Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Wow--major catch up is needed! First, our vacation was wonderful! While I always miss the volunteers, cats and the dogs and the cam friends,  it's pure joy to be with my family for such a vacation in a beautiful spot of nature. We all had so much fun together. 

A super big thanks to my volunteers. They are truly the best in the world. Without them, a vacation for me would be impossible. I trust them 100%. They are experienced, full of compassion and know what they are doing. 

Where do we start to catch up?!

Saturday, the 9th, we had three adoptions

Viola was adopted. She has a daddy now. He picked her out a bit ago and sure does love her. Viola has a new brother named Rain.

Danu was adopted. She is the first of the litter of 5 to be adoptedHer new name is Phoebe. She is going into a home where she is the only pet.  That means lots of TLC will be lavished on her!

Elton was adopted. This one I kept hush about, until today. The reason is that he was adopted by the parents of a young man for his birthday. He watches the cam a lot so we didn't want to spoil the surprise. I've already heard back and it's a mutual love between the two!

Since we have been back, we have taken on a few new cats.

First was Cupid. This cat has made quite a stir in our community. The police asked FFRC to take on this cat. I was still 2 1/2 hrs. out returning home from vacation. Connie D went and got this cat. Beth and Donna were here and helped with the intake until I got home. This cat was purposely shot with an arrow. The entry was right below the right eye and exited out the back of left side of neck. Miraculously, the arrow was removed without hemorrhaging or without the leakage of tissue from the brain. Cupid is doing better each day. Been on antibiotics, soreness meds, lots of TLC. Still appears to be somewhat "sleepy acting" even though soreness meds  have been reduced.  Time will tell where Cupid stands medically.

We want the person who did this awful deed. The Reward is now at $2,800 for firm information as to who is responsible.  Cupid was found at Spring Meadows Mobile Home Park here in Defiance, on Greenbriar Lane. This cat could not have traveled too far from that area with a 28" arrow in the head. Please call Jacci at 419-769-1010 or email at ffrcmoss@gmail.com

Ian arrived on 10/6. He's a grey tiger/ white boy that is 14 weeks old, birthday is 7/1/21. He had his tail degloved clear up to the base of the tail. Plus, he had a large laceration on his hip.  We feel that this all was caused by his tail being ran over by a tire. Ian had his repair surgery on 10/7, the day after arrival. Dr. Darcy and Dr. P did a superb job of fixing this boy up. He's up, playing, running and will be in the main area soon.

Killian arrived 10/8. She was found at a medical building here in Defiance. She is black and white with a cute black dot on the chin and the nose. She is only 6 1/2 weeks old. Her birthday is 8/24/21. She arrived with a major flea and earmite infestations. Fleas are gone and we're still working on the earmites. Those are tough bugs! 

Courage arrived today, 10/11. She is a beautiful long hair gold and white kitten. She is 13 weeks old with a birthday of 7/12/21. She was in a position where she could no longer stay where she was at and needed help. Such a beauty. I have a feeling she will find Killian and Ian as her friends. 

We had a Flash Sale on Tuesday, 10/5. This brought in $1120. Super big thanks as we have many medical/monthly bills to get paid. These Flash Sales take a huge group effort to be successful--you all are wonderful!

We had a HumaneOhio spay/neuter day on 10/7. At that time, our numbers had been cut back due to HO being short on veterinarians. But..........good news!  They have raised us back up to 45! We are so happy about this.  On this past Thursday, we sent up 34 which was 20 females and 14 males. A great day.

We have had some major rains in the last few weeks.........but, let it rain!  We remain dry and snug from our new roof! 

A few updates:

Rascasse is about 95% feeling better. The second week that I was gone, he became very ill. I called Dr. Darcy and she wanted him up to the office the next day. Connie took the little guy. It turns out he had probably developed a secondary infection in his lungs. This was probably from the original site of infection from the outside of his ear and side of his face--a very nasty infection. A third antibiotic was added and soon he was feeling better. He will end up with a crumpled ear but it just adds to his cuteness!  What a sweetheart of a kitten. He has us all wrapped around his little tail!

 Tycho is also doing great now. No more bowed legs. He runs straight and true and strong. Tycho has lots of energy and is full of love for everyone. 

