Tuesday, December 26th, 2023

Merry Christmas Nation! We truly hope you had a magical day and soon, a Happy New Year! Our days were spent with stories at the rescue, games and of course, chickie for the kitties on Christmas Day. I think they approved very much. Much fun was had by all. 

We have some updates to go over so grab some hot chocolate and snuggle in with a kitty. I've got Junior on my desk, Smokey snoring on the floor and Abba and Aponi playing with toys. Perfect time to write a blog! 

INTAKES: On December 13th, we took in the sweetest little old man, all white with the prettiest green eyes, and have named him Colonel Mustard. Why? Well, he just looks like he's seen it all! He was found by our volunteer, Cheri in her outdoor cat house. He definitely belonged to someone at one point. He is neutered and uses a litter box. And he's just so sweet! We put his birthday at 12/13/2013, making him 10 years old. 

December 16th, we took in two new girls from another rescue. These sisters were born of a feral mama and are just the cutest things. The brown tiger girl is Tinsel and the long haired white with a little gray is Snowball. They were born Oct. 20th. They are the sweetest girls but a little shy and the love each other very much. 

On December the 20th, we took in one more little girl, this time from Dr. Darcys office. We've named her Jingles, and her date of birth is September 10th. She sure is an unusual color. She's a long hair brown tiger girl, with a bad eye. She is just a doll baby. 

ADOPTIONS:  On December 15 & 17, we had a mega adoption to one family! Our friends and chatter, KatB came for a visit and adopted Karen and Pocket....but then also fell in love with sweet little Zach! So, they took him too! They are all three doing wonderful in their home and settling in so very well. I'm so happy for them!!! 

We did also see another return in the December month, on the 12th. Our sweet Guppy is back. While I never want to see returns, I am grateful people always have that option. 

MEDICAL UPDATES: Knock on wood, everything is going pretty well. We are seeing continued improvement with Praline and Buckeye; Vincent is so very close to his 60-day bloodwork! Wow!!! He's continuing to amaze me! 

RAINBOW BRIDGE: I've been remiss on blogging two Rainbow Bridge crossings. I realized I haven't written about them because truly, it just hurts. But I need to because the deserve it. Pippa, our adorable little baby calico passed away in my arms on November 17th. She was found by our volunteer Edna who immediately called me who came right up. She was seizing, back to back to back. She was so very little. I held her and told her how very special and loved she was. Even thinking of it brings tears to my eyes. Amazing how much they can grab your heart in such a short time. 

The next was Kiara. Kiara was our sweet and sassy little old lady who ruled the roost. She was just the kindest girl and a friend to all. She started with a limp in her same paw that cancer had been previously removed on. After running her to the doctors, it was discovered that the cancer was back, causing a collapse in her wrist bones. There was no repair. We let her pass surrounded by all her friends and loved ones. She was held and loved and kissed and we told her of all her friends she'll get to see again. She sure is missed beyond words. 

We'll hopefully that should catch us up, although I'm sure I've missed some things. Thank you all as always for being the kindest, most supportive group of people. We are always grateful. With a thankful heart ~ Megan and the Cats

Boxes 12/12

April Catlover – 2 Boxes Of FF Appetizers

Janet K – Box Of Reveal Chicken

Donna G – Bag Of Chocolate

Marty & Stefanye E - 2 Packs Of BB Snacks, 2 Containers Of BB Burst

Brian J – Case Of FF Appetizers

Smith Family – Container Of Tiny Tiger Lickable Treats, Chewy Ornament, Door Knob Toy

Lindy Y – Box Of Lil Soups

Anonymous - Container Of Temptations

Vicky & Tom C – Noodle Bowl Bed

Jake – Meowee Snacks

Robert O – 2000 Q-Tips, Ice Cream Cake, Case Of Baby Food, Case Of FF Gravy Lovers, Large Case Of Paper Towels

Lynda D – 24 Rolls Of Paper Towels, 2 Bottles Of Gain

Valarie C – 4 Gallons Of Odoban

Cathy B – 4 Bags Of Tidy Cat

Natalie K – Container Of Party Mix

Liz / Nestle – 100 Packs Of Party Mix

Mrs. Charles – Case Of Meow Mix Canned Food, Can Of Pumpkin, 6 Catnip Toys

Anonymous – 4 Gallons Of Odoban

Sue M & Emily H – Bag Of Purina One

Random Cat Supporter – Case Of Copy Paper

Anonymous – 2 Bags Of Friskies Dry Food

Mark & Lonna – 3 Boxes Of Pate, 12 Cans Of Wet Food, Box Of Lindor Chocolates, 3 Cases Of Grain Free Canned Food, Box Of OX Mixes,

Mike & Lola – 3 Packs Of Wipes, Bottle Of Windex, Bottle Of Lysol Cleaner, Gallon Of Odoban 6 Rolls Of Paper Towels, Dish Towels, Pot Holders, Perfectly Chicken, Storage Bags, Hand Warmers, Post It Notes, FF Canned Food, Cat Dish, Travel Bag, Bear Plush

