Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hi friends! Happy middle of the week Wednesday! Are you ready for some updates? Good, grab a coffee, a kitty and snuggle in.  

First off, Pannniaaaa! Our sweet girl had a little episode the other day (Wed) during the flash sale. Out of nowhere, she started having difficulties breathing, pacing and just a general ‘not rightness’. After very quick consults, we gave her meds and slowly she improved over the night. Dr. Darcy was nice enough to squeeze her in with Rory on Thursday for a general look over and blood work. After that, Dr. Darcy determined she has Chronic Sinusitis and Chronic Bronchitis. She’s currently being treated with a few meds and seems to be doing well. Yay! Talk about a relief. 

Rory went with Pania and had an amputation. And turns out, Rory is a boy!! Whoops. On the upside, he’s doing fantastic from the amputation and was ready to get out and play two days later. Very soon little baby!

Speaking of babies, we took in a lot. The general rule before I would leave on vacation is to not take in new babies….well I might have broke that rule. They just needed help and it’s so hard to turn them away, believe me, I cry when I do. 

The first one to come in is a buff boy named Dagda. Oh what a mess he was. He was found on 6/3/22, with a birthday of 5/11/22. A good Samaritan found him roaming around in the country. He came in with terrible ear mites, fleas, a bad right eye and missing his back left leg from the knee down. We have been able to get rid of the fleas and mites and have been doing daily washes on his leg. He is not only surviving but THRIVING. Oh my goodness, he’s the happiest little guy for all he’s been through. And he has the most FFRC-iest tummy to have ever tummied! 

Next is Marco. Marco was found on 6/6/22 by the dumpster in the parking lot by our new employee, Katherine. I’m sure he was dumped, and while we definitely do not like that to happen, I’m glad he’s with us. His birthday is 5/19/22 and has the most beautiful brown/black tiger swirls to him. He came in with an URI and bad eye matting. Luckily, with medicines, food and lots of lovies, he’s doing wonderful! 

Then we have little Julius. What a sweetie he is! He’s the littlest of the bunch, born 5/21/22. He arrived on 6/8/22 and was found by a couple walking at the reservoir. He had lots of fleas, ticks and lice. He also has an eye infection that luckily is greatly improving with meds. He’s also a brown/black tiger and has the cutest little pre-ear floofs. He’s eating well and learning to play. Its such a joy to watch them grow. 

And last but not least, is Bridge and her two babies, Monty and Winter. Bridge is a dilute calico, with a birthday of 8/20/20. Monte is white and gray, while Winter is a dilute calico like her mama. Their birthdays are 5/1/22. They came to us on 6/5/22 from our volunteer, Brandon. They were found in Toledo. They are all doing very well! They had fleas when they arrived, but over all very healthy! 

Now on to boxes. Wow, what fun they were! We had boxes on Tuesday and also an impromptu boxes on Saturday. I wanted to help Lynnette out while I was gone, but boy did she still have A LOT! You all just blow us away with your generosity for our rescue and these adorable kitties! Many many thanks to all who sent in stuffs! 


Aunt Joan -- 2 Beach Towel, 2 Laurel Birch Scarfs, 3 Kitty Credit Card Wallets, 2 Pairs of Laurel Birch Earrings, Laurel Birch Umbrella, 3 Boxes of Broths, Kitty Towel, Laurel Birch Travel Tote, Cat Necklace, Laurel Birch Tote Bag, Box of Ferrer Roche for Denise, Huge Case of Assorted Cookies 

Mary SoCal -- Set of Patriotic Hand Towels, 2 Baby Yoda Cat Beds 

Donia -- Flexable Track Ball 

Kathleen -- Printer Ink

Cynthia H -- 2 kitty Nail Clippers

Fernanda C -- Pretty Picture Art Work 

OutsideGirl -- Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Box of Oreo Cookies

Av Larenta -- for Marilyn and friends Box of Party Mix Treats, Box of Squeeze Ups, to Ramsay from Marilyn a bed, Case of FF Poultry and Beef, Box of FF Tender Beef, Box of Savory Centers, Bed for Marilyn & Kiara, Yoga Mat, Large Cat Bed 

Sue Pokorny -- Case of FF Shreds, Holy Cats Plate, 

Rosann & Bianca -- Pack of catnip toys, Case of Party Mix Breakfast, Treat Dispensing Toy

Janice B -- Case of FF Pate

Aunt Sissy & Son -- Notebook, Pineapple Kicker, Mickey Mouse Blanket for Spiker, Purse with Mickey Mouse Key Chains, Dumbo Key Chain, Mickey Mouse tee shirt, Mickey Mouse Earrings, Garfield Jammie Pants, 2 Travel Cups,  Pack of Furry Mice, 2 Pet Dresses, Trinket Chest with Sea Shells, Ring , Container of Temptations, All-Purpose Pet Mat, Swiss Colony Sign Box with Socks, Learn from Cats Sign, 2 Large Containers of Temptations

Cynthia W -- Laurel Birch 1000pc Puzzle, Case of Sheba Pate, Pet Safe Mirrors, Sun Shade Canopy and Hardware

Denise & Elizabeth -- Folders for Adoptions, Towels, Box of Sugar Packets, Hand Soap, Sticky Notes, 4 Packs of Treats, Box of Perfectly Chicken , Pack of Broths 