We have moved Veronica's kittens and mama to Paddy's Place. They are doing great. Growing and so playful.  Yesterday they had about an hour of having their slider door opened to go in the Main Area to play. 

Popcorn--you may already know that she came up with a sore on her front shoulder. Looks like, in playing, she might've been nipped. Those kittens play like little lions! It's healing and is now done with her antibiotics for this. Nothing keeps her down--a ball of fun and energy!

Shamballie was showing some urinary concerns. So, he too went for a day at the vet's office.  His lab work came back pretty good. His urine culture was negative so this leads us to feel his urinary concerns are stress induced interstitial cystitis.  He and I had a talk---I asked him about his stress level.  He said no real stress, but always thinking about his next meal gets him anxious at times. Yep, that sounds like our Shamballie! 

And then........Bushie.  Saturday night, she took a tumble off the top level of a Kuranda Tower in the Kabana Room. The mods were right on it and called me. It was obvious that something serious happened to her femur--a probable fracture. She was put on "bed/pen rest" and given pain meds. A call to Dr. Darcy on Sunday resulted in her going to the vets office today.  The xray verified that she had a midshaft fracture of the femur. A pin was needed to put the bones in alignment. Beth took her to the clinic and then brought her home. She is now resting in the top condo in the back Thumper's Pen. She is on antibiotics and soreness meds. She looks pretty content and I'm sure it won't take her long to recoup. She's an awesome cat and will be back up for adoption after a complete healing. 

We are now involved with our October Fun-Raiser. It ends at 9:00 am on Weds.  We will have BOXES at 1:00, followed by the drawing, followed by the consolation prizes.  I was hoping to have this Fun-Raiser to help us with our monthly regular bills but we now have major vet bills that we need to get paid. Check out the 8 items in the sale on our facebook pages! Thanks! 

Yesterday was a spa day for all the cats in the Main Area. They had their nails trimmed, weights taken and ears cleaned!  All in all, everything went fine and the cats and kittens look good.  Next, we start on the Porchies! 

Tomorrow, at the fun-raiser we will open boxes.  Because of how hectic things have been, we have opened boxes in PawMart. I send out a personal gratitude note to each person, by email. But.....sometimes the boxes or packages are not identified--are anonymous. To those folks........please know how so very grateful we are for ALL things sent to FFRC.  Boxes make a huge difference to us.  

Thank you to everyone. This FFRC would not be possible without the total involvement of everyone---from the volunteers, to the donators, the supporters, the lurkers, chatters, mods, admins, vets, our community, adopters, to everyone who gives good thoughts and prayers for FFRC--there truly are so many levels of our friends.  It truly does take a huge village to keep this rescue center going.  And for that, we here at FFRC, are so grateful.

Have a wonderful day!  

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Kitty updates: 

Rascasse is healing nicely on his ear.  We are still flushing it daily but that will probably stop soon.  He is still on antibiotics. The large wound is starting to granulate though. And he is so sweet about his treatments.

Tycho--his back legs are just fine. His front legs too, although we did put the splints on Weds. morning and afternoon.  This will probably be the last time.  His front legs seem strong and sturdy. And straight!

Morrigan's temp is normal now and she is eating better but her respirations are still not right.  She is spending the day at the vet's office, having x-rays and lab work done to try and determine the problem. 

Mama Veronica---what a really nice adult cat she is.  We will get her on the next surgery list.  Kittens are now 4 weeks old. They are playing with each other and toddling about. Sometimes they get on their backs and have a hard time righting themselves again. So cute, so sweet. They are just beginning to sample mama's food.  And we hip hip hooray when they go potty in the little litterboxes!  Yesterday they had their Bordetella vaccine. Two are on hold now--Frumpkin and Cheshire.

We've had several more adoptions!

Shelly and Nina were adopted together 9/10. They are the only pets in the house and so will get all the attention they can handle! They also are clients of our vet, Dr. Darcy and Dr. P!  Shelly is the kitten that was up in the tree and needed rescued. Nina was found at a car shop where she went without food for 4 days. Both are such nice kitties!

