Saturday, Oct 22nd, 2022

 Hi friends! What a busy few weeks it's been, so let's all chat while the leaves are falling and the cold is rolling in.

We did have two adoptions in the last couple of weeks. Banks, our sweet little chocolate baby went home to his new family and all reports are that he is doing absolutely amazing. I've seen pictures already and he's gotten so big! They have a fish tank he's enjoying watching and has claimed the owners little boy as 'his person' and sleeps with him! I so love when we have happy endings!

Rory also went to his new home and is doing fantastic. He spend is first day exploring and playing like crazy, and the whole next day sleeping. We'll get to see him often as his mama is very regular with nail trims. Yay!!!

We did have a terrible loss too. Such is the life of rescue. Our Coralie has passed to the Rainbow bridge. She had a tumor that was discovered almost two years ago - what a blessing we've had so much more time with her than we originally thought. I'm so very sad for this loss. Hugs to you all, we'll sure miss our special girl. We also lost our sweet porchie boy Azar. He was the friend to all the neighbors and was very spoiled. He was found to have a urinary blockage and once he was rushed to Dr. Darcy, they noticed a tumor in his bladder. After discussion, his best option was passing over the Rainbow Bridge. He really was a special boy.

We did have some new intakes that help our 'patch worked heart'. The first is an adorable boy named Wally. A striking silver grey boy with very mild CH. He arrived from a wonderful family who works on spaying and neutering their feral population a couple hours away. While doing this, they came across Wally. He was so very sweet, so very lovey, they knew he would be a perfect addition to someone. And he even uses the litter box like a very big boy. He'll be out front soon as he's doing great with 'The Car Kitties'.

Which brings me to The Car Kitties! The Car Kitties we brought to us in partnership with the local Humane Society. A local woman found herself in a dire situation leaving her living out of her car with lots of pets. The Humane Society was able to take some while we took the 5 others.

There are two sibling sets. The first set is Barnabas (solid gray with a white snipet nose), Jacko and Lantern. Their ages are 5/5/2022 and they are all males. The second set of siblings are October (gray tiger, male) and Wixx (gray tiger twin, female) and their birthdays are 6/5/2022.

We also have 3 kittens approx. 4 weeks old. They are not tested yet, but very soon, they just need to get a little bit bigger. I'll let you know more when they get 'fully announced'! 

We also have had loads of goodies and delights come our way for the kitties! They love everything you all send, thank you so much for spoiling them so very much. Big big thanks to:

Butterfly Wings -- 2 Containers of Temptations, Box of Lil'Soup, Box of Pipe Cleaners

Outside Girl --Box of Delectable Stews, 3 Boxes of Lil' Soups, 60 Cans of FF Creamy Delight

Av Larentia -- Box of Reveal Variety, Halloween Blanket, Case of Baby Food, Electric Warming Mat, Case of Kitten Food, Case of Friskies

Joyce T -- Box of Safety Knives 

Aunt Sissy -- Packs of Socks for Debbie, 2 Cases of FF Poultry 

Janice & Erin -- 4 packs of 6" plates

Tweety Tweet -- Shop Vac Air Filter, 4 Gallons of Odo Ban, Box of KMR

Denise & Elizabeth -- 2 Boxes of FF Broths, 4 Boxes of FF Appetizers, Set of hand Towels, 4 Packs of Plates, laser light, Lots of Perfectly Chicken 

Jill S -- Lg Bag of Purina One, Case of Lil' Soups, 5 pack of scratchers 

Mary and Randi -- Large Bag of Meow Mix, 2 Cases of FF Poultry/Beef, Pack of Kitten 

Random Cat Supporter -- 2000 6" plates

Cindy W -- Furry Blanket, TV Scratcher house, Lg bag of Royal Canin, 4 BIG Orange Bowls

Debi K, Ziba,Rosi -- Case of FF Seafood, Case of FF Poultry 

Courtney M -- Case of Appetizers

Lisa T -- - 5 Packs of Appetizers

DayDreamz -- 3 Containers of Temptations 

Mr. Meow from Coralie -- Lg Assortment of Toys, Lg Assortment of Fall Towel Sets, Wash Cloths, Potholders, Halloween Tunnel, Halloween Pop up Tent, Case of Assorted Cat Food(cans), 2 Containers of Temptations, 12 bags of Meow Mix treats, Halloween Cat Scratching Cat House, Xmas Towels, blankets, 

Karen R -- Framed kitty Paintings 

Anonymous - Container of Temptations

Mary SoCal -- 2 Jumbo Bags of Temptations, Bag of Mother and Baby Cat food

Billie K -- 8 Boxes of FF Appetizers, 

Polly & Peanut -- Bottle of Odo Ban

Anonymous -- 4 Containers of Temptations 

Anonymous -- Bottle of Natures Miracal, Case of Friskies Breakfast Snacks

Anonymous -- 3 Boxes of Sheba of Perfect Portions 

Pat D --Case of FF Gourmet Naturals, 3 Boxes of Appetizers, Case of FF Poultry/Beef, Case of FF Kitten

Courtney M -- Case of FF Delights, Case of FF Kitten 

Tim & Julie -- Cat Carrier, Day of the Dead Cat Figurine 

Becky M -- Case of FF Seafood, Bag of FF Dry food

Michelle H -- Lg Boo Blanket, several Salem Ma, T Shirts, Lg Halloween Blanket, Bag of Assorted Cat Toys, Halloween Shelf Decorations, books, 2 table runners, figurine, assorted towel sets, drying mats, cat mummy figurine, 2 Puzzles, Candle, Coffee 
Cindy W -- Reusable rubber plates 

Anna K -- Container of Cat Nip,2 Bags of Toys

Ethel Wings -- Container of Temptations

Suzie S -- Box of Night Lights

McKane -- 2 containers of KMR

Aunt Sissy -- 3 Containers of Temptations, HISS T-Shirt for Megan, Cat Turntable, Box of Delectable Stews, Case of Tastefuls, 