Marco In Germany – 2 Digital Clocks

Cindy W – 4 Bottles Of Dawn Dish Soap, Sponges, Green Monster Bed, Fire Emergency Blankets

Janet K – Box Of Reveal Tuna Canned Food

Pat D – 2 Boxes Of Lil Soups, Container Of Temptations, Bag Of RC Kitten

Anonymous – 2 Containers Of Party Mix

Mr. & Mrs. Yellow Beard – Container Of Cheryl’s Cookies

Ethel Wings & Hubby – Gifts For Volunteers

Dkweiler – Container Of Party Mix

Schrunchions – Box Of Swiss Cheese Crackers, Truffle , Wagonwheels, Cheezies, Assorted Packs Of Snacks

Anonymous – Fleece Throw Blanket

Catsmeow – Crinkle Tunnel, Crinkle Toys, Nip Bananas

Anonymous – Fleece Throw Blanket

NJ Lurker – Nimbely Kat Treets, 2 Spinner Top Treat Dispenser

Susan & Janet – Box Of Reveal

Mr Meow -  Plush Blanket Throw, Christmas Village House, Bill The Singing Kitty, Cat Nip, Singing Snoopy, Scratchers, Toys

Jane 90125 – Bag Of Purina One Kitten Food



Boxes 12/19

Cindy D – 1000 6” Plates

Robert O – Case Of Copy Paper

Arlene R – 12 Rolls Of Paper Towels, Bottle Of Scrubbing Bubbles

Billie K – 4 Bags Of Cat Litter, 2 Nip Bananas

Anna K – Several Boxes Of Fudge, 16 Bottles Of Bleach

Ju In Ji – 6 Cases Of Baby Food, 30 Cans Of Tuna

Charlene C – 4 Cases Of Lil Gravy’s

Janet K – 2 Boxes Of Reveal

Betzy S – 32 Cans Of Friskies Pate, Blankets, 12 Cans Of Ff Kitten, 24 Jars Of Baby Food, Laundry Detergent, Bag Of Pouch Foods, KMR

Cindy W – Case Of Savory Centers, Case Of Salty Cat Chicken Dinners, Case Of FF Melody’s

Jamison B – Bag Of Purina One Dry Food, Case Of FF Appetizers

Melina – Toys, Pill Pockets, Box Of Reveal, Box Of Broths

Polly/Peanut – Bottle Of Bleach, 3 Containers Of Wipes

Mary Socal – Case Of FF Savory Centers, Merry-Go-Round, 2 Packs Of Note Cards, 4 Pack Note Cards, Kitten Snowglobe, Valentine Cat Figurine, Cat Figurine, 3D Cat Cards, Christmas Card, Kitty In A Basket Figurine, 2 Blanket Hoodies

Anonymous – 4 Bottles Of Dawn Dish Soap

Anonymous – Bag Of Temptations

Anonymous – Box Of FF Chicken Feast

Jatcat – Retractable Safety Box Cutters

Kathy831 – Kitty Scrub Brush

Anonymous – Fleece Throw Blanket

Karen R – 2 Mini Paintings, Crocheted Cat

Mike & Lola  – Christmas Card, Cat Toys, Lots Of Assorted Chocolates, Pack Of Mice, Kit & Kaboddle Treats, Chickie Party Money

Vickie A – Bag Of RC Mother And Baby Cat

CJ500 – Case Of Friskies Tasty Treasures

Isabella  – Can Of Cape Cod Potato Chips, Syringes

Tina M – Glow In The Dark Tunnel

David & Melanie D – Box Of Assorted People Snacks

Anita & Evan  H – 2 Container Of Temptations, Box Of Nutrish

Steve & Maggie B – Ink Pens, Kurig Coffee, Q-Tips, Tunnel, 2 Boxes Of Pumpkin Kurig, 12 Packs Of Lysol Wipes

Sheryl T – 2 Cat Perches (Cow & Zebra)

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

WOW. Overwhelming gratitude can only be described as to how we all feel. After much nerves, worry and hard work, YOU the nation have once again astounded us with your generosity. On December 2nd, we opened some 418 packages and raised $17,077.36!!!! Some of the numbers we gathered that day: We received 5339 cans of cat food, 286 jars of baby food, and 64 bags of dry cat food. This is absolutely amazing!!!!! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event so successful, and to all the volunteers, staff and friends who helped! Words just do not do justice to how we feel.

Working backwards, on November 18th, we had our volunteer Appreciation Christmas Party. Oh my gosh, what fun and a well-deserved time for our hard-working volunteers and staff. Thank you to all who joined in to help with this! We sure couldn't be here without them!!! 

INTAKES: We've had one intake since our last update, and that would be Crumbles. Crumbles was found on November 13th with her collar stuck around her neck and front right arm. This caused a deep laceration under her right arm and become fused to her chest. Luckily, this is all cleaned up now and healed nicely. Her date of birth is 3/10/2021 and she's almost all black but for a couple of white flecks.  