Patcho and Jim were adopted together on 9/12. They too are the only pets in the home and has a very devoted new dad! Patcho was rescued from an outdoor area where he was dumped in an abandoned van. Jim was found by himself and needed  to find an inside home. His new name is Iroh. Patcho will stay the same. 

Jansen and Sunday Rose were adopted today, 9/16. These two kitties will bring much joy to a lady's life!  There are two other cats, grown, in the home. Sunday Rose had been found crying in a heavy downpour. Jansen was found by himself at a scout camp, hungry. 

We had a Flash Sale on Tuesday. The money from this will go towards our medical needs.  We have used quite a bit of our medical supplies recently and have had to restock our shelves. The Flash Sale brought in $487!!!  We are very thankful!


As you may know, Steve and I and our family will be going on vacation together soon.  Steve and I leave on Saturday.  We will enjoy our time at OBX/Outerbanks.  I already know that I will miss the kitties and cats terribly. And our 2 dogs and the volunteers.  And the farmyard. And all the hoopla that goes on here. But, sometimes, we all need to take a break. Vacations offer new perspectives, help to catch up on sleep and are good for the body and mind--all of which I need. 

The ocean waves have been proven to relax the mind.  I love doing things with our family but simply sitting on the beach, watching the waves or just reading is totally relaxing! This is also where I sort things out in my mind.  I have also lost 5 personal pets in the last 6 months and feel the need to let myself grieve for them. It's hard to do that here where we are so busy. 

During these 2 weeks, the Rescue Center will be closed to the public. The reason is that Covid is still quite a worry and we have many volunteers to protect. By closing, it is one less thing for me to worry about while I am gone.....and a great way to keep the volunteers healthy. 

Many thanks to the volunteers, the mods, the admins for being here for FFRC, making it possible for Steve and me to leave on vacation!  

Ocean........here we come! 🌊🌞🐬🐎🏖 


The last 2 days we have been able to trim more of the Porchie's toenails.  Have two more to do but we're getting them done! 

Treatments are caught up for right now inside and outside.  

The roof is officially 100% done! And it looks nice (and safe). Let the rain come!  The kitties and cats have put away their umbrellas! 

Bolly had her spay on Tuesday. She is doing great. Still on soreness meds for a few days.  No more puppies for this great dog! And she is happy about that!

No worries if you don't see Kiara and Camvi very much. They both so love being out in the dog's run--Bella's Place. They both meow and meow when they want out. Kiara was out there at 6:00 this morning! They both will always be back inside during the night time. 

Tycho is afraid of no one!  He is so very sweet but as little as he is, stands up for himself.  A 12lb cat meowed at him, wanting Tycho's toy and Tycho popped the big guy in the nose.  Needless to say, Tycho kept his toy! 

You all take good care, stay healthy. Be happy. Derecho has come to me twice now, wanting to tell you all something. So......here it is....."It's ok to make mistakes, to not be perfect, to be yourself and to do what's best for you".   Thank you, Derecho. 

Friday, September 10, 2021

 Cats are happy.  Kitties are healthy and ornery. The weather has been a bit cooler. All good things for this week.

We've had an adoption!  Jasper was adopted on 9/3. He's our little button lip kitten that Dr. Darcy did the repair on. He went to a friend of FFRC's. I've already heard back. Sounds like things are going good and the cats are all getting along!

We have also taken on 2 more kittens--

Tycho--pronounced tie-ko, which means success. Tycho arrived on 9/2 with a birthday of 7/15/21. He's a beige kitten, weighing 1.01 but is 7 weeks old. Obviously, his weight is low for his age. He also arrived with a heavy flea infestation and had tapeworms. Both parasites were treated and are gone. Still working on his anemia but is improving.  He also arrived with a neuro problem with all 4 legs.  His back legs wanted to splay out and not hold his weight. But his front legs were much curved in and kept folding over.  We splinted the front legs. First day was for 18 hours. Second and third day, for about 12 hours. For the fourth day, we took them off after having them on again all night. And he hasn't had them back on since.  Legs are so much stronger, he's bearing full weight and is running on sturdy legs! He's a sweetie for sure!