Cynthia W - Kitty Back Pack 

Diana D -- Bed Bath and Beyond  Long Rug Runner

Joyce Oh -- Case of FF Shreds

Alan S -- Scratch Pad, Case of Friskies, Comfy Bed

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Bottles of Clorox Clean Up

Karen K -- Box of Lil Gravy’s, Bag of RC Baby Cat 

Janet K -- 6 Bags of Bonito Flakes


Renee B -- Bag of Toys, Case of Sheba Perfect Portions, Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Huge Box of Cheeze It Snap'd  

Outsidegirl -- bag of TimTams

Beth/Eaglewatcher -- Soft Flower Collar/Cone for Rory

Butterfly Wings -- New Collar for Asha

Anonymous -- Box of Lil Soups

NN & Chan -- 6 Packs of Party Mix Natural Yums

Cindy W -- 3 Kitty Shoulder Bags, 4 Pet Safe Mirrors 

Anonymous -- Large Container of Temptations

Aunt Joan -- 8 Bags of Assorted Flavor Coffee

Mary SoCal -- Box of Delectable Chowder, Box of Stew, 4 Catnip Bananas 

Aunt Sissy & Son -- Catit Wellness Center, Case of FF Kitten

Georga & sugar -- 2 Boxes of FF Entrees, Case of FF Kitten

Diana Di -- Long Rug Runners

Mr. Meow -- Lots of Hand Towels, Oven Mitts, Potholders 

Anna Anna -- 2 Boxes of Assorted Crackers

Well, that’s about all the updates for today! I’m still in Southern Indiana working a friend’s store while they’re on vacation. I’ll be home very late Friday. I so miss those kitties, way more than I even thought possible. I also realized how very much I miss home and all of you. Thank you for being you, and for caring for our rescued kitties. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats

Saturday, June 4, 2022

 Well hi there everyone! I hope everyone is have a fantastic weekend. Its been so very beautiful here lately. Right now I have Willow on my desk, proof reading---really I think its just for the snacker jar. Her hair is coming in nicely and she's gaining a nice bit of healthy weight. She looks so cute and her pants are starting to grow in! 

We have been full steam ahead here, so much to work on and so many kitties to help. A huge THANKS to Lynnette and Debbie and all the staff for working so hard while I was away on my work convention. As many of you know, Spiker had a rough go, lot of vomiting and diarrhea. After a couple different treatments prescribed by Dr. Darcy, he still wasn't 'bouncing back'. So Last Friday he got to go see Dr. Darcy. He even has a nice sleep over there, PJ's included! It turns out he has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. This is something difficult to treat, much like Crohn's in people. Everything will be fine, then boom, a flare up. Luckily, he seems to be on a good concoction right now, no more getting sick and having firm stools. Such great news!!!!! 

We took in a new kitty! Her name is Rory II and she's just the sweetest thing. Little one has a severely broken front arm and we've got her scheduled for an amputation coming this Thursday. She's just the purriest kitty around and plays like you can't imagine!! She's really going to do well!

Over the past week, we had three adoptions too! Donut and Giorna (now MooMoo) have gone to their new home and just thriving. They are so spoiled. Seeing the happy pictures, reminds me of why we do this. Its such a happy thing. 

Aragorn and Tootsie also went to their new homes each. I'm looking forward to updates of them soon, but know they are just going to be great. 

We have two whole weeks of box thank you's to catch up on! Goodness! I need to say a super duper big thanks to everyone who sent in goodies to the kitties. You guys are just the bestest and make the rescue fun! THANK YOU!!! 


NJ Lurker -- Lots of Cheryls Cookies

Marco -- Lots of Stuffs 

Helmut & Sara -- Donations and Handyman repairs 

Elaine and Allen -- Cat food & litter

Debra -- Case of Paper Towels 

Janie90125 -- Bag of Purina One 

Random Cat Supporter -- 16 rolls of Paper Towels 

Lisa and Mike H - 80 cans of Friskies , Delectable Bisque 

Carol E -- donations LE

Renee B -- 3 Ecoware food bowls, Case of Wiskas Perfectly Chicken, Heart Bed, Case of Friskies

Cindy W -- Tent Weights, Large Bag of Assorted Peanuts, 2 Cases of Baby Food, 

Linda F -- Kitty Blankets, Case of Baby Wipes 

Plee -- LeggyDews

Ramsay and friends -- Tim Tams, Box(30) of Oreo Cookies
Mary SoCal -- Cat Fish bowl Necklace, Yoga Rug, 2 Jungle Cat Throw blankets

SuePok -- Queen Cat T-Shirt, Pizza Bag. Box(500) Envelopes, Case(40) Friskies , for Lynnette M&M Candy Dispenser

Aunt Joan -- Feline Wind chime, 5 Laurel Birch Scarfs, Laurel Birch Cell Phone Bag, 2 Cat Wind Chimes, Laurel Birch Pill Organizer, For Cindy G Ferraro Roche,  Laurel Birch 2 Canvas Tote Bags,  6 Packs of Batteries, 2 Pet Nail Trimmers, 6 Pack of Kitty Socks  

Anna K -- Pack of Lil Soups 

Janet K -- Box of Appetizers, 2 Boxes of Salmon Appetizers, 2 Bags of Bonito Flakes 

Janet & Susan -- bag of Purina One, Case of FF Tender Entrees

Jenni B -- for Ramsay and Friends, 3 Bags of Assorted Toys, For Donut & Friend, Bag of toys, Food Bowls, Snacks  