The other intake I wanted to cover is Archie. This adorable boy sure is a surprise to me. He showed up sometime in the spring and has stayed ever since. He was terribly thin, but we have been unable to get close enough to him. We've tried over the months, and semi recently I have been able to get two pets in while he sleeps in the porch area. We managed to snag him quick and send him up on Nov. 30th for his neuter. We pinned him when he came back, and then something happened. I reached into the pin to give him a pet---and he loved it. He started rolling and flopping, showing his tummy and head butts. WHAT IN THE WORLD? This cannot be the same boy, but it is! He has turned into the sweetest love bug. Still a little shy but improving daily. We are going to try to keep him in for a while longer and see if he would be happy in a home. We are just smitten! 

ADOPTIONS:  On December 1st, we saw 4 adoptions! Yay!!! The first was Debbie Cat. She finally made her and home and is just thriving!!!! 

After Debbie, we had Burger and Berry Belle go to the same home, and BOTH are also doing just wonderfully!!! 

After all of them, Shakespeare went to his own home. Sadly, after several days, on December 6th, his new owner knew it was not a good mix with Shakespeare and her doggy and brought him back. I am so thankful that she put his needs above her own love for him to do what was best for him. Shakespeare was very happy to be back 'home'. 

On December 5th, Guppy was adopted!!!! Her family has loved her a long time and after only a couple of days, have been making great progress with her naturally shy self. I know she is just going to thrive.

MEDICAL UPDATES: On November 9th, Magic and Junior had a dental and both did great!

 In the past few weeks, we have also sent up Praline for bloodwork. She has cholecystitis and is being treated. So far she is doing well and we will continue monitoring her. 

Buckeye's wound is finally shrinking ever so slightly. What was 3in x 3.5in, it is now 2.5in x 3in. Not crazy but I will take it! He continues to be the bestest patient and so very sweet. 

Vincent is also improving greatly and will be going up on December 11th for his 30 day blood work! I am so very happy, we are moving right along and he is also the goodest boy....as long as you have snackers!

We'll hopefully that should catch us up, although I'm sure I've missed some things. Thank you all as always for being the kindest, most supportive group of people. We are always grateful. With a happy heart ~ Megan and the Cats

P.S. Big thanks to our super wonderful box senders! 


Mrs Charles –Jar Of Burst, Big Red Rug, 2 Green Rugs

Ann & - Catnip Pickle For Derecho, Bow For Lena

Pat D – Box Of Capstar, 2 Bags Of Temptations Kitten

Anonymous – Jumbo Bag Of Temptations

Linda Y – Box Of Kit Kats

Helen R – Case Of Friskies

Mr. Meow - Cat Christmas Book, Puzzle, Blanket, Towel Sets

Emma H – Container Of Temptations

Anonymous – 4 Boxes Of Lil Soups

Schrunchions- Bag Of Chicken Fillet, Box Of Replacement Scratchers

Christine P – 2 Packs Of Temptations Kitten, 2 Boxes Of Chicken Fillet Grilled, Large Bos Of Assorted Cookies, Pack Of Tim Tams, Pack Of Oreo’s, Box Of Assorted Cookies And Snacks, Pet Paw Print Keepsake Kit, Signs, Garden Flags

Outside Girl - For Ramsay & Friends 16 Xmas Stockings

Jacqueline S – 2 Bags Of Party Mix, Box Of Delectable Stews, Container Of Temptations

Mini & Jeff – Case Of Purina Pro Plan

Anonymous – 12 Cans Of Tuna

Anonymous – 2 Containers Of Burst, Box Of Churu Snacks

Anonymous – Gift Box Of Assorted Cookies From Harry And David

Robert O – Gift For Denise

Thursday, November 9th, 2023

   Happy Wednesday all! Can you believe the Holiday season is approaching so quickly? We are THREE WEEKS away from Kitty Christmas! Oh my gosh, can you believe it? We have a POD again this year and the goal is FILL THE POD!!!

What is Kitty Christmas? Well, its Christmas for the kitties! This takes place on December 2, starting at 10:00am!

This is where our super fantastic viewers and supporters send in donations or food stuffs to fill the kitty pantry for the coming year! We so love this as it brings us so much peace knowing food is there for their little tummies. 

How to join in? You can send boxes to the rescue at 14597 Power Dam Road, Defiance Ohio 43512 and please make sure you put on the shipping label or box "Kitty Christmas", or they will be opened on Box Day Tuesday!

You can also send in PayPal donations as well! Please let up know if you would like that to be allocated to these different funds: Medical, General or Food! 

INTAKES: Shadow! This handsome all inky boy showed up on the farm and of course, became one of Cindy's Boys! His DOB is 12/27/2019.

Then we have the Magnificent 7! These babies were brought in on 10/07/2023 and have a DOB of 09/09/2023. These seven babies were found in the cold rain, soaking wet, and one sweet sibling had already passed. They were brought to us and all seven are doing wonderful! They are Karen (F) long haired calico, Pippa (F) dilute calico, Zach Newcomb (M) black and white tiger, Little Elmer (M) orange and white, Acorn (F) tortie, Pocket (M) all orange American short hair, and Pouch (M) lighter orange face American short hair. 