Av Larentia -- 2 boxes of Reveal, Case of Baby Food

Kathy in WV -- Yeowl Catnip Pumpkin, Bag of Chocolates

Todd & Octobra -- Bag of Spring Toys, 3 Cases of baby Food, 

Rose W -- Pack of Bonito Flakes

Outside Girl - Case of Wipes, Lg Box of assorted Chips, 6 Cases of Baby Food

Cindy W -- 16 Warming Blankets, Feather Toy, 2 boxes of Gain, 2 boxes of Kitten food, case of Canned food

Sue Pok -- Scratcher Lap Top, Case of Baby Food, 2 Cases of Friskies Shreds, Bag of Grilled chicken Filet

Mr. Meow/Coralie -- Blankets, Baskets, Warm Heart Sign, Toys, Food Bowl Mats, Collars Lots of Assorted Towels, lots of Sardines, 20 ish Kitty Stockings, Wash Cloths, Oven Mitts, Throw Blankets, Wicker Cat Bed  

Mrs. Charles -- Container of Temptations, super large bag of Bonita Flakes, Blanket,

Mary SoCal -- 2 Cases of Baby Food, 4 Boxes of FF Broths

Michelle H -- Box of Rice Krispy Squares, 2 Bags of Candy, Halloween Toys, Temptations, 4 Halloween Blankets, Pumpkin Crinkle Sack 

Fernanda -- Cards for Lynnette

Anonymous --  Bag of RC Dry Food 

Sew Fun Cat Mom -- Handmade  Fleece Sleeping Bags, Catnip Toys, Flannel Mats

Janet K -- 3 bags of Bonito Flakes, 4 containers of Temptations, 2 Containers of Friskies Party Mix

           Dennis G -- Cat little and cat food 

Anonymous -- 2 Cat Fancy toys, Fish Flop Toys

Anonymous -- Pack of Toy Mice

Janice & Erin --Cat Bed 

Av Larentia -- Self Heating Cat Bed, 2 Reveal Cat Food, Reveal Treats, pack of AAA batteries, Soft Bed, Huggie Kitty. Chicken Treats, Container of Squeeze Ups, Box of Broths, Case of FF Kitten, Rainbow Bed, fall throw rug, 

Anonymous -- 2 Containers of Temptations

Pat D -- 6 Yeowl Bananas

Mrs. Charles -- 2 Rug Runners, yeowl catnip toy, Kuranda Bed, Catnip Toys, Wicker Bed

Aunt Sissy -- Peroxide Spray, Self Adhesive Tape, bottle of alcohol, Bag of 9 Lives

Cindy W -- 3 cases of Nulo Canned Food, 2 Cases of Dave's Natural Food, 4 Warming Blankets, 2 Cases of FF, Scratcher TV

Aunt Joan -- 2 Boxes of Bisque, 2 boxes of delectable Stews, 2 boxes of Squeeze UPs, Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Box of FF Petite, 

Rosann & Bianca -- Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Case of FF Chicken

Sue Pok -- Purse, Kitty Record Clock

Annette 20 -- container of Temptations, 4 Boxes of Lil'Soups, 4 Boxes of appetizers, 4 Boxes of Squeese ups

Anita H -- 2 Containers of Temptations, box of Rachel Ray Nutrish

Outside Girl -- Bag of Chicken Fillets, 2 Boxes of FF Naturals, 2 containers of Temptations, 3 Yeowl Bananas

Courtney M -- Box of Appetizers, Bag of Chicken Fillets

Gary & Helen -- Coralie Memorial Stone

Janet K -- 2 Cases of FF Petite, Box of Reveal Sardine

Arlene R -- Box of Gain & Downy

Mary SoCal -- Bag of RC Mother and Baby Cat, FF Chicken, FF Gravy

Mr. Meow -- Lots of Towel sets , Cat Bed, Crinkle bag coffee truck Catnip

Cyndie and Casey -- Monkeys for Lynnette 

CJ500 -- Case of Friskies Gravy, Box of Tiki Variety Pack

April Catlover -- 2 Cases of Baby Food

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Cases of Baby Food 

Kimberly B -- Bag of Ping Pong Balls

Jane 90125 -- Lg Bag of Purina One

Cindy W-- Several Warming Blankets 

Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts for always providing for our kitties. It sure fills our hearts with joy to know how very much they are loved and I know they feel it by their warm hearts and beds.  

All the kitties seem to be doing very well. Rupert had a cold and been in quarantine for a little bit but will be out Tuesday. He's been doing great! Egypt has also been dealing with sore legs. He's been on meds, so he's been feeling good. Paws crossed for my boy. Sure love him. Thank you all for caring for all the kitties. We sure appreciate it. 

And last but not least, we have a fun spooky week coming up for you with more details to follow! Big hugs to you all. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats 


Friday, Sept. 30th, 2022

 Hi friends! What a wonderful few days off and while vacations never seem long enough, I sure missed all the kitties, volunteers and you guys. What a relief if is to know everyone can handle everything so well while I’m gone.

Despite me specifically asking the kittens not to grow, somehow they did. I think the volunteers have been adding extra grow juice to their food! Have you seen Dagda running around? Not only has he grown, but you can tell he feels so very much better having his eye removed. He gets his sutures removed on Monday and I can’t wait to see how good he looks! All the other kitties have gotten great reports and I’m glad to hear they were in the bestest behavior while I was gone.

I did catch the recording of boxes. WOW! You all sure are just wonderful! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for sending so many goodies and fun stuffs to the kitties! We are so very grateful!

