them so much!" Another happy adoption! 

As you probably know, we are still doing our Solar Panel Project. I am completely blown away with the generosity and support shown for this project. Truly is heart warming. Here's a look at the last 10 days:

4/27, $4,160 donated

4/28  $2,286

4/29  $1,750

4/30  $1,637

5/1  $3,251

5/2  $2,269

5/3  $2,526.01

5/4  $1,610.17

5/5  $3,577

5/6  $2,092

This as of today, makes $25,158.18 (yes, every penny is important, especially when those pennies were donated in memory of LJ!).  

Our Total cost for FFRC's share of the solar panels is $27,750.  Monday is the last day that donations to FFRC goes towards the solar panel project.  Will we make it?  It's very close!  Even though I am a very positive, optimistic person, I, if we could even get $10,000 raised, we would figure out some how to pay the rest off. But, our FFRCNation is blowing that apart with their generosity! I am so full of gratitude, relief and joy about this. 

Following the final show of the graph on Monday, we will do a live tour of the Rescue Center. This is a way to show my appreciation. 


We have  taken on a few more kittens/cats. 

Bijou (Bee-zhoo)--female, DLH white calico.  Name means Little Gem.  Arrived 4/28.  Her birthday is 4/18/20 so she is just a year old. This sweet, quiet girl was left unattended in a trap for over 24 hours. She was so very hungry. She is very beautiful and loves to be petted.


The R2 litter is here now! Their birthdate is 3/25/21 so they ae just 6 weeks old. Super sweet, playful and ornery already!

Sleeky--female, white/black/gold calico

Shone--female, brown tiger

Herschel--male, black/white

Hudson--male, white and grey, dot on nose and chin

Hyatt--male, grey and white


A friend of FFRC has been caring for a group of cats that have no owner any longer. He brought 4 of them to FFRC yesterday for their spays (all 4 are girls). FFC has taken over ownership of these cats. They are ever so kind, so friendly, loud purrers. I didn't have the heart to send them back where they would be outside cats with no real owner. 

Corabelle--the prettiest, super friendly DLH, white calico. Birthday is 2/4/21, 13 weeks old

Dee Dee--female, siamese, birthday is 6/14/20, is 11 months old. Super nice

Qapla--female, white/gold, birthday is 3/14/20, is 14 months old. 

All names above are on the Name a Cat name list. 


Yoey is healing. His wounds were very nasty.  Everyday we find another wound that is abscessed but each are getting better. His appetite is good and he loves to wrap around your legs. 

You may have noticed we have a bit of competition going on in the Main Area. We have 3 females with the desire of being wannabe caretakers of the kittens.  Ms. M, Sazaz and Ruby. They just want to love on the kittens, give them baths and play with them without the other wannabe caretakers. It makes life a bit interesting. All will settle down soon though.

Sunday, Joan will go to her new home. She is the last of Ms. M's kittens. The next group which is the R1 kittens are having holds put on them now. They cannot leave yet until they are bigger and can be spayed/neutered. 

Tomorrow is the Lilac Festival in Defiance and FFRC will be there! Please stop by and see the booth! Thanks to our awesome voluntees who have organized this and helping with the booth!

All is good here. It's still chilly but the sun shines for part of the day! Take good care. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

 Happy first day of May! Bring on the flowers, the tree leaves, the sunshine, the beginning hint of summertime! 

What it also means is many births happenings. It's well known that there are simply not enough homes for all the cats (and dogs) being born. Please, do your part, get a cat or dog spayed or neutered!  Even if you do not own a cat or dog, you can donate to make it possible to do another stray!  Wouldn't it be so wonderful if every pet born had a home. 

Many thanks for our Flash Sale that we had this week. It brought in $861!  And more thanks goes to all those that donated the items for the sale, to those that bought those items and to all who made this sale happen!  Lots of people involved........makes for a fun, lighter way of doing these sales!

As you may know, we are doing a Solar Panel Project! All monies given to FFRC this week and next is applied to this project!  Everyday we do an update on the cam, usually around 3:00 ish.  We have installed 32 (sorry, earlier info said 34) solar panels! These are now in place, way down on the lower area of land, in full sun! Our electricity bills are always so so high and we wanted to do something positive in helping ourselves with this problem. The company's name that installed this is Super Energy Solutions. 