Then in the mix with the seven, we added one more, Charly. Charly is an orange male, that was brought in by a kind woman and it broke her heart. She was from the UK, and had to go home for a family emergency. She found Charly on October 3rd in a parking lot and bottle fed him with the intention of keeping him. He seemed about the same size as the 7, so in he went with the mix! He's doing wonderful and the others have accepted him as their sibling. His DOB is also 09/09/2023.

And last but not least, we have a new Covie! This absolutely stunning boy was having tinkle issues in his home so he came to us. His name is Fluffs and you can see why. He is a ginormous boy and so very snuggly. He also fit in just perfectly with the outside crew and already has a new best friend...Pogo!! His DOB is 10/09/2020. 

ADOPTIONS: On 9/22 Cheeto Puff was adopted! He went to an amazing family from NY who had come for a visit, but definitely not to adopt...then they saw Cheeto! We'll that changed quickly and they quickly came back the next week for their boy! And Cheeto knew it too. He fell in LOVE with his new pawrents. So happy for this second chance for this boy! 

Then on 10/13 our Zeke boy went to his new family! This was another fluke. A wonderful lurker Ann had come for a visit and Zeke worked his magic on her. Ann and Sean are very familiar with kitties with chronic upper respiratory kitties, so I knew he would be in the bestest hands. I'm so very happy for him. 

MEDICAL UPDATES: Buckeye's back wound is looking a little rougher again, but we've switched up a couple things and are hoping to see some good results soon! Everyone keep good thoughts for our boy! He's being such a good spirit.

Vincent is our other boy we are keeping a watch on. We are not sure what is happening with him, but Dr. Darcy and I have been working on him, watching his symptoms and offering supplemental care. More on him as things progress and we get a better idea. But keep him in your thoughts. He is such a sweet boy. 

UPCOMING EVENTS: November 18th at 3:00pm is our volunteer party to celebrate our super amazing volunteers. Every year we do food, surprises and fun bags for each volunteer. If you'd like to send anything for the bags, please let us know! We have approx. 35 staff and volunteers. It will be a private event again, so while the camera will be on, it will be facing another room and sound will be off. It's nice time for the volunteers to get to be 'off cam' for a bit. Thank you all so much for understanding! 


That should get you caught up on the few weeks! Thank you so much for the support you constantly provide, words are never enough to show our gratitude. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the start of Fall. With a happy heart ~ Megan and the Cats

P.S. Big thanks to our super wonderful box senders! 

Boxes 10/24/2023

Ju In Ji – 6 Cases Of Baby Food

Susan M – 2 Cases Of Perfectly Chicken, 6 Boxes Of Chicken Fillet, 24 Cans Of Pate, 96 Cans Of FF Kitten,

Cindy W – 96 Cans Of FF Kitten, 4 Bottles Of Gain

Billie K – Bag Of Purina One, 3 Bags Of Cat Litter, 48 Cans Of RC Mother And Baby Cat, 120 Cans Of FF Kitten

Simone – 24 Cans Of FF Creamy Delights, 24 Cans Of FF Gravy Lovers, 24 Cans Of Savory Centers, 8 Pack Chicken

Joseph V – Gallon Of Odoban, 48 Cans Of FF Chicken, Bag Of RC Mother And Baby Cat

Renee B – 1000 6’ Plates

Lynda D – Case Of Paper Towels, Bag Of Purina One, 2 Bags Of RC Mother And Baby Cat

Mini And Jeff – Bag Of Purina One, Case Of Lil Soups, Box Of Delectable Stews, Container Of Temptations, Case Of Perfectly Chicken

Jim And Alice R – 48 Cans Of FF Kitten

Beth/Eaglewatcher – Medical Supplies

Anonymous – Bag Of Temptations

Vicky And Tom C – Kitty Shampoo

Susan M – 2 Cases Of FF Kitten Canned Food

Robin N – Case Of FF Creamy Delights , Box Of Lil Soups

Victoria O – 3 Cases Of FF Kitten

Janet K – 2 Cases Of Perfectly Chicken

Anonymous – Bottles Of Clorox Bleach

Anonymous – Case Of FF Kitten, Case Of FF Petite

Mrs. Charles – Derecho Yoga Mat

Cathy3103 – 3 Boxes Of Tuna Fillets

Anonymous – 20 Cans Of Tuna

Donna G – Package Of Paper Plates

Allie Cat – 3 Containers Of Temptations, Case Of Tuna, Bottle Of Gain

PLG – 2 Containers Of Temptations, Box Of Appetizers

Mike & Lola – Donation, Holiday Towel Sets, Mailing Envelopes, Calendars, Coffee Mug, Plates, Spoons, Canned Food, Dryer Sheets, Catnip Toy, Case Of Baby Food, Human Treats, Wipes, Broths/Bisque, Temptations, Tote Bag, Blanket, Never Have  I Ever Game