Rascasse--Arrived 9/5/21 from a sad situation. He weighed 1.01, 6 weeks old, very thin. His birthday is 7/25/21. His weight too is low but his appetite is good. He had a flea infestation that was very heavy. Rascasse also has a very large wound that encompasses his whole right ear and check and some of his neck.  He has had many flushings of this wound, scrubbings and debriding the bad edges. He is on antibiotics and soreness meds.  Each day, the wound looks a tiny bit healthier. He is another sweetie and loves attention. He's a good eater and will catch up on his weight, just like Tycho will.

We had HumaneOhio yesterday. We sent up 41 cats and kittens, all community cats except for 3 of FFRC's. We sent up 1 female and 2 males--Jim, Nina and Beans. All 3 did very well.  Of the 41 cats, there were 22 females and 19 males.  A good day.

On Thursday 9/2, we had a Flash Sale! Many to those that donated the items, to those that purchased the items and to the mods that  helped with promoting it and to the Flash Mods who help keep the sale organized.  This Flash Sale brought in $807! A super sale!

We had a Fun-Raiser on 9/8, Weds.  Wow--what an absolutely awesome time that was! First, the winners:

Item A--$250, won by Susan Br

Item B--$95, won by Martha L
Item C--$95, won by Connie Sp
Item D--$775, won by Sara Ro
Item E--$140, won by Jessica Me
Item F--$115, won by LadySonja
Item G--$310, won by PeppiCallie
Item H--$190, won by MLS

This came to $1,970.  The Bump Ups came pouring in!  I was blown away! It was so amazable. The total Bump Ups were $2,730.
This made our Grand Total at $4,700-ish!

The monies from this last Flash Sale and Fun-Raiser was done to help us raise funds for the Roof Repair. The roof work started on Tuesday. Hopefully will be done today, Friday. The majority of the roof had to have all new sheeting put in, followed by the roof paper, then the shingles.  New edges also are being done. To help with the moisture problem, a big fan has been put into the roof to keep the air moving in the attic.  This has been a huge undertaking and at a cost of almost $12,000.  We met that goal during the Fun-Raiser!!!!  And even went OVER the goal. That extra money will be applied to our growing medical supply bill. 

The reason for the growing medical supply bill is due to all the treatments we are doing to the injured kittens that have arrived, distemper vaccines, disinfectants, etc.  

You folks have pulled us through another financial worry.  My whole self says what an amazing act of kindness this is. I feel so much gratitude for all of your financial help, your good thoughts and prayers. This support is what gets us through the rough times. I sincerely do not believe we would be in existence without what you all have done for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love this rescue center and always will do my best for the kittens and cats.

Mama Veronica and 7 babies are doing good. They have nice round FFRC tummies. Eyes are bright and alert and legs are becoming stronger. The toddler stage has begun! This next week will bring the babies out and about with bumblings! But they will get stronger and soon be all over the back Thumper's Room! 

Morrigan has been struggling a bit.  Running a temp off and on and just feeling off.  Dr. Darcy is aware of this and is advising what we should do.  She did eat this morning! 

Yesterday was a spa day for the Covies--nail trims, weights and brushing.  Such a great group of cats.

Steve and I and our family have a vacation soon. We will once again be going to the Outer Banks in NC. It's a heavenly place and we all love it and enjoy it.  This year, we have another jump from an airplane, paddle boarding in the bay, airboat tour, family picture on the beach and lots and lots of lazy time! We all thoroughly enjoy being together as a family. We will be leaving on the 18th and coming home very late on the 2nd. There's many volunteers helping with the FFRC,  all of my pets and the farmyard. All will be fine.

Take care, enjoy this beautiful weekend. 

September 1, 2021

 It's been a week.  A hard week. Emotions have run high in both directions. 

I had posted about Zelda, CDot and Janie on FB but had not put it in a blog form. I was asked to put it on the blog where some folks read it here, rather than on fb.  So...........with a very broken heart.......here it is again.  If you've already read this, skip down to the line below for new info on what is going on. 