Sparrow & Shaz -- 2 Cases (48+) of assorted Sheba  

Arleen R -- 2 containers of Pine Sol

Taylor R -- Box of Lil Shakes, Container of Party Mix & Squeeze Ups

CJ500 -- 2 Cases of Friskies Canned Food

Anonymous -- ZenCat Cat Toy, Jingle Ball Toy

Ju in Ji -- 6 Cases of Baby Food

Anonymous -- Case(24) FF Gravy, 4 Food Bowls

Polly & Peanut -- LeggyDews

Barbara E -- LeggyDews, Adoption Bags

Sissy & Son  -- 2 Bags of Toys, Cat Track Toy, Spring toys, FF Delites

Karen R -- Cat holding a Dog Painting , Romeow & Juicat Painting

Betty B -- LeggyDews 

Michelle H -- Pringles, Box of Assorted Cheeze its, Box of Breakfast Snacks, 2 Cans of Tuna, Case of FF Gravy Lovers, FF Kitten, Case of Perfectly Chicken, Refill for Spinner Toy
And from 5/31
Sue Pok -- Cat Candy Dish, Printer Ink, Cats by Nina Tissue Box Holder, Case of FF Pate, Case(40) Friskies, Case of Friskies Shreds, Ripple Rug, Catzilla Planter

Aunt Joan -- Container of Squeeze Ups, 2 Laurel Birch Credit Card Wallets, Kitty Towel, 2 Laurel Birch Scarfs, Box of Assorted Coffee & Socks For Debbie,Laurel Birch Earrings,   

Linda F -- Mr. Clean Erasers

Sissy & Son -- Many Boxes of Assorted Swiss Colony Chocolates and Meat & Cheese, Popcorn, Snacks, You Had Me at Meow Fish Plaque, Cat Mom Bag, Precious Moment Kitty in Bed Figurine 

Renee B -- Box of Lil Gravies, Case of Friskies Meaty Bits,  

Mary SoCal -- Reusable Cleaning Wipes, 2 Kitchen Towels 

 Anonymous -- Stuffing Free Gator Toy 

Anonymous -- Pop n Play Mouse Toy 

Maddysnana -- Box of Bisque & Soups for Rathbone 

Random Cat Supporter -- 2 Bottles of Gain Laundry Detergent

Janice B -- Bag of Assorted Chocolate 

Anonymous -- 2 Boxes of FF for Seniors

Anonymous -- Large Bag of 9Lives Dry Food 

Cindy W -- 2 Containers of Gain, for Ramsay/Alma a Traveling Cat Hat 

Karen Rk -- 3 containers of Wipes, Pack of Squeeze Up, Pack of Spring Toys

Av Larentia -- For Ramsay Hot Dog Bed, for Marilyn Cosy Cover Bed , 2 cans of Tuna, Case of FF Gravy Lovers,Pack of Squeeze Ups, Assorted box of Cookies

Anonymous -- Box of FF Senior, Box of Seafood Pate, 2 bouncy mouse cat toys, Homeopathic pet meds 

Janet K -- Case(24) of FF Kitten, 3 cases of Lil Soups

 Big thanks to MK who Catataries! She spends lots of time putting these together, so give her a thanks next time you see her!

Well that's it for tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a happy Sunday! Remember to be kind, and kindness will follow. Hugs to you all, from all of us here ~ Megan and the Cats

Saturday, May 21, 2022

 Happy Caturday everyone! We've had a fantastic week and we hope you did too. The kitties are LOVING the open windows and fresh air. I've noticed them basking in the warmth and sun. Lynnette and I have enjoyed spending a lot of time outside working on Fence-a-thon details, which the outside kitties are just loving to assist with! Well, we've got a few updates so grab a kitty, snuggle in and lets get to it! 

Our sweet Rathbone had his dental Monday. He has a large majority of teeth removed, save for a few. He's currently on pain meds and doing well. Of course his mama Debbie is making sure he has every comfort possible. During his office visit with Dr Darcy, she did determine his leg is still causing some pain for him. After discussion with Dr. Darcy, Debbie and myself, we determined the best thing for him was an amputation. Darn, we had so hoped to avoid this, but I know we have done everything possible, and ultimately, he will feel better! Asha has been busy making a card for Rathbone with helpful advise! She's just the sweetest!

We did hear from Giorna and Donuts new family, and we have a date for their adoption! It'll be May 30th. Perfect timing as the human kiddos are off of school and will have plenty of time getting them used to their new home and family. 

We also had Humane Ohio this week and sent up 34 cats including all of Debbie's babies, Cherry, Freckles, Tootsie, Boop and Pickles. They did wonderful, came home, ate right away then played the night away. 

SonJa is here, SonJa is here!!! Our lovely mod, SonJa is here for a whole two weeks. We just love when she is here. She is the official 'first resident' to Kitty Kastle! I promise I will work on the software for that this week for easy online booking. It'll be so nice!!

Boxes, boxes, boxes!!! OH MY GOSH! That's the most boxes I think I have ever seen except for Kitty Christmas! I am just blown away. We have so very many thanks to give, I don't know how to thank enough! 