Anonymous – 2 Large Bags Of Assorted Chocolates

Debora B – 4 Bags Of Friskies Party Mix, 3 Cases Of FF Kitten

Boxes 10/31

Faye L – Box Of Appetizers, Container Of Temptations

Mary SoCal – 3 Containers Of Temptations, 3 Cases Of Perfectly Chicken, 55 Cans Of FF Pate,

Beth/Eaglewatcher – 112 Cans Of Friskies

Billie K – 2 Bags Of Cat Litter, 4 Containers Of Temptations

Cindy W – 3 Bags Of Purina One, Bag Of Chicken Feed, 2 Bags Of FF Dry Food, 2 Bags Of Science Diet 11+, 5lb Bag Of Bird Food, Greenies Pill Pocket, Bag Of Temptations, Bag Of FF Dry Food

Middy 208 – Bag Of Purina One, Case Of Delectable, Case Of Stews, Case Of Lil Soups

Michelle U – Bag Of Mother And Baby Cat

Julie & Tim T – Lots Of Books, 

Anonymous – 4 Containers Of Temptations

Ruth – 4 Containers Of Temptations

Elaine & Allen – 2 Bags Of Cat Litter, 2 Containers Of Temptations, Case Of FF Pate

PLG – Lysol Cleaner, Box Of Lil Soups

Anonymous – 2 Bags Of Mother And Baby Cat, 2 Boxes Of Lil Soups

Phyllis B – 40 Cans Of Friskies, Container Of Temptations, 24 Cans Of RC Mother And Baby Cat

Mrs. Charles – 24 Pack Reveal Verity, Container Of Burst, Cat Nip, Cat Nip Mouse

Miriam – Box Of Stews, Box Of Soups, Bag Of Chicken Fillets, Case Of FF Creamy Delights, 4 Containers Of Temptations

Leighann K – 2 Containers Of Temptations, 2 Bags Of Party Mix

Anonymous -2 Containers Of Temptations

Pat, Mary And Brenda H - Box Of Delectable Stews, Onsie For Buckeye

Terri B – Bag Of Party Mix

Mini & Jeff – Gnome For Lynnette, 2 Tins Of British Cadbury Chocolates , Case Of Lil Soups, Box Of Delectable, Bag Of Chicken Fillets, Container Of Temptations, Pack of Syringes  

Anonymous – Sheba Perfect Portions

Janet K – Case Of RC Mother And Baby Cat Canned Food, 4 Containers Of Temptations

Edna/Gem – Can Opener

Michelle H – “Pick Your Poison” Game, Bag Of Cat Toys, Case Of Purina One Pate, Bag Of Chocolates, Box Of Pringles, Case Of FF Kitten, Case Of FF Poultry/Beef

Mr Meow – Large Box Of Treats

Tache On A Cat – Box Of Delectable, Container Of Temptations, 2 Cases Of FF Appetizers

Mike & Lola – Q-Tips, Paper Towels, Plates, Dryer Sheets, Tissues, Cleaning Supplies, Ghost Cat T-Shirt, Packs Of Delectable, Trash Bags, Tuna, Beware Sign, Turkey Figurine, Perfectly Chicken, Cat Mini Signs, Ying/Yang Necklace, Needlepoint, Scooby Doo Drink Mug For Cindy

Susan M – Cat Scratcher Bed,

Annette 20 – Container Of Temptations, 2 Boxes Of Appetizers, 6 Boxes Of Lil Soups, Box Of Delectable Stews

Polly & Peanut – Box Of Christmas Leggies


Styrofoam Plates(lots), Paper Towels, Christmas Advent Cat Calendar, 2 bags of Temptations, Bag of Grain Free Kitten Food, Bag of Iams Dry Food, Fishing Pole Cat Toy, 10 Bags of Temptations, Box of Delectable Bisque, 5 Containers of Temptations, 4 packs of Cookies, 2 bags of M&M's, 2 bags of Haribo Gummies,3 Bags of 9Lives dry food, Bottle of pet cleaner, cupcakes, Oreos 4 Containers of Wipes, Lysol Spray, Pine Sol cleaners, Case of Friskies Pate  (plus so much more!)

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

  Happy Wednesday all! We've been feeling the start of Fall already! Can you believe it? The leaves are already changing and the air has gotten cooler. The kitties are just LOVING the windows being open and getting lots of wonderful fresh air in here. 

Its been a little bit sine we've had some updates so lets get rolling shall we? And if you stick around---you might see some pictures of new cuties!!! 

INTAKES: The first arrival was Meowedith. This sweetheart arrived 08/25/2023. She was found by a gentleman taking care of feral kitties. The mom had pushed Meowedith away and stop cared for her. She is another one with a yucky eye. She will eventually be getting an eye removal. She is an inky with a date of birth of 08/05/2023.

The next is Jan (pictured with inky friends!). Jan was found on 09/02/2023. This sweet girl was found trapped in my mom, Jan's, barn, with the only way to get her out was removing a piece of the wall. She is truly a gem, just a doll. She is a beautiful white and tan color with a date of birth being 06/30/2023. 