FFRC's electric bills frequently are over $1,000 a month (this is an actual FFRC cost--this does NOT include the percent of what electricity the house and barns use). These 32 panels have a cost of $37,000. That is "all-in" cost.

The company we chose is reputable, very helpful and will remain with us through all the question s and help we may need. 

We have already received our first bill and have a decline! These panels should see a return of the cost in 12 years. We need to be active in doing something to reduce our electric bill for FFRC. Solar panels should be thought of as an investment.

Of the $37,000, FFRC's share is $27,750. We had a friend come and figure the percent of our electric use for the house versus the rescue center. It's 75% for FFRC. So, that is how the $27,750 came to be.  The remaining cost is Steve and my responsibility. 

Steve and I also realize that it is very probable that FFRC cannot fulfill that $27,750. We will figure something out later of how we can cover that. We have stepped out in faith that all will work out, one way or another. 

If you'd like to make a donation to help with this, we are grateful. If you cannot, it's ok too! We truly understand the shortness of funds. 

If you'd like to help, you can send a PayPal to FFRC (go to our website at and click on PayPal), OR you can send a check--mark it for solar panels OR you can do Venmo OR you can send a money order. We are grateful as can be and sincerely appreciate any help given for this huge project.

As of this moment, we have brought in:






This comes to $13,084!  Isn't that just an awesome amount?  I am always so astounded at what our FFRCNation can do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ruby Love LittleBit is now an FFRC kitten and is now known as Ruby. She and Sven are great friends. Sparrow too!

Zayvan, that cute sweet big orange boy, now has his sutures removed. He is such a big boy with a big heart and personality. I love how he talks to us!

The Barnie Babies are doing better. They all had severe diarrhea upon arrival but doing better now. Their names:

Vlinder--female, brown tiger

Goldie Pearl--female, calico/tiger

Bobo--male, black tiger/white

Gunner--male--gold/white   All are Name a Cat Names

The R1 litter is now up in the Main Area. They are all doing wonderful and will be able to have Holds put on them starting next week.

Spring, our pretty calico tiger girl arrived very pregnant and had her babies just a few days after arrival. She had 4 kittens, all are healthy. Their little tummies are nice and round! They all weighed 3.8 to 4 ounces at birth but each has gained at least an ounce already.  Their birthdays are 4/27. 

Their names:

Viola--female--black tiger/white

Ju-in-Ji--female--calico tiger

Quill--male--gold/white 1 gold ear patch

Quiller--male--gold/white 2 gold ear patches

Sazaz, the orange tiger that was surrendered after the owner decided they couldn't care for her medical issues, is doing awesome. She responded so quickly to her meds and is feeling great. 

We also took on another new cat. My heart hurt for him. He has massive bite wounds on his left hock and right hip and thigh. He also has a small bite wound on the side of his neck.  As large as the other bite wounds are, this surely has to be from a dog. His pain level was so bad that just to put a finger on him produced much crying. So, this sweet boy was given pain meds and antibiotics before we did too much with him.  His wounds were clipped, debrided, flushed and packed with antibiotic ointment. He was also famished. He is about a year old. We gave him the birthday of 4/13/20 and only weighs 6 pounds. He sure likes his food and wants to be touched now, petted and have his head rubbed. He has been given the name Yoey, another Name a Cat name.  Welcome, Yoey!

Have a great Sunday and let the sun shine! 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

 It's been a busy week, as usual. Thursday was HumaneOhio. We sent up 46 cats! This broke down to 31 females and 15 males. FFRC sent up 5 kittens. We love these spay/neuter days. There's so many kitties that never have a home. Please.....spay and neuter. It's the best way to prevent the overpopulation problem. Many thanks to Lynnette, Gem, Mary Braid, Donnajb, Marcia and ConnieD for helping us with this day. 

We assumed FFRC ownership of a special cat from HumaneOhio day. An owner could no longer care for this particular cat so we took her. She had quite a few medical issues that HumaneOhio diagnosed.  We have her now and have named her Sazaz which means courage and determination. She has an upper respiratory infection, left eye conjunctivitis, severe bloody diarrhea, severe earmites and a very raw bum. But, she is determined to get better, already comes to be petted and is responding to her medications. Sazaz is a DSH gold tiger and has a sweet personality. She is 1 year old.