Sue Pok -- Catnip T-Shirt, Sentsy Wax Melt Samples, Box of Lil Gravy, Box of Lil Shakers, Affresh, 2 Cases of Baby Food, Case of FF, 2 Boxes of Lil Soups, Box of Squeeze ups, Laurel Birch Cat Bag, Case of Friskies Shreds, 3 Cases of Baby Food, Case of Perfectly Chicken, Cat Clock made from a Record 

Jane 10125 -- X Large Container of Temptations 

Av Larentia -- Gator Catnip Toy, Fluffy Bed, 2 Egg Blankets, Unicorn Toy for Marilyn, Jumbo Donut Pillow, Container of Temptations, Cake Chasing Mouse Toy, Pet Training Pads, 2 Pet Brushes, Lg Bag of Assorted Chips/Crackers, Box of Delectable Soups, Box of Squeeze ups

Aunt Joan  -- Delectable Lickables,  3 Packs of Krinkle Toys, 2 Laurel Birch Bags, 2 Boxes of Broths, Box of Lil Soup, 2 Bags of Pistachios, 2 Kitty Hand Towels, 3 Boxes of Savory Centers, Large Bag of Peanut M&Ms for Lynnette, Laurel Birch Cross Body Bag, Laurel Birch Hand Bag, 3 beach towels, Bag of Assorted Catnip Toys  

Anna K -- Case of FF Appetizers, 3 Bags of Sparkle Toys

Rita -- Fire Opal Necklace 

JennaPepper -- Case(30) Lil Slurpies, 2 Boxes of Lil Gravys, 2 boxes of Delectable Stews, 2 Boxes of Lil Shakers

Rosann & Bianca -- 6 Packs of Glazed and Infused, 10 Packs of Breakfast Friskies

Janet K -- Box of Lil Soups, 3 Boxes of FF Entree

Mary D & Randi M -- 2 Cases of FF Purley Entree, 4 Cases of FF Gourmet Cat Food 

Anonymouse -- Box of Capstar

Cynthia H -- 2 Boxes of FF Appetizers

Cindy W -- Case of Lil Soups, Bag of Puffy Toys, Space Pen for Cindy G, Large Rug for Derecho 

Janice B -- 2 Boxes of FF appetizers, Case of Salmon Entree, 2 Cases of Assorted People Snacks, 2 Boxes of Assorted Cookies 

Mary SoCal -- 2 Cases of FF Kitten, 2 Cases of Lil Soups, 2 Towel Sets 

Anonymous -- Box of Ferraro Roche

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Boxes of Afresh  Laundry Soap, LeggyDews

Janet Ko -- 8 Boxes of Lil Soups, 2 Boxes of Whiskas Perfectly Chicken

Mary S -- Towel Set 

Debra B & Ida S  -- Box of 10  LeggyDews, Case of Lil Slurpies 

Sara S -- Bag of Party Mix, 2 Catnip Tacos, Triple Toy Tower, Birthday Gift Box Cat Scratchier 

Sharon G/Agrod43 -- Box of Affresh Laundry Soap, Case of FF Kitten, Box of Appetizers

Arlene R -- Box of Gain Laundry Soap, Downy Sheets, Pack of Sponges, Washer Cleaner, 5 rolls Duct Tape, Case of Clorox, 6 Mop Heads, Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker, 4 Boxes of Tea, Box of Wipes 

Anonymous -- Case of Friskies Meaty Bits

Karen Rk -- Box of Affresh, 3 Containers of Wipes 

Skippy & Buster Cats from Canada -- Container of Temptations, Wooden Roller Track Ball Toys

Napa -- 2 Cases of Lil Soups 

Random Cat Supporter -- 4 Cases of Perfectly Chicken, 2 boxes of Garbage Bags 

Anonymous -- Case of Baby Food, Case of FF Gravy Lovers

Karen & Gilbert -- Cactus Kitty Scratcher 

Anonymous -- Super Large Bag of Assorted Chocolates 

Teri G -- Pet Pillers, Donation, Insulated Coffee Travel Cups for Megan, Support your Animal Shelter Poster, Bag of Gravies, Window Bird Feeder, 4 Yoga Mats

April Catlover -- 2 Cases of Baby Food

Anita H -- 2 Containers of Temptations, Box of Broths 

Anonymous -- Large Envelopes, box of Lil Shakes 

Anonymous -- Case of Baby Food

Anonymous -- Container of Temptations

Susan S -- 24 packs of Lil Soups, 4 Paws Magnets  

Scrunchions -- Quilt 52 X 60 ish, Bag of Squeeze UP, lots of Canned Food , Box of Capstar

MLS -- LeggyDews 

Janet Kp -- 2 Cases of FF Entree 

Janet B -- 2 Cases of Gatorade 

Warped -- 22 Biggy Warped de Dews, 37 Warped deDews, 12 Kickeroos

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and really, a super massive thank you for being you. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats 


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Hi all! Wow what a busy week but it has been so fun! I’m currently sitting outside watching the ducks playing in the rain and it’s finally gotten cooler out I have Sarge sitting next to me giving me head butts for attention. I think the outside kitties are enjoying the cooler weather that’s sweeping in.

We’ve had visitors galore this week it’s been so nice. First we had Marco arriving last Saturday from Germany, and he left today. We are so happy to have had him visit us. This has been a trip he’s been planning for two whole years. He’s been such a joy to have around and we miss him already! Marco brought a plethora of goodies for FFRC and donations. The kitties and all the volunteers were so excited, because it was a lot of kitty and peopley snackers, plus essential stuffs too!

Yvonne came on Tuesday from Germany also! We just love having her here and she’s been such a help! She’s going to be with us till Monday.

We also have Helmut and Sara visiting from WI! They are cam lurkers and this is their first visit. They have been so wonderful! They brought goodies and have been put to work, including lots of repairs! LOL. We’re just loving the visitors.