I have such terribly sad news to pass on. I have lost 3 pets who have been near to my heart.
Janie has passed away after showing more signs of her heart condition progressing. She hasn't been eating too much this past week. And upon exercise, her tongue has been turning blue. We've known for some time that her heart murmur is extremely bad. Dr. Darcy told me that sometime we will just see that she has faded off in her sleep. I had her on my desk (she likes to nap here when I'm working, on Saturday). All of a sudden, she took a couple extra deep breaths and passed. Janie came to me in March 2009--she needed to be rescued and our local shelter asked if we could help her. Janie has been known far and wide as a cat-dog as she has lived in this rescue center for years. She has always been kind, sweet and loving to the cats and kitties. Her best cat friend is Camvie. We have all shared in taking care of her. Never will there be another dog like Janie. She was so so loved.
CDot ............ this one is extra hard. I took my boy home with me several days ago. He is such a needy boy and I had decided to try him at my house. He did just fine and enjoyed playing with my cats. A horrible, totally tragic accident happened. He and Bonnie were zipping around the house. CDot jumped up on a dresser, slid off and landed on his chin/face. He was instantly gone. My heart is totally crushed, as he was my special boy. I don't think there will be a cat in the world that loved me for myself like he did. I just don't know how to deal with this one.
And then my very precious Zelda. We've all known her cancer has been progressing, yet she has been eating. Dr. Darcy and I feel her primary cancer was in her intestinal tract which caused awful results for her, let alone the discomfort of her arm where her cancer has so grown. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about Zelda again this week. She reminded me it's her quality of life, not the quantity. Why oh why is it easier for me to comfort others, to help them understand the death of a pet. My desk.....again....Zelda was with me. She fell off from the desk while trying to get down. In her two places, the counter where she had her box of snackers to nap in and her drawer to lay in, we have furniture so she can easily get down. This time, she tripped on the bad leg and fell on it. This was severely painful to her. She has already been on max doses of pain meds. That was it........it was time to let my girl go, with a very broken up heart. Zelda has been mine, in heart and soul for years. I chose her and she chose me. We had a special connection that I don't think I'll ever have again.
This has been truly so very hard to write, but it's my "duty" to tell you, as these three pets were also loved by so many. It's just, all 3 so close is unbearable for me. I have been asked how I deal with deaths before. I pray alot, I spend time alone sometimes, I treasure the memories. But......this time is very hard. Forgive me if I'm not out and about for right now. If I didn't have this rescue center to keep me going and to keep my mind busy, I don't think I could bear it. Let's just all be kind to each other, extra kind, in memory of these most 3 treasured pets. These were the bestest pets in the world and I will miss them forever.

The blog will simply be to get caught up on things. Because of the difficult week, I believe some of this is "new" news that I haven't mentioned even on cam.

We've had 3 more adoptions.
June Bug was adopted 8/28---he went to a dear friend and past volunteer of FFRC--Isaac. This is Isaac's first cat of his own and he will be wonderful at this cat-care thing. June Bug was pretty happy about this situation.

Fendi and Frontigny were adopted 8/28. They went together, just like how they came here to FFRC. They were the cemetery kittens--so sick and emaciated. Their hearts always had love in them. The home they went to has a family that was so happy to get these two boys. I've already heard back from the family--the boys are settled in and love their sliding glass doors, the big couch and the beds.

We also took in 2 new kittens. They came in separately but both from a vehicle situation.

Beans--black/white, male. He is 9 weeks old with a birthday of 6/25/21. He was found by his crying as he was up in a truck engine. He has a cute black dot on his nose.

Nina--calico/tiger, female. She is 8 weeks old with a birthday of 7/2/21. She was found at a car shop and had been with no food for 4 days. A real sweetie. She was thin and had fleas (gone now!) but came in purring.
These two names came from the Name a Cat list. They both arrived 8/27/21. They've been hanging out in the front Thumper's Room. Today though, the door was opened into the Welcome Room and the Main Area. We'll see what they think of all the action.

Thursday is our next Flash Sale at 3:30. Lots of items never seen before in our flash sales. Come join us. This money will again be put towards our Raise the Roof fund.

Morrigan is doing terrific, from her leg amputation. She was zipping around the next day.

Mama Veronica and her 7 babies are doing good. We went through 3 days where mama decided the softest place for her babies were in the litterboxes (all clean, of course). Finally, I believe we have her convinced that the big bed with the thick quilt is much softer. Babies have their eyes open and starting to look about. All have the FFRC bellies.