We also took ownership of another awesome cat. He was well loved by a neighborhood who many participated in feeding him. His name is Zayvan--he's a big, gold/white boy and was already neutered. Somewhere, somehow he came up with a very large laceration to his neck. He arrived Thursday, the 15th. His laceration was clipped of dead tissue, cleaned up and shaved. He was started on antibiotics. On Saturday when Dr. Darcy was here, she stitched him up. Next week his sutures will be removed. His birthday is 3/21/19. Because Zayvan needed to be inside due to his sutures, the neighborhood decided to relinquish him to FFRC. We will find him an indoor home. He loves his soft cushies and is a talker! Zayvan is in the Kitty Kabana, temporarily by himself, while he acclimates to being up front.

We also took on another kitten. His name is Sven. He arrived at 4 months of age with a birthday of 12/20/20. He was born inside and is the only survivor of the litter. His mama is on our spay schedule for HumaneOhio. Sven is a little shy at first but he sure enjoys being loved on. He is now in the Main Area and has made friends with Sparrow, Ruby and the kittens. Sven was neutered Thursday at HumaneOhio.

Yes, Ruby Lovie LittleBit is back for a little while. She had went back home to her family but wasn't feeling too well and was crying. She's here again but is just visiting. 

And, we also took on another litter of kitties. A friend of ours found 2 very pregnant cats and took them into his home (he's a great guy!). Both have given birth and we promised him to find homes for the kittens. He already has the 2 mamas scheduled for their spays. This litter has 5 kittens and are now 6 weeks old. The second litter is about 10-12 days younger and will stay with mama until the first part of May.  

This new litter was born 3/11/21. They are:

Chief Cleo--orange DSH, male

CoCo--black/white, with a white tip tail, male

Indigo--all black, DSH, female

April--muted calico, female

Pinkie--grey/cream torti, female

These are all Name a Cat names! Kittens are healthy and are doing great. 

And now for the Ms. M litter--4 of the 5 were spayed/neutered this past Thursday. Little Joan was.....well, too little!  She is catching up fast though and will be spayed soon.  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the other 4 will be leaving FFRC and going into their new homes. We will be looking for a special, loving home for Ms. M.  She is a quiet young adult. She now comes to us for pets and lovings. Such a gentle girl who has been an awesome mama. And she has been great with the other cats here. 

Some of you may remember Nemo, a cat that was adopted 12 years ago! I heard from his mom and she says he is doing great. From Nemo---"For the last 3 years, I have actually been living with my family in Germany. I have a great life as a German Prince. My family takes great care ofme and I really like it here. My hobbies include napping, eating snacks and sitting in the sun."  Sounds like a happy Nemo!

Mark Weds. at 11:00 for our next Flash Sale! This is a super awesome one as it's chock full with miscellaneous items--many things we've never had before for Flash Sales! Come join us and help us get some bills paid.

We have a special school class coming in on the cam Tuesday at 1:00. It's my granddaughter Kellen's class. It won't be long and it'll be a Show of Cats for her and class. Fun!

Our electrical bills are enormous. But, we have a lot of rooms, freezers, refrigerators, heat lamps, etc. It all adds up. But.....we have a plan and will go over this with everyone very soon to keep you in the loop! 

We are planning on starting BOXES up soon in May. In the meantime, I've been sending thank yous out so you all know that your boxes have arrived and how much we appreciate this support.  There's a couple folks that I don't have emails for. If this would be you and you would like to, please email me at so I can send a big thanks! Boxes and donations make a huge difference to FFRC--it keeps us going!

Have a great weekend. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

 Yesterday was a surgery day at FFRC.  While we didn't do any FFRC cats, we did some public cats! We did 2 female surgeries and 3 male surgeries. Plus, we had a cat (already neutered) that needed a major neck laceration sutured. All did just fine!

Dr. Darcy also did many physicals for us. 

These cats physicals were good--teeth good, lungs good, heart good: Alma, Coralie, CDot (he has a super good heart!), Kiara, Lena, Lucie, Magic, Shaz, Spiker, Vernon and Zelda. 