Aunt Joan -- Super Soft Pillow Cases, 2 Cases of FF Petites, Case(24) Friskies /bits, 2 Boxes of  Delectable Bisque, 2 Boxes of Squeeze Ups, 2 Boxes of Stews, 2 Purple Mommas, Case of FF Gravy Lover, Case of FF 

Aunt Sissy -- Bag of Toys, Tunnel, Lg Bag of Friskies Dry Food 

Arlene R -- Container of Gain Laundry Soap

Gail G -- Box of Hand Made Blankets 

Susan S -- Box of Many Crinkle Balls

Av Larentia -- Bag of Grilled Chicken Fillets,  FF Fillets, Box of Applaws chicken Breast in Broths, Case of Baby Food, Grilled Tuna Fillets, Iams Pate, Case of FF Kitten, 4 Packs of Wipes, Pet Calming Blanket, Pumpkin Rug, wehoo cat bed/cave

Mary SoCal -- Case of Reveal Chicken, Bag of RC Kitten, Pack Each of "D, C, AA, AAA Batteries,

Janet K -- 4 Bags of Bonita Flakes, FF Petites 

Jane 90125 -- 2 Containers of Temptations

Anita H -- 2 Containers of Temptations, Case of Nutrish Broths

Chana Z/Robert S -- Bag of Bonita Flakes, 3 Water Bowls 

Charlene C -- Case(24) Tuna

Ju in Ji -- 6 Cases of Baby Food

Annette -- Box of Squeeze Ups, 4 Boxes of Lil' Soups, 4 Boxes of Appetizers, Box of Temptations

CJ500 -- Case of Friskies with gravy, Tiki Cat Verity Pack

Speaking of boxes, Kitty Christmas has begun! How it works is


October 17th to 21st is……..NEW FENCE INSTALL!!!! Yay, we are so excited to get this done before winter hits. Thank you so much to Building with Faith Construction for getting us in the books so fast!

November 19th at 3PM is a Volunteer Christmas Party!! We are so excited to show our volunteers just how very much they mean to us. We could not do this rescue without them. I know some of you have sent in goodies or cards for their gift bags that we do every year. If you choose to do that again please send them in by November 1st, to ensure we have plenty of time to make up the bags!
(For those who ask we have approx. 35 volunteers)

December 10th at 10AM is…..KITTY CHRISTMAS!!!! We are going back to the original way of opening boxes on cam and really making it special! BIG BIG thanks to Angie and Bill for all their hard work they put into this to make it amazing, and to Dawn E for organizing the food!

That should be it for now! I sure hope you have a great weekend and to all our friends getting affected by the hurricane, we are praying for you. Take care everyone. Hugs ~ Megan and the Cats

Sunday, Sept 18, 2022

 Happy Sunday all!! What a wonderful Week it’s been. Lynnette has had a wonderful vacation and we are so happy for her and we are so excited to have her back on Monday.

This week Dagda an Cumberland went up for their eye removal, and it turned out that Cumberlands eye has greatly improved and no removal surgery needed! This is such great news. We had been really hoping the meds would help and they truly have. He will forever have a hazy Eye but it’s better than having it removed. Dagda, on the other hand, eye removal went fantastic. As you can see from him running around the main center, he is feeling so much better. I couldn’t be more pleased and it seems like he couldn’t be either! I just love those boys so very much.

On Tuesday we had boxes! These are such fun days and so very exciting to see all the clever things that you find for the kitties. A big thanks to everybody who sends in food and toys to make sure that these kitties are healthy and happy, it really makes all of our days!

Polly & Peanut -- Biggie and Leggy Dews, Box of FF Appetizers

Phyllis D -- 2 Cases(40) Friskies 

Anonymous -- 2 Cases of FF Seafood Classic, 1 Case of FF Gravy Lovers

Anonymous -- Lg Bag of Nutrish Adult Dry Food, 2 Cases of Nutrish Adult Canned Food, Case of Nutrish Treats

Pat D -- Lg Bag of RC Adult Dry Food

NJ Lurker -- 10 boxes of Squeeze Ups

Jane 90125 -- Bag of Purina One Kitten, 

Mary SoCal -- Case of FF Savory Centers, Case of FF Poultry/Beef, 5 Boxes of FF Appetizers

Sue Pok --  Bag of Chicken Fillets, 2 Boxes of Sheba Perfect Portions, Case(40) Friskies Verity, Case of Tuna 

Alex T -- Blanket for Spiker

Anonymous -- Lg Container of Temptations

Janet K -- Case of FF Delights with Cheddar, Case of FF Gravy Lovers

Cynthia H -- 2 Cases of Baby Food

April Cat Lover -- 2 Cases of Baby Food 

Marie & Ahmed -- 2 Cases of FF Seafood Pate, Container of Temptations, Bag of Toys, Fish Shaped Cave Bed, Lady Bug Pop up Play Mat

Outside Girl --  Case of Assorted Fancy feast Canned Food 

Av Larentia -- Marilyn -- Box of Revel Treats Fall Blanket, Case of Baby Food, Fall Rug, Box of Iams Perfectly Portions, Container of Squeeze Ups, Case of FF Kitten 

Adrian -- Case of Tuna 

Karen & Gilbert -- Case of FF Gravy Lovers, 2 Cases of Baby Food, Ghost Toys, 6 Boxes of Appetizers, Case of FF Kitten

Anonymous -- Lg Box of 33 Gal Trash Bags

Cindy W -- Bag of RC Dry Food 

Jaxx - 4 Boxes of FF Appetizers 

Diana D -- 3 Rug Runners 

Mrs. Charles -- Butterfly Toy for Debbie's Kittys, Butterfly Toy for Fun Raiser, Butterfly Toy, Case of Tuna

Barbara F -- Medical Supplies 

Anonymous -- 3 Bottles of Dawn Dish Soap, Sponges

On Wednesday we had a visit from Polly, of Polly and Peanut our chatter.
She brought the most beautiful biggies and leggies for us to sell in a flash sale. We were so excited about all of these we couldn’t even wait for Lynnette to get back. We decided to have a flash sale on Wednesday. The flash sale turned out absolutely amazing! We sold everything we were selling and we were able to raise $990 to be used for future vet bills. Big big thank you to Polly and Peanut for their hard work on these beautiful designs.