Today was spa day for the inside cats. We trimmed nails, cleaned ears, checked some teeth . Everyone looks good. We also weighed the babies of Veronica--all are of good weight. Next week will be spa day for the outside cats--Firecats, Porchies, Covies.

I'd like to say a heartfelt thanks for the compassion shown to myself and FFRC while we are dealing with the loss of our 3 pets--Zelda, CDot and Janie. It's been very difficult dealing with the loss of these beloved pets. I tend to keep extra busy and then keep even busier yet. It's been hard to deal with each of these losses but the support from you all has been uplifting and I'm forever grateful to you. I realize that these losses are felt by all of our FFRCNation. Please take care and we will eventually feel a bit better. Hugs.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

 The 5 kitten litter--Eggs, Fuzzy, Wuzzy, Danu and Patty Ann are all doing great. They are super active, eating great and having a great time here in the Main Area. They also now get to stay out for the entire day and night--no more putting them in Paddys Place for naps. 

We have taken on a few more kittens and cats.

Popcorn--all white, two very blue eyes, DSH.  She arrived at 4 weeks of age, only weighing 12.5 ounces.  She and her sibling, Nox (a siamese) were found by ODOT, alongside a road while they were working. Unfortunately yesterday, Nox started showing neurological problems and quickly went downhill all afternoon. He passed away early evening, while being held. Popcorn is doing good and is not showing any problems. She is energetic and wants to play all the time or be held. 

Veronica--a beautiful calico who is a mama. She arrived on 8/19 from a sad humane case. Her kittens were born 8/18 and all are doing great. Everyone is clean and flea free. Veronica is 2 years old with a birthday of 8/10/19. They are in the back Thumper's Room. Today, the blue pool goes on the floor for Veronica and babies to have.  Here's the 7 kittens (names coming soon)--  all have white feet!

Orange DSH, male

Dark orange, ASH, male

Brown tiger, DSH, male

Brown tiger/torti, female, gold dot on forehead

Bl tiger, ASH, female

Brown tiger/torti, female, gold dot on forehead

Calico, female

We had a Flash Help on Thursday that brought in $540.  This again will go towards our roof repair.  I am so thankful for those that donated the items, those that received them (and those that didn't make it!!) and to Marcia too for helping me. And to the mods who are a big part of making these successful. 

This past Thursday was a HumaneOhio day. We love these spay/neuter days.  We sent up 37 cats--21 females and 16 males. Everything went smooth and all cats did well with their surgeries.  

Thank you for understanding about our need to cancel the Fall Festival. It truly was the right decision to make.  Covid and that upper respiratory virus has been hitting very near to us and puts up red flags for us.  We are making sure people are washing their hands and we don't  overload how many people are in the rescue center. We have also ordered a Thermometer with bluetooth and a tripod holder, non-contact digital forehead fever detector.  All people (including FFRC volunteers) coming in will have to have their temp taken upon arrival. If the temp is elevated, an alarm will sound.

We are on the work schedule for the new roof. We don't have a date yet. Keep your fingers crossed no heavy rain to cause further damage! 

Coralie is doing pretty good. Definitely can tell when it's time for her pokie shot.  She is simply such an amazing cat.

Morrigan is at the vet's office today with Dr. Darcy. She will have her leg amputation (finally!) and her spay done.  Thanks to Tracie for taking her. Auntie Gem will pick her up. And we even had a back up driver....Debbie. 

It's been extremely hot and muggy for so much of our states.  Please make a conscious effort to give the pets outside fresh cool water and shade. It's nice too to put an extra dish out for the birds.  

We've had two adoptions:

Nala was adopted on 8/21. Such a pretty calico. She had been spoken for as a wee kitten and now has a fantastic happy home!

Arland was also adopted on 8/21. He has already fit right in and has a new best friend to play with! They love to wrestle. Their friendship took less than 48 hours to happen! His new name is Arly.

I've recently seen pictures of Herschel and Harlow (Vlinder). They are now 5 months old and look so happy and healthy. They love to play and sleep together. 