These cats had a few comments in regards to their physical:

Shamballie--has much tenderness along his spine--meds given as an anti-inflammatory

Ramsay--both knees luxated, but minor

Pania--her congestion is strictly in her head, continue antibiotics

Derecho--his weight is just fine! The main thing is his weight stays steady, which is healthier than going up and down.

Camvi--has a slight heart arrhythmia, this is minor and nothing to worry about.

Sevaun--she is our 18 year old Covie and is certainly showing her age. She has much atrophy in both back legs and also has much arthritis in her neck and spine. She received an anti-inflammatory plus soreness meds.  These soreness meds are safe for cats and can be given daily, which we will do. Such an awesome cat.

Sparrow--her rear leg is stronger!  No need to do the "tightening knee" surgery!  But, we will reevaluate her again next month when Dr. Darcy comes.  There's still some grinding in the knee but it's a strong leg. If all is well then we will start on finding her a real home! 

Janie--our dogcat of FFRC. She has a significant heart murmur--a 4 out of 5. We will just carry on as normal with her. She is 13, will be 14 in September. In 2019, she had a 2 out of 5 heart murmur. Even though it has progressed, she is a happy dog and appears to be healthy otherwise. She loves the cats, still climbs the Kuranda Towers and knows very well how to get what she wants out of all of us! 

It's cold outside--next week we are to have a couple days below 32. But, the grass is still green, leaves are budding out. The geese here on the farmyard are laying eggs. We're getting now about 30 eggs a day from the chickens! My bird houses have active nest building going on! Cold or not, it's springtime!

I won't be here too much Monday. Steve has two specialist doctor appointments, one is out of town. We are hoping they are both going to say--go on home and carry are fine! 

We've worked on the two memorial gardens here at FFRC this weekend--getting the leaves, sticks and winter debris cleaned out. The roses are growing already as are many other plants. 

If you hear a particular loud meowing going on, that is probably Kiara. She has become quite a vocal girl. And if you talk to her, she likes to carry on a conversation back with people! Pania too has been vocalizing  more the past few days. Her meows mean--more Pania flakes.....yes, again! 

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Friday, April 16, 2021

 The Ms M kittens are out and about and everywhere!  I love how they know though, that Paddy's Place is their home base. When they are tired, they pile up in their room for nap time. We are still putting them in this room for nighttime snoozing. They have good appetites. Won't be long before we start having folks visit to see if they would like to pick a kitten! Visitations will be Covid safe and in the Welcome Room or back Thumper's Room. 

Yeah for an awesome Fun-Raiser that we had yesterday. I am so grateful for the items donated for this event and for every ticket placed for the items. Big thanks too to Marcia, Beth and Lynnette for working on the tickets. And to the mods for their spreading the word about the fun-raiser. It takes a group effort to make this successful! And I love how, during the fun-raiser, everyone congratulates the winners--so nice!

A - $100 –-Tears from a Dream
B -  $ 80 – Tears from a Dream
C -  $710 – Melinda in Ct
D - $100 –  Amy Ki
E - $170 –  Gusti
F - $ 85 –   NancyPants
G - $ 255 --Sonja De
H - $ 470 – Susan345
Total $ 1980 

And then came those awesome Bump Ups!  $585 

Grand Total = $2,555  (after refiguring the numbers, this is the correct amount!)
Steve spent the evening working on bills and was able to get some paid!  We both are very thankful. 

Zelda was ecstatic! She got to have a box to help open right before the Fun-Raiser. This box was from our wonderfully talented Larissa. She has an amazing talent and we are thankful that she shares her Artsie items with FFRC.  It was filled with beautifully designed boxes and pictures. The details are phenomenal.  These items will be in a fun-raiser, all their own! 

I love the Trivia events that the mods do for the viewers on the cam. It's a fun way to be together. 

Tomorrow is our FFRC surgery day. This is a spay/neuter day and will be doing some public females and males. It's amazing to me that we are booking HumaneOhio appointments for July already.  We schedule approximately 50 cats for each HO event, month after month, twice a month. Yet, we still have so many kittens being born. It also amazes me that some folks get upset that they have to wait so long. Many of the veterinary offices are booking 7-8 months from now. It's all a sad situation because there is never enough homes. Make yourself a promise....get those cats spayed/neutered, can even do in the winter time when schedules are not as tight. And please.........don't get upset with us on the phone!!  Our work with HumaneOhio is purely on a volunteer basis....we do this as a service to our community.  