The next girl is Drewzy. She arrived on 09/04/2023. She is perfectly healthy! Despite being overly full, this baby was the same age as Meowedith, and well, she just needed a friend. Drewzy was found in a trailer park, very hungry, panting and full of fleas. Her date of birth is 07/04/2023 and she's an inky.

After that we have Mittens II. She was brought in by our volunteer Jackie S. She showed up out of no where at her house. So of course she found her way here. Hehehe. Her date of birth is 07/19/2023 and she is the cutest little inky with white tipped toes. 

Lastly, we have Betty! This pretty brown tiger showed up outside and has hung around for a few weeks now and we managed to snag her and send her up to Humane Ohio. She's been here ever since and is fitting in nicely with the outside kitties.

ADOPTIONS: On September 9th, Nalu went to her new home all the way to Boston! Qwilleranne also went to her own home the same day! On September 12th, Rhys Oliver was adopted. I've had reports from all families that the kitties are all doing just wonderful! I love seeing them in their fur-ever homes! 

MEDICAL UPDATES: We had the super amazing Dr. Darcy out for a vet check on all the kitties on 09/20 and aside from minor sniffles, they are all doing just wonderful. So very happy to hear this. We do have a few kitties that will be upcoming dentals, but overall--WONDERFUL! 

Abba and Aponi had there eye removal surgeries on the 7th and they are also doing very well. They just amaze all of us who see them. They somehow know where everything is at and have such a playful and loving attitude. And the LOVE their food! Hehe! 

Mr. Darcy went in for bloodwork and does have stage 2 of 3 kidney disease. So far he's going to be eating some special kidney food, which he loves and a little bit of meds.

Praline also went for weight loss. It looks like everything is fine, she's just been a little depressed. But we've started an appetite stimulant, and she's already gained 4oz! 

UPCOMING EVENTS: November 18th at 3:00pm is our volunteer party to celebrate our super amazing volunteers. Every year we do food, surprises and fun bags for each volunteer. If you'd like to send anything for the bags, please let us know! We have approx. 35 staff and volunteers. It will be a private event again, so while the camera will be on, it will be facing another room and sound will be off. It's nice time for the volunteers to get to be 'off cam' for a bit. Thank you all so much for understanding! 

That should get you caught up on the few weeks! Thank you so much for the support you constantly provide, words are never enough to show our gratitude. I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the start of Fall. With a happy heart ~ Megan and the Cats

Saturday, August 26th, 2023

 Happy Caturday all! I sure hope you are having a great August. It's been wonderful here. Today the weather is finally cooling off and we have been enjoying open windows. The cats are so happy when the windows are opened! 

RETURNS: August 11th, we had the return of two of our former FFRC alum, Praline and Chia. They were originally adopted in 2011. There house situation changed, and thankfully, the family returned them to us. Praline is a DSH female calico with a DOB 8/1/2011 and Chia is a DSH grey female, with a DOB 8/6/11. Both are older distinguished ladies, but so very nice. They would go great in a nice quiet home to live out their retirement years. 

INTAKES: Meatball! This little man arrived August 8th, and what a rough shape he was in! When he arrived, he was severely skinny, pale, covered in fleas, ear mites, his eye out of socket and bugs in the eye socket. During cleaning him up, his eye fell out and rolled across the table much to Denise and I's dismay! He felt much better after that. He had a nice warm bed, pain meds and a very full tummy. He's doing just wonderful now. He's scheduled for his eye surgery and neuter Sept. 25th.

ADOPTIONS: August 25th, Wheeler FINALLY made his way home with his fur-ever mama, Cindy. They are just two peas in a pod and I couldn't be happier. I hear he is settling in very nicely, and discovered something called a 'mirror', and just LOVES talking to the kitty inside of it. 

We also had our super sweet Chomper go home. I couldn't be more tickled with her new family, who is already beyond smitten with her. I just know she's going to be spoiled like crazy! While I miss them terribly, it helps to know how much they are loved. The couple that took her is such a calm laid back family...does that not describe Chomper to a T? I just love it. 

MEDICAL UPDATES: Azreal gave us a little scare when one day we noticed she was 'off'. She just wasn't acting right, a little jaundice, weight loss. So we ran her to Dr. Darcy's the next day. (THANK YOU CINDY!) She had very high liver enzymes. We started a course of meds for her and are happy to report her blood work from Thursday was perfect! YAY! 

Cheeto Puff also had his full mouth extraction on Thursday, August 24th. He is doing AMAZING. I will never stop being amazed at the healing powers of cats. I know I would be down and out for weeks. Not Cheeto! He was ready to be out of his pin the next day. So happy for him! Now to find an awesome home for this sweet boy!

Will Power had his surgery on August 22nd to remove his nerve damaged front left leg. While I know it is the right decision, I always worry when any one of our babies gets surgery. Well, worry not for Will! Boy oh boy, has he shown us what a little kitty can do. He is running, playing and ACTING better then before. It really makes you realize just how much of a hinderance that 'dead leg' was to him, dragging it around. 