I've also seen a picture of Churchill. He looks awesome and is close to 5 lbs now. His family thinks that he is sweet and handsome (which he is!). 

Please, if you call FFRC, be patient!  We are short staffed. Today we are 4 people short. 

You all take good care, stay cool and give your pets an extra hug, just for fun! As Derecho says:  YOU make  the world a better place just by being in it!  


Tuesday, August 17, 2021 & UPDATE ON SEPTEMBER FESTIVAL

 The special Redbud tree that fell after one of our storms last week, now "lives" in the rescue center! It fits, after much work by Corey.  The tree is secured with wires into the ceiling and also is bolted into the cement floor.  It now displays a few shelves too so the cats can sit in the tree!

The kittens that have been in the back Thumper's Room had their door opened yesterday so they could freely come up front if they wanted to. Over the course of a few hours, they all came up with a few still going back to the back Thumper's Room. This morning, they were all still up in the Main Area, so the door to the back was shut. They're all one big happy family group now! The 5 smallest ones seem to be adjusting very well too. 

We did have a sad event over the weekend. Our little Lugh passed away. He's the little 3 legged black kitten  He was always a bit quiet, low energy level, not super interested in food. He had come from Dr. P's office where they had him for a while before he came here.  I found him limp in the morning and he passed about 15 minutes later. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about this but we're unsure what happened.  Even though he was here such a short time, he mattered to us.

Trish was adopted on 8/15. She is the calico with the tail that was amputated.  The folks that brought her in worked on catching her for quite some time because of her shyness.  Trish was fortunate to be here at the time when a wonderful lady we know was laid off of work. She likes challenges and decided she would love to have Trish to give her a good home and to help her feel secure. Such a pretty girl, now with a safe happy home. 

Thursday is our HumaneOhio day. We are hoping to send up 5 FFRC cats. HumaneOhio has been struggling as they are down to 2 vets, from having 4 vets. It's very difficult to find vets to hire. So, our numbers have been cut back so they get the spays/neuters done in a decent amount of time each day. 

We have Morrigan scheduled for her front leg amputation for a week from today. She too is up front in the Main Area now and runs like the wind with the leg dragging. Just think how fast she will be able to go without that draggy limb.  Fortunately, when that nerve was severed, it caused her to not have any feeling or pain in that leg. So she still thinks she is fine, just has to have more effort to carry that limb around. What a super determined girl! 

Yesterday we had our Advisory Meeting. These are always helpful to me, to go over many aspects of FFRC happenings. 


As many of you know, we have our Felines, Friends, Fun Festival  scheduled for September 11 and 12.  I have been having concerns about this event due to the rising COVID numbers in Defiance County and have been truly torn about what to do. 

So, yesterday I called our local Health Department and talked to them at length so they could advise me and guide me in the decision of whether we should hold it or not. 

Here is some of the discussion--Defiance county's community transmission is climbing. By bringing in friends from "outside" also brings in more possible transmissions.  The only safe way to do tours inside the Rescue Center would be to keep numbers down to 5-7 at a time (including volunteers that would be caring for the cats) and schedule groups going in to visit the cats. That would end up being very difficult. Being outside to visit would be good but because of the number of folks possibly coming, it would be difficult to spread out far enough as the Shelter House isn't gigantic. Serving meals would be difficult to seat that many people safely apart. And what if it rained? 

I asked for guidance in my decision and the advice given was to postpone. I feel that this is the right decision to make. In the best interest of our volunteers and visitors and wanting to be responsible in our actions here, it was decided to cancel/postpone this event. Several of our volunteers have also expressed a concern of having so many people visit all at one time.  I understand that. 

While we have so enjoyed being open again to the public, we still take precautions---it's all in the name of keeping people safe and healthy. We don't overload the amount of people in the rescue center, we wash hands and ask those not vaccinated to wear masks. 

This has been an extremely difficult decision to make. I was so excited to see folks that we haven't seen for a long time and to meet new friends. But, I sincerely feel that we need to be responsible in our actions. I would be devastated if, after the festival and after having been advised to postpone, some of our volunteers or visitors became sick with COVID, knowing we probably transmitted it here.     