Have you checked your pet's teeth lately?  This is one highly overlooked problem that your pets can have. If you've ever experienced a toothache, you can imagine the pain it can also cause your pet. Yes, dentals are expensive but left unchecked, teeth can be very painful, can cause a systemic infection and shorten lives. 

Spiker and Magic are sound asleep on my desk, alongside Lucy. Ramsay has a full belly and is peacefully napping too. Derecho is so smart. In the mornings, he stays in the main area while Kim is sweeping the Kabana and purple office. Then when the sweeper goes off, he comes into the purple office and gets on a kuranda tower bed. He knows her routine and how to stay his distance from the sweeper. 

Have you been listening to Kiara? She's been a talkative soul lately! Has quite a story to talk about. Pania is doing great--her cold is almost gone. We know she is feeling better because she is eating her Pania Flakes again. Asha also is another smart one. She knows what level on the Kuranda Towers to hang out on.  She picks shoulder high to people--easy for her to ask for a head rub and back scratch. 

The Covies are doing great. They so love their playground--lots of area to run full speed. And the grass is thick and green--great to roll in. They have a pile of cut up tree branches that is fun to climb on. They have full view of the farmyard. 

Take care, have a wonderful weekend! 

Monday, April 12, 2021

 Yeah for the LJ litter of 6 kittens! These kittens have all been adopted now.

4/9--Larry was adopted

4/9--Lennon was adopted

4/10--Laura was adopted (went to the home that has our Boom Boom)

4/10--Jean & Jerry were adopted (went together)

4/11--Joall was adopted

We also had 3 other adoptions!    

4/6--Maddie Mae Tru was adopted. She has an awesome family with a 3 year old. This little girl loves Maddie.  And Maddie climbed into her lap. So happy for this older cat!

4/7--Zandro was adopted. His  new name is Coco and he is doing very good in his new home

4/10--Zasha was adopted.  This is our sweet grey/white 3 legged girl with the ear that had a growth removed. Such a sweetie with a mega purr!

The Ms. M and her babies are now in the Main Area. They spent their first night in the Paddy's Place last night. This morning we opened their door. It wasn't long before they came out and started exploring!  4 girls and 1 boy--all cute and sweetiepies.  Mama Ms. M seems pretty laid back. 

Many thanks for the great response to our Flash Sale last week. It was a wonderful sale--it brought in $965! Steve was busy sorting bills and getting some paid!  What a good feeling.

This past Thursday was another HumaneOhio day.  We sent up 47 cats--25 females and 22 males. FFRC also sent up 6 kittens (the LJ litter) and 1 adult (Ms. M). A wonderful turnout. Someone asked me how much FFRC makes on these clinics.  The answer is zero.  All of us involved in check ins and check outs--Lynnette, Becky, Gem, Mary Braid, Lostgirl, Marcia and myself are there as volunteers. The charges we have for each cat is what HumaneOhio charges--we do not charge any additional costs. This is something we feel is important to our community. 

Do any of you remember Sophie who was adopted 14 years ago? Her family emailed me. She will be 15 in December. She is a torti that someone found on a snowy December day and had frostbite to her ears, pads and her tail. She may be completely deaf now but is doing very well!

Have heard from Laura's new mama. Her name is now Callie Mae. She and Boom Boom have been having fun playing together. 

We are having our Fun-Raiser right now.  There are 8 items, as usual but some are very different than we've had in the past.  Check out our FB pages for the items and pictures! It ends 9 am on THursday. The drawings will start at 1:00, followed by consolation prizes! 

Dr. Darcy will be here Saturday. She will be checking out Sparrow. We also have some physicals to do too. We're working on the surgery list.

We are shooting for the first of May to start doing boxes again on cam! That will be so nice--I'll enjoy that.  In the meantime, I've been trying to get personal thank yous sent to everyone.  If I've missed you, it's possible that I do not have your email. Feel free to let me know at

I've also been asked about Catathon. It is realized now that we should already be in Catathon mode.  We are not even yet open to the public. Many places are still closed for inside dining. The majority of our volunteers are still asking for health safety over visitations, which I have to honor. So, at this time, no 2021 Catathon. This has always been our biggest fundraiser of the year and will be sorely missed. But, the health of our volunteers is of top priority. 