This week we also had Beth (Eaglewatcher) and Shamballie visit. What perfect timing with Lynnette on vacation!! She helped so very much and worked on putting more adoption bags together, getting the new cam computer set up along with VRS and Ken, shipping out the flash sale items with the help of Polly and another visitor Vicky. So wonderful to have all these wonderful friends.

We Switched over the new tower on Saturday night and because of their hard work it went so smoothly!! Big big thanks to everyone involved!

Over all, the kitties are all doing wonderful! Coralie even seems to be hanging in with the med change. So happy for that. She’s such a brave girl. Rocky Raccoon is going better on his ringworm treatment. He’s sure gonna be a handful is when he gets out of that cage. I love him already so much and he has the best spirit. Patcheye and Mr. Whiskers seem to be doing great on their cold treatments and will be back in the main room very shortly. All is going great!

Kitty Christmas! Oh my gosh, thats coming up so very quickly. I cannot believe time is going so very fast. Our wonderful mods added all the info about that here:
This is always a very fun event. Thank you for always making this so special! 

From Tuesday through Friday I will be taking a vacation! I am so very looking forward to this trip with Eric, Though I will miss the cats and my pets very very much. Luckily it’s going to be a very short getaway, and I’ll get to be home soon. I’ll keep the mods updated on my progress! Luckily will have the wonderful Lynnette who will be taking over the meds while I’m gone. She’s so great at what she does, it’s so very nice to have such a wonderful second in command!

Well I think that’s all the updates for right now, I hope I haven’t missed anything! You guys take care of you while I’m gone, have a wonderful week and be kind. Sure appreciate you all so very much, thank you for loving our rescue and our kitties. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

 Hey everyone! Time for a nice big blog update, so grab a kitty and snuggle in. We have so many catch- ups to do and thanks to give!

On August 15th we had FOUR adoptions!!! What a wonderful day. Missy, Crockett, Molly Girl and Ghosty all went to their individual homes and I have had reports from all of them that they are doing just AMAZING. This makes us so happy. While I hate to see them go, and I really do, there is such comfort in knowing that they went to great homes and will be spoiled like crazy!
On August 19th Leisel and Everly went to their very own home....TOGETHER!!! This family came all the way from WI to get these gems. I’ve gotten lots of reports and pictures, again they are just thriving. Leisel is still quiet, but definitely coming out of her shell. I love that.
On September 4th, Puzzone went to her new home with our volunteer, Mary Braid’s mom. They both couldn’t be happier. Puzzone (now Jasmine) has been sleeping on her new mom, watching out the big windows and even sleeping on her back, all sprawled out. Sooo comfy. I’ve so please with this match. Just a couple of ladies of leisure. LOL

We have a few new intakes, and boy oh boy are they CUTE!!
On August 16th, our former kitties Kubu and Desi were unfortunately returned due to allergies from the owner’s new fiancĂ©. This is very sad but this is always what we agree to on every single adoption, and will always agree to in the future. So, I’m happy to have them back and will look forward to finding them a forever home again.
On August 25th, in comes this tiny little black and white kitten, Rocky Raccoon. He (and I say this as the sex is undetermined right now) is the cutest, most playful little thing. Bounce, bounce, bouncing around his pin. He currently in quarantine right now as he has ringworm. But, fear not! He’s being treated, so in a few weeks he should be right as rain!
On August 27th, Patcheye (DOB 5/23/22) came in with a friend, Mr. Whiskers (DOB 3/24/22). They we both found wondering around in the country in the middle of the road! Luckily, they got picked up by a very nice lady who brought them to us. Patcheye is an adorable black and white boy, and Mr. Whiskers is a gorgeous light gray and white medium long hair boy.

This is coming along nicely although never as fast as you want. The Kitty fence is now in. But our ‘real’ fence hasn’t come yet. It should be here in a week or two. We’re currently working with various contractors to find the cheapest price we can for the install, hopefully we should have everything wrapped up for winter! Again, big thanks to Jimmy for putting this all together for us!

Dr. Darcy’s visit went GREAT. I’m so pleased with all we’ve been able to accomplish with such a short time. Big big thanks to all the staff and volunteers who worked like mad to get the rescue so very clean! The cats are all look very well, we do have a few dentals coming up. Mostly outside kitties. These will include Walter, Snoopy, Dude the Barnie, Dollop and Frank. We’re looking forward to getting these done so that they can start feeling amazing. We didn’t have a great talk about Coralie. Coralie breathing is difficult for her. We did change of her meds, and while I don’t see a great improvement, it doesn’t appear to be worse. But as always, we go by what the kitty says. We will always do what is best for them, because they deserve it and have brought us so much joy. Sure love that girl so much.

We also had taken in a new boy, Dean. He was such a love and overall seemingly healthy. We sent him up for a neuter. All seemed well after but he did seem a little extra ‘punky’. He ended up having a heart failure and passed. Most likely this is from the anesthesia from his neuter that brought out an undetected heart murmur/issue. He was a very good boy and while we only had him for a short time, he was so very very loved.

This is coming up very very quickly!!! Stay tuned for an update on that this Saturday’s blog. Sooo very exciting!!! I’m pretty sure it’s the kitties favorite time!!!

WOW so very many thanks to give!!!