Lastly, we have Buckeye. This boy had that initial wound on his back that was about 5in x 4in. Its significantly smaller now, but had a weird lump of skin. This week that lump popped, and during cleaning, started bleeding. We took him to Dr. Darcy's where Dr. Mercer flattened out that bump, and sutured it down. He's in Dodger's pin recovering. He's being the bestest patient, and very soon will be ready for adoption! 

That should get you caught up on the last two weeks! Thank you so much for the support you constantly provide, words are never enough to show our gratitude. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. With a happy heart ~ Megan and the Cats

Friday, August 11th, 2023

 Hi friends, happy Friday! We'll we are on day 452 of Lynnette being on vacation. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but we sure miss her around here! LOL. Things have been going well around here, so that's good. We do have some updates, so let's jump into them, shall we?

For Humane Ohio we sent up 6 kitties. So far, they are Karl, Millie, Nalu, Servalan, Buckeye and Puddin. They all did just wonderful! 

We did also lose one of our sweet girls, Cecilia. She passed on Sunday, August 6th. She was surrounded by Debbie and me and told how very much she was loved. While we are so sad to have lost our sweet girl, we are so grateful for the short time we were together. She was so loved, comfy and warm, and that's all we can hope for. 

I was also remiss in my blogs in letting you know of two other passings we had. The first was our Asha-Bo-Basha. Our very sweet girl developed Acute Kidney Failure and passed very quickly on May 12th, 2023. I'm so grateful that she was with us so long. She was a beautiful and loving girl. 

The next was our Hensley boy. Wow was he special. Our Hensley was also in Kidney Failure, and while we thought we had more time with our boy, we didn't. He passed June 6th, 2023 and is terribly missed. 

We've sure seen some highs and lows these last few months. And it's been hard. But this is the life of rescue, and it is not always easy, but it is rewarding. 

Which leads me to the next post I wanted to share. This is from a kind viewer named Sebastien in Canada. Sebastien works in palliative care and often shows our live stream to patients who enjoy the kitties. Here is what he wrote:

                              "A Feline Haven of Love: A Tale of Connection in Palliative Care

In the midst of life's hardships and challenges, there exists a haven where compassion and warmth flow

ceaselessly. A place where souls find solace and hearts are mended, where the healing power of love

transcends all boundaries. This place is a hospice, where dedicated palliative nurses like myself strive to

bring comfort to those journeying through their final days.

As I walk the halls of our hospice, I am humbled by the resilience of the human spirit, even in its most

fragile state. Many of our patients are non-responsive, lost in a realm between two worlds. Yet, in the

silent echoes of their past, I endeavor to discover the essence of who they were before illness claimed


One day, a beautiful realization dawned upon me. When families would mention that their loved ones

were once ardent cat enthusiasts, I knew just the way to kindle a spark of connection amidst the heavy

clouds of their reality.

Enter Friends of Feline Rescue Center (FFRC), a magical world accessible through the screen, offering a

live-cam into the lives of feline wonders. This cat shelter, known for its loving care of disabled and sick

cats, exudes a profound similarity to the hospice setting. As I watch these precious furballs on the

screen, I can't help but notice the beautiful parallels they share with my dear patients.

Just like the patients in our care, the cats at FFRC are warriors, bravely battling through their own

challenges. Some have experienced a harsh fate, facing life with disabilities, illnesses, or old age. But

within the confines of their sanctuary, they find a home where they are cherished and respected for

their uniqueness.

The feline friends at FFRC and our patients both teach us the incredible power of compassion and the

boundless capacity to love. They show us that life's journey, however difficult, can be filled with hope,

joy, and moments of shared warmth.

When I place the live-cam of FFRC on the television for my patients and their families, I witness magic

unfold. Eyes that once seemed distant light up with a glimmer of recognition. Families smile as they

remember stories of their loved ones; affinity for cats. In those precious moments, we bridge the gap

between past and present, connecting with the essence of their being.

The live-cam becomes a window to a world beyond the confines of the hospice walls, where cats and

humans alike are bound by a thread of understanding and empathy. The healing energy of these feline

companions emanates through the screen, gently touching the hearts of our patients, families, and even

the nurses who walk this journey with them.

In the quiet stillness of our hospice, the tender presence of the FFRC cats brings an ethereal symphony

of love that transcends words. It reminds us that no matter the circumstances, there is always room for

connection, compassion, and the power of shared memories.

As I bear witness to the profound impact of this simple act, I am filled with gratitude for the Friends of

Feline Rescue Center and their furry ambassadors of hope. To the resilient souls in our care and the

brave felines of FFRC, your presence touches our lives in ways that words cannot describe.

In this beautiful tapestry of existence, we find comfort in the knowledge that love, in all its forms,

endures." - Sebastien in Canada, 2023.