We had boxes on Tuesday, I don’t know about you but I’m just loving having a set time! And oh my gosh, you guys just floor us with all the goodies!! We have so very many thanks to give for this!

Anonymous -- Cat Tear Drop Earrings 

Aunt Joan -- 2 Packs of Pillowcases, Laurel Birch Scarf, Kitty Glitter Pillow Cover, 2 Laurel Birch Clutch/Purse, Kitty Apron, Kitchen Towels, 2 Hand Bags, Ferrero Rocher Candy, Bag of Reese PB cups, Large Assortment of Chips

Someone Who Cares-- Laser Light Toy With Batteries

Mary SoCal -- Birthday Card and Chickie Dollars for Derecho, 2 cans of Tuna, Bag of Salmon, Bag of Tuna, Bag of Temptations

Sue Pok -- Cat Tunnel, Perfect Cat Book, 2 Cases of Appetizers, Bird Feeding Station 

Karen K -- 16 Packs of Broths, Case of FF Appetizers, Case of FF Purfect Portions

Mr. Meow -- 12 ish Containers of Cat Nip, Face Cleaners, Lg Box of Assorted Food & Mice 

Gretna & Kevin -- Hide and Seek Wobble Toy 

Melinda G -- Handmade Knitted/Crotchett Blankets

Cindy B -- Senses Track Ball Toy

Random Cat Supporter -- Bag of Giant Pipe Cleaners, Grass Patch Box Toy, Cat Scratcher 

Rita K -- Solar Bird Feeder, Purse, Cosori Air Fryer

Jane 90125 -- 2 Containers of Temptations

Arlene R & Cats -- Case of Snack Bars, Case of Juicy Juice Box Drinks 'K" Cups Coffee Sampler

Anonymous -- 2 Containers of Cat Nip Temptations

Renee B -- Case of Dawn Dish Soap, Case of Perfectly Chicken, 4 Cat Bed, Yeowwl Cat Balls, Case(24) Friskies Meaty Bits

Marjorie H -- 2 Can Openers 

AV Lar-- For Marlyn Yellow Car Bed 

Anonymous -- 8 Packs of Baby Wipes

Janice B -- Case of  RC Baby Cat Canned Food, Case of Appetizers

Anonymous -- 2 Bags of RC Mother and Baby Dry Food

Mary D & Randi M -- 2 Cases of FF Canned Food

NN & Chan -- 2 Cases of Sheba Purfectly Portions 

Ramsay & Friend -- 24 Fleece Blankets

Karen & Gilbert G -- Lil Soups, Appetizers, 4 Boxes of Lil Soups, 4 Boxes of Appetizers

Anonymous -- Box of Tiki Cat Broths

Cindy W -- 2 Containers of Gain

Anonymous -- 3 Containers of Wipes, Box of Soups

Mufn -- Case(24) of FF Kitten, Case(30) Lil Soups

Sandra A -- Crazy Cat Lady Book, 2 Boxes of Sugar Packs, 2 Spin Mop heads, 2 Boxes of Dunkin Coffee, Case of Appetizers and Lil Soups

Becky M -- Case of Potty Pads

Marco -- Motion Activated Kitty for Lynnette, Donation for Lucie, Egypt & FFRC, Case of Kool-Aid Juice, Case of Capri Sun, 6 Bags of Cat Treats, 2 Squeeze Ups, 3 Towel Sets, Cat Spinner Toy, Lots of Cat Toys, 2 Amish Dolls, 2 Cases of Soda, Perly Toy Box for Lucie & Egypt, Case of Assorted Chips, Case of Gatorade, Case of Propel, 2 Containers of Party Mix and lots more! 

Mrs Charles -- Padrones Pizza for everyone

Lilac Festival:
Big huge thanks to Mary Braid and Gem for taking on this event. It was such great PR for us!! They put together cute bags to give to the kids, made flyers and sold raffle tickets and other goodies. They raised a whopping $651.42!!! WOWZERS! This will go a long way towards dental bills that are rolling in.

Kitty updates:
Trusty and Puzzone and now out in the main area and seem to be doing well. Puzzone gets a little fussy at night and I think she just likes quieter time, so she happily walks into a quite room and sleeps! Overall they are doing great.

All our dental kitties are doing well, Alma, Derecho and Dude. Alma’s mega-colon is acting up but rest assured, I’ve been in contact with Dr. Darcy and working on a plan. And today she poo’d! YIPPEE!!!

Ilses babies are doing much better too from their little bout of URI! Meds are just amazing!

Rathbone is also doing great in his very own home and has quickly learned people beds are the bestest thing! He has promptly taken over Mama Debbie's comfy pillows. 

That’s all the updates for this week, thanks to absolutely everyone for supporting/watching and just simply being our friends. YOU are what makes this place so special (well and our ridiculously adorable kitties too!). Hugs to all of you, from all of us! I’m friendship ~ Megan and the Cats

Saturday, May 7, 2022

 Sun--Sweet beautiful sun! We saw it today and it's been just wonderful. The kitties have been loving the sunshine, and this week, it's supposed to be in the 70's and 80's. I'm sure looking forward to that. We have super many thanks to give this week, so lets get right into it! 

Monday Derecho went to Dr. Darcy and had twelve whole teeth removed. Poor baby. He's still on pain meds to make him feel comfy, and he feels a little goofy, but he is eating great which is such a good thing. 