Cindy W -- 4 Catnip Kicker Toys, 2 Paper Bag Cat Tunnels, Pumpkin Kitty Scratcher, TV Bed/Scratcher

Billie K - Case of Sardines, Case of Tuna, 12 Cans of Chicken 

Av Larentia -- Rug Runner, 2 Cases of FF

Lynda D -- 2 Bottles of D256

Betty B -- Case of FF Kitten, Kitty Pillow Covers

Aunt Joan -- 6 Soft Pillow Cases, 5 Bags of Chicken Fillets

Mrs. Charles -- Lg container of Temptations, 2 Yeowl Bananas , Pill,3 Crate Beds

Kathy931 -- Lucky Kitty Food Dispenser Ball 

Marie and Ahmed -- Blanket for Magic,  Case of Friskies, Container of Temptations, Monster Cave bed, Spring Toy 

Anonymous -- Pack of FF Creamy Delights

Adrienne -- Box of lil' Gravies, Box of lil' Shakes, Under cover Mouse toy

Elaine & Allen -- Jumbo Container of Temptations, Bag of Cat Litter

Mary SoCal -- 2 Boxes of Appetizers, 2 Boxes of FF Chicken/Beef

Sue Pok -- 2 boxes of Lil'soups, Pack of Squeeze Ups

Janet K -- 4 Bags of Bonito Flakes, 6 Yeowl Bananas 

Aunt Sissy -- Tunnel and Assorted Toys, Flipity Fish,  5 Cases of Sheba Perfect Portions

Denise & Elizabeth -- Halloween Towel, 2 Packs of 6' Plates, 2 Packs of Sponges, Toys, 7 Cans of Friskies, 2 Cans of Tuna

Jesi -- 3 Reams of Paper 

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Cases of FF Kitten

Robert, April, Savannah, Stewie the cat-- 3 Bags of Purina One, Case of FF Poultry/Beef, 2 Boxes of FF Purly Entrees, Case of FF Kitten, Container of Temptations, Case of Baby Food 

Here’s a couple of other updates for you!! We removed that paddle pole in the center the kittens would play on. We were having so very many kittens falling off and hurting themselves. We’re working on a different version, just safer. Yay!!!

In other news, Lynnette is going on a much deserved vacation next week. So very excited for her. We will be closed to the public from September 12-16th. Let’s all wish her well!!

As always a big huge thanks to the volunteers, staff, mods, and admins who make this rescue run amazing and to all of you!!! We appreciate you all more than you know. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats

Monday, September 5th, 2022

 Woah! Guys, it's been like 3 weeks since I did a blog update. This blog will be so big, I'm gonna make it a two-parter. This first one will be a huge massive thank you to all the boxes senders! You all manage to find the absolute neatest things for our kitties. This is so wonderful as they sure like being spoiled! HEHE! It really is nice, when most of them had such a hard start, to really enjoy all the wonderful goodies out there. So this blog is dedicated to you wonderful humans, who mean so very much to all of us. 


Candice A --1000 6" Plates, 2 Containers of Temptations Mix Ups, Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Case of FF Kitten 

Anita D -- 2 Lg Bags of Purina One, 2 Cases of FF Kitten

Jane 90125 -- Lg Bag of Purina One Kitten, 3 Container of Temptations, 

Annette --  Container of Squeeze Ups, Case of FF, Case of Friskies, Case of FF Appetizers, Container of Temptations

Sue Pok -- Case of Friskies Shreds, 3 Cases of Baby Food, Box of Delectable, Box of Lil' Gravys, Box of Sheba Perfect Portions, Small Bag of Royal Canin Kitten, Can of Baby Food, Case of RD Mother and Baby Cat, Box of Lil' Shakes, Box each of Delectable Bisque & Stews, Metal Scooper

Random Cat Supporter -- Box(240) of 13 Gallon Trash Bags, Box(100) 30 Gallon Trash Bags, Case of Paper Towels

Denise & Elizabeth -- Case of Friskies, Box of Grilled Chicken Filet, Case of Friskies Pate

Courtney M -- Lg Bag of Purina One

Av Larentia -- Case of FF Kitten, 

Karen Mc -- Lg Bag of Purina One, Case of Friskies, 2 Containers of Party Mix, 

Outside Girl -- Lg Bag of Purina One, Bag of Grilled Chicken Fillet, Case of FF Kitten

Andrea Y -- 2 Lg Bags of Purina One

Mary SoCal -- Lots of volunteer Snacks(Cracker Jacks, Cookies), Box of 33 gallon Trash Bags, Box of 13 gallons Trash Bags, 4 Cases of FF Kitten

Rosann & Bianca -- Case of FF Kitten, Case of FF Variety, Container of Temptations

Janice B -- Case of 6' Paper Plates 

Janet K -- Lg Bag of Purina One , Case of FF Kitten, 2 Bags of Bonito Flakes

Lynda D -- Lg Bag of Purina One, Bag of RC Bay\by Cat, Case of Appetizers 

Anonymous -- Bag of Purina One

Cindy W -- Case of Gatorade, Case of Sheba Pate, 4 Collar Pillows, Case of Sheba Perfect Portions, 12 Pairs of De-Shedding Gloves, 2 Cases of Friskies Treat Mix, 4 Bags of Pill Pockets,2 Bags of Grilled Chicken Fillet, Case of Friskies Meaty Bits, 2 Cases of FF Kitten, 2 Boxes of Glazed and Confused, Box of Delectable Bisque, Case of Iams Kitten, 2 Cases of Friskies 

Beth/Eaglewatcher - 2 Lg Bags of Purina One

Fernanda -- Pictures of Cindy & Ramsay

Anonymous -- Container of Temptations

Courtney M -- Box of FF Appetizers

Av Larentia -- 4 Silicone Place Mats, Cat Collars Cats Potato Chip Shirt, Bracelet For Kristine, Holiday Treats Party Mix, 2 Cat Crowns, Yoga Mat, Case of Friskies, 6 Bags of Grilled Chicken Fillet, Box of Baby Food, Pack of 6" Paper Plates

Debbie M -- 7 Assorted Shirts for Fun Raiser

Scrunchions -- Bag of Chicken Fillet Grilled,

Aunt Joan -- Several Kitten Pillow Cases, Fleece Blanket, 24 Packs of Appetizers, Jingle Balls, Fleece Throw Blanket, 6 BagsGrilled Chicken /Tuna Fillet