The outside cats have their wind guards now down at the Cove.  The clear plastic is off of the Porchies sunporch. Electric water bowls have been put away. Snow shovels are hanging in the shed. Let the sun shine! Take care, have a wonderful week! 

Sunday, April 4, 2021 Happy Easter

 Hello to all of our FFRCNation!  FFRC is made up of such awesome people.  I thank the volunteers, the mods, the admins, chatters, lurkers, supporters, prayer givers, donors, good thought givers, ALL of you!  YOU all make what we do easier and possible. Always know that this rescue center is full of gratitude.

We are back now a week from our vacation. I hit the ground running, as it is said!  Right back in the swing of things. Time to get vaccines caught up, calls made to potential adopters, medical supplies ordered, phone calls caught up, among many other things!  

Our family vacation was 100% wonderful. Such a treasure of memories. As always though, it's good to get back into the swing of things. I love this FFRC!

I'm asking for understanding. I've gotten way way behind on this blog. One of my purposes of this blog is to give thanks and list all the gifts, donations, supplies.  I hope you all will forgive me if I give a blanket thank you.  It's a bit overwhelming getting caught up. gratefulness is big. All of the financial help, the items sent to help us keep stocked, the kind cards, etc.---all of that is appreciated. You all are important to us.

This rescue center could not possibly be what it is without your help. If you haven't received a thank you from me, please let me know!  There's a few addresses that I did not have.  Thank you for your understanding.

We have all 6 of the LJ litters on hold!  They will be having their spays/neuters this Thursday.  And then........adoption time for all of them! Starting Friday, one by one over the next little bit of time, they will be going into their new homes! They are running amok in the Main Area.  They still go into Paddy's Place to eat but at night, they are now out and about! All are super sweet and ever so busy!

We also took in a new mama and her 5 kitties this week. Names are from the Name a Cat list.

Ms. M--Mama, grey torti  birthday 9/11/18

Joanne--torti with gold dot on forehead, female

Joan--torti with gold nose, female

Doreen Green--DSH, gold tiger, female

Abicat--ASH, gold, female

Freddit--ASH, gold male

So.......there you have it!  They are 6 weeks old, with a birthday of 2/17/21.  We will be getting mama spayed this Thursday. Sweet babies. After the LJ kittens have been adopted, we will bring up this Ms. M litter up front!

This Thursday is HumaneOhio spay/neuter day with a very full schedule.

Our last HumaneOhio was 3/18.  We sent up 40 cats--22 females and 18 males. We are already booked up into June. So many cats in need. We have had a few donations come in that is specific to help with this low cost spay/neuter program.  Outside cats are $35 and inside cats are $50.  If interested, we would be grateful. Many times, people are trying to help their neighborhood out by getting the strays in. These special donations help us help them.

This Tuesday, our dear sweet Maddie Mae Tru will be adopted! The perfect home has been found and Maddie showed her happiness.  She gladly welcomed her new mama and the little 3 year old girl. She climbed into their laps and rubbed all over them. She especially was smitten with the little girl and allowed her to brush her for at least 15 minutes!

Another awesome upcoming adoption is Weds. That would be Zandor. He sure likes his new mom and dad and was cuddly.  He is amazing and has become quite a friendly guy here in the Main Area. I do think he's a bit of a clown--so silly when he plays!

This Tuesday is another great Flash Sale.  It will be at 11:00.  Lots of awesome items. We will be concentrating on biggy/leggydews, awesome designed pillows made by Hatmaker and those super scrubbies by Joco. 

Spring is showing itself here. The cats love the sunshine as do us humans! Grass is green, buds are coming, spring birds are back--it's a wonderful season. I've been hearing two of my most favorite sounds--the morning birds singing and the tree frogs singing their songs along the river!

I saw Skandar this week for his nail trim! He is a recent adoption. He looks wonderful and is very loved. Also heard about Mirabeau who is now Smokey Jo. She was adopted in Jan. Her dad just loves her so much and is much company to him.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy, blessed Easter. Enjoy this special day.  Take good care!                                  VC