Tuesday we had boxes and boy did we have ALOT! You guys just amaze us, I feel like I can never say thank you enough for taking care of our kitties. Our food and toy coffers are getting fuller and it is such a relief! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Mrs Charles -- Bed with attached Blanket for Derecho and friend, Catnip Birthday Cake for Derecho Cat Mom Mug for Debbie

Sue Pok -- 2 Hanging Bird Feeders, All about Cat word search book, Cat Clock, 4 Cat Books, Sunflower Bird Dish, Box of RC Mother and Baby Cat, Case pf Friskies Tasty Treasures, 3 Cases of Baby Food Box of FF Gormet Naturals, Case of FF Shreds, Bag of Spring Toys, Circular Bird Feeder, 2 cases Perfectly Chicken, 12 jars of baby food, 24 pack Fancy Fest

Ramsay and Friend -- Case of Fancy Feast 

Outsidegirl  -- Case of FF Gravy Lovers 

Rita K -- Jewelry for Volunteers 

Anonymous -- Bag of Mouses 

Lisa T -- Box of RC Mother and Baby Cat canned food, 2 Cases of Baby Food 

Renee B -- Pack of Spatulas, LLama for Rathbone, Snakes, Case of Friskies, Case of Purina Creamy, Bag of Ping Pong Balls, Folding Cat Bed Box, Box of Lil Shakes, Case of FF Seafood, Case of FF Poultry, 2 Cases of FF Savory Centers, Smart Cat Toy

Aunt Joan -- 4 sets of Kitty Pillow Covers

Mr. Meow -- 2 puzzles, towel and potholder set collapsible cube, lots of Assorted Toys, Box of Assorted Cat Snacks & Squeeze Ups, 12 packs of perfect portions, 5 Towel Sets, 16 Cans of Assorted Cat food Cans 5 Packs of Squeeze ups, Lots of Assorted Soups and Stews

Diana D -- 2 Long Rug Runner

Tweety Tweet -- 2 Bottles of Rust Out 

Debra B -- 3 Cases of FF Kitten

Random Cat Supporter -- Triple Turbo Toy, 16 family rolls of Bounty

Janet B -- 3 Cases of FF Gravy Lovers, 2 Case of FF Kitten, Case of FF Grillers, 4 Cases of Baby Food, Case of Appetizers, Bag of RC, Bag of Ping Pong Balls, Case of Dazed & Infused Crab

Mary D & Randi M -- 2 Boxes of FF 

Polly & Peanut -- Box of Tiki Cat food, Bag of RC Baby Cat, 3 Spin Mop Replacement, ShopVac Replacement Filters

Anonymous -- 2 Packs of 6 inch paper Plates

Janet K -- 2 Boxes of Glazed and Infuzd food, Case (30) FF Gravy Lovers, 2 bags of Bonito Flakes 

Cindy & Gary W -- For Alma, Ramsay and friends, 2 boxes of Lil Soups, 

Ramsay and Friend -- Case of Baby Food

Momma Myrna -- Heavonly Shrouds 

Anonymous - Large Bag of 9Lives dry food

Joyce Oh -- Case(24) Friskies Shreds

Beth/Eaglewatcher -- 3 Cases(24) of FF Kitten, Lg Bag of Purina One Kitten Dry Food, crate pad, Iams Wet, Kong Play Bungalow

Denise & Elizabeth S -- Towels, Wash Cloths, Crinkle Balls, 3 Boxes of Tissues, Pack of Baby Wipes, 4 Packs of Paper Plates, Container of Clorox Wipes, Bag of Coffee Cups

Susan S -- 2 Cases of Assorted Chocolate Bars

Anna -- 2 Boxes of assorted Crackers 

Arlene R -- Case of Paper Towels

          Anony - 16lb bag of Kit and Caboodle, 4 - 24 pack Nine Lives Wet 

           Rita K - 4 bags Mother and Baby Cat, cup to raffle for volunteers 

           Billie K - 2 cases Friskies, cat fancier toy, bag of Purina One kitten, Fancy Feast kitten food

Wednesday we had a Flash Sale with Cindy's new book, Vernon Goes to Canada! We sold alot---thank you all so much! This sure helps to cover our day to day expenses, YAY!! We are so very grateful!!!

Thursday was a biggggg spay and neuter day with Humane Ohio. We sent up 30 females and 18 males! WOWZERS! We even got 7 of our kitties in, Donut, Hindi, Giorna, Aragorn, Angus, Herman and Willow....although Willow tricked us and was already spayed!!! LOL 

Friday we had an adopting of Angus. He went to an amazing home and we are already getting reports he is doing just wonderful and play play playing! Just love that boy. 

We did take in a new kitty as well, Rupert. He is just such a sweet and playful boy. He was returned through no fault of him own, he was just too active. He's just over a year old and was originally an FFRC kitty. 

      We also have a visitor this week, its Marco from Germany! We have so missed visitors. It's so nice to have smiling faces. The support we get from all over the world just absolutely astounds me.

We'll I'm signing off for now, time for meds for the kitties. Thank you all for everything you do for FFRC----Have I mentioned I'm grateful??? Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sunshine. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there (including my mommy, who's the absolute bestest! ILU mama!) Hugs to all ~ Megan and the Cats

Saturday, April 30, 2022

 Hi everyone! What a rainy day around here and you can tell the kitties are sleepy, except Asha, who is happily pawing at birdies on the computer screen. Another eventful week (don't they always seem to be?). Happy news, Ilse's babies are finally feeling better and are out causing havic On Monday we had an adoption of Holly by our very own chatter Kathy and Nilsa. What a sweet girl and she is going to be very loved and spoiled, I just know it. 