Arlene R --  Container of Gain

Kathy 831 -- Box of Magic Catnip Cat Balls

Ariane R -- Large Pack of Toys

April Catlover -- Pack of Kitten Puree's, Box of Appetizers 

Polly & Peanut -- Case of FF Kitten

Rose W -- Case of FF Kitten, Box of Squeeze Ups 

CJ500 -- 2 Cases of Friskies Indoor Pate

Joyse Oh -- Case of Friskies Shreds 

Roy & Denise K --  Steelers Blanket, Donny Burke Purse, Heated Neck Wrap, Lots of Assorted Toys, Temptation Glass Serving Set, Bag of Cat Shushi, 2 Bags of Temptations, Cat Towel Set, Pot Holder, Kitty Tunnel, Seasonal Welcome Sign, Letter

Post Family -- Lg Bag of Ping Pong Balls, Case of Gourmet Naturals canned food, Case of FF Kitten 

Casper Kit -- Case of FF Seafood, Case of FF Kitten

Anonymous -- Bag of Purina One

Diane R -- Case of Trash Bags 

Lisa & Mike H -- 2 Cases of Friskies Delights 

Bill & Lisa S in Patricia S Name -- Large Box of Assorted Toys, Food and Snacks

Billie K -- 2 Cases of FF Kitten, Bag of Purina One, 2 Bags of Purina One Indoor Advantage


          Lisa T - Case of FF Gourmet Naturals, Case of FF Kitten

Tim & Julie T -- Large Bag of Zip Ties

Karen K -- Case of Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat

Mrs. Charles -- Pill Cutter, Play Tent & bed

Wooz -- 12 Bags of Cat Treats from Australia 

Kathy 831 -- Electric Snake Toy 

Melanie H -- Pack of Friskies, Meds 

Lowell F -- Large Box of Zip Ties

Rosanne & Bianca -- Case of FF, Toy Dragon

Janice B - 5 Boxes of Perfectly Chicken, 2 Cases of Appetizers, 4 Cases of FF Kitten, 2 Cases of FF Poultry/Beef, 

Jesi -- Case of Baby Food

Cindy W -- Medical Abbreviations Chart, 3 Containers of Party Mix, 2 Cases of FF Savory Sensors, Case of FF Kitten, 2 Cases of Baby Food

Av Larentia --  Catnip Sticks,Coralie Blanket, Hensley blanket, 2 Bags of Freeze Dried Minnows, Box of Iams Perfect Portions, Pink Cat Bed, Cat toys for Magic, Warming Cat Mat, Cat Can food Cover & spatula,  Case of Baby Food, Container of Squeeze Ups, 2 Bags of Grilled Chicken Fillets, Alma Food Bowl Mat, 

Sharon/kittycatlady -- Case of 6" Plates

Mr. Meow -- Box of Toys, Yeowl Crayons, Case of Sardines, 2 Case of Towel Sets

Anita H -- 2 Container of Temptations, Box of Rachel Ray Nutrish, 

Mary SoCal -- Case of FF Savory Centers, 2 Boxes of Chicken Broths

Sondra -- 3 Pairs of Shoes for Flash Sales, Lots of Towels, Card, Container of Temptations, Cat Cave, Several Packs of Baby Wipes, Appetizers, Lil' soups, 6 Cat Shaped Pillows

Becky H -- 3 Cases of FF Kitten

Aunt Joan -- 3 Purple Momma's, 6 Bags of Tuna Fillets, Cat Throw Blanket, 2 Pet Carriers, 2 Cases of FF Gravy Lovers, 2  Boxes of Squeeze Ups, 2 Boxes of Lickables, 2 Boxes of Delectable Treats, 4 Cases of FF Petites, 2 Pillow Cases, 

Taylor R -- Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Cat Toys, Cat Fancy Toy 

Cathy -- Case of FF Kitten 

Janet K -- 2 Bags of Bonito Flakes, Case of Lil' Soups

Susie S -- Pack of Appetizers, Box of FF Salmon Appetizers,  2 Cases of FF Kitten

Pat D -- 10 Purple Momma's

Aunt Sissy -- 2 Cases of FF Kitten, Case of FF Poultry

Greg R -- 2 Lg Packs of Paper Towels

Ju-in Ji -- 6 Cases of Baby Food


          Aunt Joan -- Case(30) Paper Towels, Soft Pillow Covers, 5 Snake Toys, 

Random Cat Supporter -- Case(16) Paper Towels 

Denise & Elizabeth -- Container of Tiny Tiger treats, 4 Boxes of FF Appetizers

Lynda D -- Case (12) Paper Towels, Box of Appetizers and 2 Cases of Perfectly Chicken

Thad N -- 6" Paper Plates, Case Paper Towels, 2 Boxes of Trash Bags

Anonymous -- Bag of Purina One, 2 Containers of Temptations, Case of FF, Box of Nutrish, Case of Tuna

Av Larentia -- 2 Bowls, Box of Squeeze Ups, Case of Friskies, Case of Baby food, Iams perfect Portions, Box of Treats, Can Food Lids, Cage Ball Toys, Luci blanket, Launtry Room Rug Runner

Mrs. Charles -- Large Container of Temptations, Box of Delectable Senior

Maddysnanna -- Computer Cable Covers

NJ Lurker -- 10 Purple Momma's 

Elaine & Allen -- Case(32) Friskies Seafood, container of Temptations, Case of FF Poultry, Box of FF Broth, Bag of Kitty Litter 

Warped -- 87X96 Quilt

As always, thank you all for being just as you are. We are glad you're with us. Love and hugs ~ Megan and the Cats 

Sunday. August, 14th, 2022

 Hi there friends! Happy start of fall! OK not quite yet, but it feels very fall-ish around here. We’re heading into my favorite time of the year and I think the cats favorite time too. We’ve been having the windows open more and more, as it’s been a bit cooler out yet still warm. And the cats love this so very much. I've got quite the hodge-podge of info, so curl up with a kitty and lets dig in! 