Thank you all for the love and support always given to our rescue, our kitties, our staff and volunteers, and myself. I will never be able to say enough how much you all mean to us. In friendship and gratitude ~ Megan and the Cats

P.S. Massive thank you to our financial donors and box senders! We are so grateful to you all! 






























Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

 Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far! We have been a whirlwind of activity, so let's go over what's been keeping us hoppin! 

Wowzers---Improve-a-thon. You guys EXCEEDED everything we had even hoped for! I should have known what happens when the FFRC Nation has a challenge! So far, YOU raised over $94,000!!! Guys, I just do not have words to thank you. Truly, truly from the bottom of ALL of our hearts---THANK YOU. What a comfort this has been! We have ordered a lot of medicines since Improve-a-thon, and some much-needed things around the property. Some of those things have been large fans to keep the outside kitties and goat girls cool, a trailer (which has already been very helpful taking the lawnmower in for repairs and moving things around the farmyard). We're also working on getting quotes for the 'walls' for the shelter house. But for the most part, we've been resting just knowing that we have a 'safety' net, and that feels AMAZING. 

Because this was a long blog, I did not include the super long list of box senders and financial donators, but I wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who help with our day to day needs and helping provide our kitties with the bestest! Many hugs to you all! 

We are also gearing up for some much-needed vacations. Lynnette and Jimmy will be on vacation from 8/4 to 8/13. They are very excited, but I'll miss them! I will also have a small vacation coming up 10/2 to 10/6. 

Some other important dates coming up:

8/5 to 8/12 A wonderful friend is hosting a Pampered Chef party and the proceeds benefit FFRC! Isn't that wonderful! No obligation to purchase at all, but if you are like me and need to get some new cooking gear, now's a good time and FFRC gets a bonus donation! If you'd like to shop, here's the link:


8/7 Wheeler is getting bloodwork done. 

8/10 Humane Ohio

8/16 Flash Sale at 11:00

8/22 Our wonderful volunteers, Dave and Judy will be retiring after 20 plus years! 

8/24 Humane Ohio

As many of you know, it has been a particularly hard couple of weeks around here, and our hearts have been very heavy. It started with our sweet loveable boy, Terry. Terry, our porchie, was hit by a car on July 20th. Even though it didn't look good, Debbie and I rushed around and loaded him up. I ran him up to the emergency vet, 45 mins away. Unfortunately, we were unable to save him. We were devastated.

What was almost immediately following Terry, was one of our little old men, Tasco. I've been watching him for a while and noticed his eyes looking 'not right'. After a few different meds not working, it was time to see Dr. Darcy. We started to feel that this was a tumor growing behind his eyes, and after a few tests, discovered it was. Dr. Darcy helped him over the bridge, and our boy is now resting. 

Then this Sunday, July 30th, we lost one of our residences. Our sweet loving Camvie went to the rainbow bridge in the arms of her beloved Brandon, and while watching the sunset. This was terribly hard. Her inflammatory bowel and upper respiratory infections were no longer responding to meds, and she was in pain. Because her needs always come first, we let her go, even though our hearts are heavy. 

What has helped is the love and unfailing support of you all. I cannot tell you how much this helps us when things can be hard. I absolutely hate when a kitty passes, more than anything. But it does come with this job, and it will happen again. What helps is knowing they were loved, warm and had full tummies. And for that I am grateful. 

We do have some new intakes. The first was Gabriel and his brother Gideon. These boys were found under a deck, with their mommy and siblings passed. Gabriel was the worst of two, being covered in maggots. After cleaning and wound care, we noticed he was not going to make it. Gideon is doing great though and has been thriving. Big thanks to Beth and Debbie for syringing them both. Gideon is a brown tiger, and his date of birth is 6/25/2023.

The next new ones are Abba (M) and his sister Aponi (F) both brown tigers that look like little raccoons. These two were found outside, with an advanced eye infection that has left them both totally blind. They are young and I have to say adapting well! Just yesterday they started to play with toys! They arrived on 7/28/2023 and their date of birth is 6/28/2023. 

We also have Cheeto Puff, this sweet boy is a beautiful orange American Shorthair. He came to us on 7/19/2023 for a euthanasia. Upon seeing him, and talking to his former owner, we realized his reason for euthanasia was his owner being unable to afford a full dental, which he very much needs. So, we decided to try! He's fitting in wonderfully in the main room! 

We have Dobby as well. This inky arrived on 7/11 with a terribly injured tail. He is an unneutered male. We have since had his tail docked and he has the most adorable nub! His DOB is 4/12/23.

Then there is Buckeye. Wow are his colors beautiful!!! He is a brown and tan American Shorthair. He arrived on 7/13 with a large wound on his back, approx., 5in long and 4in wide. It is now approx. 1in by 1in! This unneutered boy has a birthdate of 7/12/22. 

Golly what a LARGE update for you all and I am sure I am missing lots of things! Thank you all for hanging in there with me. You are all just wonderful. Thank you so much for your love and support over these last few weeks. We are beyond grateful!! In friendship and gratitude ~ Megan and the Cats