(See below for Tuesday!)

Wednesday we had an amazing funraiser and was able to pay lots and lots of bill! YIPPEE!!! It's such a relief to be able to pay bills and know the kitties above all will be ok. The funraiser raised $1550 - WOW! Then, something amazing happened from our Nation------BUMP UPS! This is my new favorite word! Big thank you to every one who joined in on the funraiser and to all our bump-uppers:

 Jesi, SuePok, Jabberwockysmom, Jaxx, Scrunchions, Kittiesmom, Daydreamz, Ken, Snoopybaby/Preakness, Mary SoCal, Eaglefan4ever and luvsanimals

Thursday Alma went to the amazable Dr. Darcy and had 7 teeth removed. Poor sweetie. She's feeling a little yucky, but last night she finally ate---and boy did she eat! My heart was sooo happy. She's not a huge fan of her pain meds, so that's been a struggle, but we'll get through. She was a little backed up, so we're going increase her meds in that area to help more. After a talk with Dr. Darcy, she just really is a true mega-colon and this will just always be something to 'watch'. 

Tuesday was box day! We love box day around here and the kitties just insist we open the new toys and beds for them to play with and lay on. Massive big thanks to everyone who sent in all sorts of goodies, we are so grateful! 

Renee B -- Box of Delectable Chowder, Case of Lil Gravy's, 3 Containers of Wipes, Catnip Donuts, RC Mom and Baby Cat , box of delectables, Case of Friskies Tasty Treasures , Cave Bed, Case FF Pate,

Anonymous -- 3 Purple Momma's

Random Cat Supporter -- Yeowl Catnip Sardines

Anonymous -- Box of Lil Soups

Anonymous -- Box of Lil Soups

Karen K -- Butterfly Toy

Tweety Tweet -- 2 Gallons of Odoban, Box of Delectable Bisque & Squeeze ups, 4 Boxes of Flex Storage Bags  

Anonymous -- Huge bag of Candy Kisses

Anonymous -- Delectable Squeeze

Debbie P -- 2 Cases of Lil Gravy's

NYC Bird -- 10 Mop Heads 

Sue Pok -- Cat Plate, Cat by Nina Watering Can 

Jesi -- Box of assorted Pringles

Cindy W -- Yeowl Bananas, 4 mirrors, 4 Large Cases of Assorted Canned Food, 2 Water Bottles, Mini flat Iron, Reg Flat Iron, 4 Serving Cake/Cookie Platters Trivets, Catmopolitan Magazine, Siege Card Game, Precious Moment Figurine, Musical Hand Bells, 2 Reading Glasses, Cream and Sugar Set, House Warming Ladder for Debbie, 2 Grass Cat Scratcher
Anonymous -- 3 Bed Cushions

This week coming up is more fun stuff! We got more of Cindy G's books in, yay! So look out for those. And this week we'll be doing more updating of the new software and working on kitty nails and general 'look overs' <---medical term LOL. Over all, good week and we just keep moving along, learning more and more. I'm hopeful. It's been a good week. Hugs to all of you ~ Megan and the Cats 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

 Hi everyone! Happy Caturday! It is beautiful here and the Porchies and Covies are just loving it and brought a few ‘gifts’ to thank us. LOL. We’ve got the windows open at the center and are just loving the fresh air.

Boy, lots of catching up to do! Friday the 15th Braveheart went to his new home and from all reports is doing great. He’s so loved and spoiled already. Egypt and SteVen we're also adopted---by me! They will stay here until such a time when I can possibly bring them home. I love them both so much!

We also had two new intakes. First was Willow. She came in on 4-18-22 and her birthday is 4-18-18. She’s missing the lower half of her hair from a flea allergy. We got rid of those nasty fleas! She was found by a friend of our volunteer Kathy R.

The second new intake was Herman. A handsome intact male. He arrived 4-21-22 and his birthday is 11-22-20. He was overall healthy but HUNGRY! Once he had a full day of food and water, he quickly found his heat pack and bed and zonked out. He was found roaming around my house asking for help. Of course we had to oblige, he asked so politely.

Our quarantined kitties are doing well. There colds seem to be improving, but you can see it cycling through them all. So they’ll be in there for a little bit. Rest assured they are eating and playing great! All good signs! I’ve been checking with Jacci almost daily (sorry Jacci LOL!) for advise and she’s just a wealth of knowledge! So grateful for resources from her and wonderful Dr. Darcy.

Speaking of Jacci, I have an update! Steve, Jacci and Donna are doing some gardening and enjoying it!  Trees, flowers, veggies!   Doing this for the hummingbirds and butterflies. But jacci is still also Growing rocks!  Also feeding the birds and squirrels!!Have found a purple Martin colony of 100,000 birds. So love to watch them! Dogs and cats are good. Abner is as tall as Bolly.  Make almost daily trips to the dog park or ocean with them!

Today is the start of our funraiser! YAY!! These funraisers help cover our day to day expenses like staffing, utilities and medicines. We are so grateful for your support, AND to the amazing people who sent things in to sell. We have so many awesome goodies, perfect for Mothers Day coming up! The funraiser starts today and ends at  9am on the 27th. We'll be going the drawing for the winners at 1:00pm FFRC time. So get your tickets in!