Fenceathon projects I’ve been coming along nicely. The A-frame has already been torn down, and now we’re working on the gray barn. The gray barn is very poor, and by tearing parts of it down, we can see how truly bad it’s become. Grizzly our outside boy who lives the gray barn has been transitioning nicely to his new digs, much that’s to Cindy who’s been working with him very much. We’ve also got a new cam computer coming. That was a surprise expense we didn’t see coming but oh so needed. That should be here in a week or two depending on the build and shipping. Then thanks to our wonderful Kim mods will get that switched over very quickly and hopefully everything will run nice and smooth. The fence for the cove is finally in the design stage and almost completed. Yay!! This has taken a bit as we’ve altered this, altered that. We just want to make it the safest possible.

Like always, we’ve had a busy couple of weeks here, but all good things to report. The kittens in the back are finally starting to get over their sniffles, thank goodness. I hate when the babies don’t feel their best. My goal is to have the ones fully feeling better out in the main room on Monday. Look out Volunteers!!! Hehe!

Our wonderful mod Joe took on a challenge suggested by FrankiPablo. The challenge was he should sing Happy Birthday to our mod FlyMom for her birthday 8/13. Well sweet Joe with his swoon worthy Scottish accent accepted the challenge to raise money for FFRC's medical bills. And boy, you all didn't fail!!! We raised $2205.12!!! WOWZERS!!! We are so very very grateful for this extra boost!!! BIG HUGS all around and special thanks to Joe for all his practices in the shower this last week to prepare!!

We’ve had a couple adoptions in the last two weeks, Marco and Julius went to their new home together on August 8th and I’ve gotten lots of updates that they are just doing wonderful!!! I couldn’t be happier.

Medical updates: Coralie had gone to Dr. Darcy for a check up. Her tumor that was discovered in November 2020 is still there. We've changed up her meds a little to make her more comfortable. All in al, Dr. Darcy, and I think all of us are amazed she's made it this long. She is an absolute fighter and we'll cherish every day we get with her. Kiara also went in for a check up. She is doing well on some new meds after discovering she has pancreatitis. She's in no pain and really just doing fantastic. We are so very relieved and happy. Mayor Anony had his dental as well and that went wonderful. He had 7 teeth removed and after several days of pain meds, he went back to the cover, which he was VERY happy about. 

Jacci update: "All is good. Been to the ocean beach and the bay beach this week. In 40 days is our family vacation, like we always have done. All family is coming! Dogs want to go to the doggie park daily. Yesterday made an amphibian/reptile garden in our back yard. I'm interested in volunteering to help pack kids meals. All is good but my heart surely misses the resident cats. Our cats and dog are doing good. Miss you all. All three of us humans also doing good. You all take good care." 

Boxes, boxes and boxes have been coming. We just love box day around here. It's always great fun. We have very many thanks to give. We are so blessed with such wonderful supporters!

August 2nd:
Beth/Eaglewatcher -- 8 Gallons of Odo-Ban

Mary SoCal -- 22 x 60 Rug,  2 Cases of Jumbo Lump Salmon

Butterfly Wings --  Butterfly Blanket 

Janet K -- 2 Cases of FF Appetizers,  2 Bags of Bonito Flakes, Container of Squeeze ups, Box of Lil' Soups

Anonymous -- Pack of Towels 

Av Larenita -- Carpet Kitty Scratcher , Pack of Paper Plates, Box of Iams Perfect Portions, Box of Pate Kitten Food, Grilled Chicken Fillets, Rechargeable Butterfly Toy, Cat Litter Mat, Ripple Rug, Feather Toy, Interacted Laser Toy, Silicone Mat, Box of Friskies Party Mix 

Cindy W -- Case of Sheba Portions 

Aunt Joan -- Ream of  RED Printer Paper, 4 Boxes of FF Kitten, 2 Cases of Baby Food, Ream of Multi Color Paper, 2 Cases of Tastefuls 

Outside Girl -- Case of Assorted Cookies, 2 Boxes of Lil Soups, Box of Lil' Shakes, 4 Packs of Assorted Crackers

Christopher, Stephanie & Higgins -- Card, Donation, 2 Boxes of Delectable Treats, 2 Boxes of Litter Box Liners, Lg assortment of Toys, Appetizers

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Reams of Printer Paper, Pack of Color Sharpies  

Aunt Sissy -- Dream Dangler Door Toy

Sue Pok -- Cat Vase, Laurel Birch Cat Plate, Cat/Flower Vase

Cynthia H -- Case of Lil Soups

TigerCat54 -- Mega Container of Temptations, Case of BFF Food 

Debra B -- Vernon Memorial Stone 

Leah -- Case of Friskies Tasty Treasures, Box of FF Natural Gourmet

NN & Chan -- Box of Delectable Stews, Box of Lil' Shakes 

Mrs. Charles -- Case of Tuna, Tent Cabana Bed

Pat D -- Large Bag of Royal Canin Adult Food

August 9th:

 Robert S -- Flea and Tick Spray for Cats

Aunt Joan -- Rug Runner, Cat/Butterfly blanket, Sleeping Kitty Blanket,2 Cat Blankets  

Outside Girl -- Case of Gatorade, 4 Packs of Cheese and PB Crackers, Box of Appetizers, 2 Boxes of Delectable Stews

Susie S -- Box of Toys,  Cat Tunnel, Pack of Catnip Toys

Alex T -- Pack of Hand Towels

Av Larenita -- Corner Cat Rubs,Chicken Fillet Grilled, Case of FF Kitten, Container of Squeeze Ups, Case of Friskies Tasty Treasures, Birthday Hats & Bow Ties, Slow Feeder Bowl, Plush Cat Blanket