I am deeply sorry for the trouble this may cause, especially for those that need to cancel hotel and transportation plans. We started this event in high hopes to have it but now realize that we simply can not do it. I am very sorry.       

Thursday, August 12, 2021

A super busy week.  No wonder time goes so fast!

Yesterday we had an adoption! Sweet Teanna went to be in her new home. Her housecat friend is Ms. M, who is now called Gabby.  Two wonderful adult cats. I am always extra thrilled when an adult gets adopted!  

Our newbies are settling in nicely.  Trish and Tracey Lynn are now in the Main Area. Tracey Lynn is comfortable. Trish is shy but loves to nap in the plush beds.  Lugh's surgical site from his amputation is healing nicely. So friendly. Jansen too is settled in. Such a sweetie boy. Lugh and Jansen are still in the back Thumper's Room. Won't be long until we move these kittens up to the Main Area.  

Frontigny's surgical area is looking better--not as swollen. Antibiotics are continued. Jasper's button is now removed and his lip looks awesome. Lugh's suture site looks very good. 

We also took in a new kitten. His name is Patchoo, a Name a Cat name. He is a grey/silver kitten, 11 weeks old. His birthday is 5/26/21 and he arrived yesterday on 8/11/21. He is personality plus but sadly, arrived with a heavy infestation of fleas. Those, of course, are now gone. He's super happy and has turned his condo upside down in messiness (3 times!) because he wanted OUT.  So, we hurried his initial vaccines a bit so he could be on the floor. This has made him happy since he can run and jump and play now. His favorite thing is to be held or petted! 

Yesterday was a Flash Sale! This sale brought in $835. I thank each person for purchasing the items, to those who donated the items and to the mods who helped run the sale. 

We had a discussion yesterday on cam. I know in my heart that 99% of our web cam friends are awesome and friendly and are here for the cats.  We get our share of trolls, which happens anytime you're on the internet. But, our awesome mods zap them away. However, 3 things were re-established.  I feel it's important to mention these 3 things.

1--There is to be no criticizing ANY of the cats here at FFRC.  This is their home, whether it's permanently or temporarily. There is never a reason to be critical. If a person criticizes a cat, you will have that comment deleted.  If it happens again, you will be banned. 

2--There is to be no bossing any of the volunteers from the chat.  Recently, people are getting a bit pushy and downright bossy,  trying to tell the volunteers what to do, even snapping of fingers (emoji). These volunteers have been here for years and they know what they are doing. Be assured, the volunteers and I are on top of things with the cats. Do you realize, without the volunteers, there would be no rescue center? If you are being offensive, your comment will be deleted.  If it happens again, you will be banned.

3--There is to be no disrespectful comments to the mods on chat.  Do you realize, without the mods, there would be no chat at all?  These wonderful people give their love, their patience, their time to help FFRC. Be thankful, not critical. If you criticize our mods, your comment will be deleted. If it happens again, you will be banned. 

This Rescue Center is a place of joy. Please....only bring peace, friendship and a good heart into our Rescue Center.  These words are important to all of us here at FFRC. We believe in kindness, we believe in friendship, we believe in being positive.  I don't mean this to sound rude, but if you cannot go by these three above mentioned items and be a positive influence to FFRC, there are other rescues to watch. 

Our cams/chat is extremely important to FFRC. It truly is what has kept us going for many years. We've made wonderful friendships, we have received tremendous support both financially and emotionally from our cam friends. But.... the chat HAS to be positive and friendly and courteous.  Or, it won't work. So, please, think about what you put in the chat.........if it's not positive, if it's offensive....don't type it. Or be prepared to be banned.  Read what you type first and think about it. 

I sincerely feel 99% of our viewers are absolutely wonderful.  And for that, we who are involved with FFRC will stand up for what we believe in. I would like to thank those chatters for your support. Many of you have been with us for years. And many of us have made wonderful friends here! You are the folks that know that THE CATS COME FIRST! 

We had a special Redbud tree fall over in the winds of our recent storms. This was a tree given to Steve and me by our dear neighbor who has long ago passed.  We are trying something........we've measured, we've thought about it and we're going to try and bring the trunk and branches into the rescue center for the cats to climb.  Not sure if it'll work, but we're going to give it a try!