We also have MASSIVE amounts of boxes to give thanks for, we are so very grateful and appreciate each and every one of you!

4/13 Boxes!
Beth/Eaglewatcher -- Batteries, Large Bag of Purina One Adult, Large Bag Purina One Kitten

Renee B -- Large Bag of Purina One, Box of Friskies Lil Grillers, 2 Boxes of Delectable Stews/Bisque, Cat Bed,  3 Fleece Pet Blankets, Case (24) Friskies Ocean Assortment, Donut Poof Bed, Box of Zaney Mice Toys,  Pack of Spring Toys, 3 Kitty Blankets 

Sue Pok -- Cat Shaped Creamer, 48 AA battery, Box of FF , 'D', 9V, AAA, C" Batteries , 2 Boxes of Lil Soups, 2 Bottles of Gain Laundry Detergent, Small Kitty Charm, 2 Cases of Baby Food, 

Mary D & Randi M -- 6 Cases of FF, 3 Boxes of Lil Soups, 

Janet K -- 2 Boxes of FF Purely Entree,  3 Large Bags of Bonito Flakes

Cindy W -- Pack of Large Pipe Cleaners, Chicken and Blueberry kitty Snacks, Cat Scratch pad 

Mary SoCal -- 2 Cross Stitch, 2 packs Leopard Print Shipping Bags, 5 Packs of Bubble Mailers, Pens, 2 Packs of Batteries, Variety Pack People Snacks Large Box of Spoons 

Anonymous -- Large Container of Temptations 

Tweety Tweet -- Cat Crinkle Toys,  Pack of Kitty Mice, 3 Pack Cleaning Wipes 

Gloria Derecho's Caregivers -- Rug 

Karen & Gilbert -- 5 Boxes of Appetizers 

Anonymous -- Cat Bed, 2 Containers of Yewow CatNip

April Catlover -- 2 Cases of Baby Food 

Mrs.Charles -- Batteries, 4 Containers of Temptations, Blanket for Derecho's Birthday 

NJ Lurker -- 10 Purple Momma's,  4 Cases of 4 Boxes Perfectly Chicken 

Debbie P -- 4 Boxes of Lil Packs of Food, 3 Cases of FF(assorted),  2 Box of Lil Shakers Licky Licks, Large Box of Assorted Chocolates & Chips, 2 Cases of Mt Dew, 

NN/NN -- Box of Delectable Stews, Box of Friskies Breakfast Snacks,  

Butterfly Wings -- Large Case of Assorted People Snacks 

Wendy B -- Case (40) Friskies canned food

Paul C -- 2 Cases(32) Friskies Canned Food 

Random Cat Supported  -- 6 Containers of Cleaning Wipes, 2 Large Bottle of Dawn Dish Soap
2 Containers of Laundry Detergent

4/20 Boxes!

           Anita H -- 2 Containers of Temptations, box of Lil Soups

Susie S -- Kitty Solar Wind Chime 

Renee B -- Fish Tunnel Bed, Case of Paper Towels, 2 Containers of Friskies Party Mix, Case(24) FF Gravy Lovers, Donut Tunnel, Rainbow Cat Nip Toy, Box of Friskies Gazed and Confused, Adorable Kitty Blanket, Case(24) FF Kitten, Case of Pringles 

Cindy W -- Corner Scratcher for Rathbone

Taylor R -- Kitty Backpack 

Sue Pok -- 12 Cans of FF Kitten, Cat Treasure Box, Large Box of Pringles, Kitty Coffee Mug, Bag of Bonito Flakes, 2 Minouette Cat Trinket Boxes, plate. Cat Dancer, Case of FF, 2 Cases of Friskies, RC Mother & Baby Cat, Lg bag of Puring One 

Random Cat Supporter -- Play Tunnel, 2 Boxes of Affresh Washer Cleaners,  2 Boxes of Trash Bags, 1 Box of 13 gal bags 

JatCat -- 2 Retractable box cutters & replacement Blades 

Stephanie C -- Donation, 2 Cat Nip Bananas
Jane 90125 -- Container of Temptations, Purina One Kitten

Elaine & Allen B -- Case (32) Friskies Seafood, 2 (40lb) litter, Case of FF Broth, Case (24) of FF wet Food, 2 Containers of Temptations

Arlene R - Container of Laundry Soap

Debbie P -- Large Box of Assorted Snacks(people), 4 Boxes of Capri Sun, Case of Sprite 

Anonymous -- Container of Laundry Soap

Mary SoCal -- 2 Boxes of Perfectly Chicken, Printer Ink  

FFRC Ramsay -- Case of FF Creamy Delights 

Carla M/CJ 500 -- 2 Cases of Friskies Pate 

Beth/Eaglewatcher -- Case (40) Friskies Shreds 

Polly & Peanut -- 3 Packs of Bath Towels, Box of Appetizers 

Shaz & Sparrow -- Box for Debbie & Rathbone, box of Friskies Pate 

Debra B - Pack of Licky Sticks, Box of Pringles , Grass Patch Hunting Box Toy, Bag of Springs, 2 Bags of Friskies Party Mix, Bag of Licky Licks, Box of Glazed and Confused, Box of Lil Mouse Toys 

Ju in JI -- 6 Cases of Baby Food  

          Anna (Outside Girl) - 60 cans of Fancy Feast 

As always, I wish I could hug each and every one of you. You all make this so worthwhile---well and the furry ones too! In friendship ~ Megan and The Cats