Mary SoCal -- 2 Cases of FF Kitten, Case of FF Gravy Lovers, Case of FF Seafood 

Anonymous -- 4 Cases of 9 Lives, 

Elaine & Allen -- Lots / Lots of Food, 2 Bags of Kitty Litter

Billy K -- 3 Lg Bags of Purina One

AJ, Ashlyn & Gordy -- Bag of Purina One, Case of FF Seafood, Container of Temptations, Mouse Toys

Polly & Peanut -- Bag of Purina One

Janice B -- 2 Bags of Purina One, 4 Bottles Odo Ban, Case of Tuna, Case of Salmon

Aunt Sissy -- Bag of Kitten Kabootle, Case of FF Delights with Cheddar, Snowman Kicker, Mice toys, 4 Packs of Sheba Meaty Sticks

Anonymous --  Bag of Kitten Kabootle 

Mitty208 -- 2 lg Bags of Purina One 

Denise & Elizabeth -- 4 Bags of Treats, 4 Laser Lights, 12 Cans of Friskies Shreds 

Sue Pok -- container of Squeeze Ups, 2 Boxes of Lil' Soups 

Janet & Susan -- Box of FF Gourmet Naturals,  Box of Reveals Chicken & Broth

Thank you all for being so incredibly wonderful and supportive. We are beyond grateful. Many many hugs and purrs. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

 Hi friends! Wow wow and more wow! What a whirlwind couple of weeks it’s been. First off we had fence -athon and you guys blew us away. For my first big fundraiser since taking over the rescue I didn’t know what to anticipate. But it sure wasn’t this! I felt like I had planned for every scenario, but not what would happen if it went so well. We have a grand total for you right now, brace yourself, it’s $77,788.72!! Then when you include the sale of the Got Uppies shirt, that brings us to $81,388.72. Lots of math science for me but I love it! BOOM, PIE!

After Lynnette, myself and the entire staff and volunteers picked ourselves up off the floor, we’ve spent the last two weeks sending out prize baskets, cleaning, restocking meds, and doing general updates on all the kitties. We’ve also had Martha’s husband, Larry, generously offered to remove the A-frame and the gray barn. The A-frame has already been torn down, and the gray barn will be starting soon. The A Frame was so unstable, difficult to clean and just ready to come down. Grizzly, who lives in the gray barn, has been transitioning nicely into his new swanky shed. We also ordered today over $3000 worth of medicines to refill our supply cabinet. Such a wonderful feeling to know we have all of these meds on hand for when they are needed.

We are also working on getting the final quotes and details in line for the Covies new fence. We are very excited about having something nice and secure for them especially with the winter months coming up.

I did have one of the hardest things happen in these last couple of weeks. Vernon. Our sweet, loveable, scarf of a kitty, passed on July 9th, 2022. Even writing this chokes me up. He was so very special and is so incredibly missed. I remember him as a tiny kitten and watching him grow and fell so in love, just like all of you did. Rest in Peace buddy, you are so very very loved and I know you're getting all the Uppies angels can give. Love you boy.

The kittens have all been doing wonderful and growing growing, though a few of them are getting kitty colds which is why you haven't seen them. They are just having little sneezes and all that comes with it. Luckily we are keeping a close eye on it. After chatting with Jacci today about it, I learned its just super common, just like kids in a school room. 

All of Debbie’s babies, Boop and Pickles, Freckles and Cherry have been adopted into wonderful homes. I’ve been getting updates that they are doing wonderful so far. It truly makes us so happy, even though it hurts the heart a little when they go. We have quite a few that’s currently on hold as well: Molly Girl, Marco, Julius, Cumberland and Crockett. All very great homes and know I throughly check them before. LOL

This week we also celebrated two birthdays, our awesome Spiker who is now 6 years old and Lucie who is now 7. They has a fantastic time with a chickie party on Friday. 

Today we also took in our moderator, MightKat, kitties, Smokey who is all black with a tiny patch of white on his chest and Junior, who is black and white. Both are believed to be around 10 years old, but I do not have full vet records as of yet. For now, I will continue as if they are new intakes and start all vaccines. They are both doing well, although a little unsure of their surrounds. Poor things have been through an ordeal. I'm so happy we can do this for MightyKat.

We also have massive thanks to give for boxes!! Wow - You all know all the good things to find and all they yummy foods. We can't thank you enough for make box day so very fun!!!

FROM 7/19

Aunt Joan -- 3 Packs of Scotch Tape, 4 Yeowl Bananas, 8 Crinkle Pickles, Bag of Crinkle Balls, 2 Tubs of CatNip, 3 Boxes of Bisque, 2 Boxes of Pate, 

Outside Girl -- 2 Packs of TimTams

Anonymous -- Pack of Lil Soups, Sticker, Toy 

Anonymous -- 6 Cans of RC Mother and Baby Cat

NY A&R -- Fluffy Bed, Container of Temptations(Memory of Vernon), Soft Blanket 

Random Cat Supporter -- 119

Mary SoCal -- 2 Boxes of FF Senior, 2 Crazy Cat Guy T-Shirts, 2 Born to be Mild T-Shirts  

Mrs. Charlies -- Daily Dish Licky Sticks, Butterfly Toy , 2 Beds, 2 Grass Hunting Boxes 

Cindy W -- 4 Star Wars Toys, Travel Backpack for Ramsay, Box of Lil Soups, 2 boxes of Delectable Stew, Neater Pets Big Bowl, Bunch of Swimming Fish, Scratch Pad, Laurel Birch Yoga Mat and Carry Case,15 Cans of RC Kitten

Butterfly Wings -- CatNip Brown Bags 

Sue Pokorney -- 2 Laurel Birch Tote Bags, Laurel Birch Change Purse, 2 Boxes of Lil Soups, Pack of Squeeze Ups, Cat Person Mug, Kitty Mug, Creamer

April Catlover -- Box of FF Appetizers, Temptations

Aunt Sissy -- Cat Mom T-Shirt for Megan 

Av Larentia-- Heart Shaped Rug 

Debbie P -- 2 Meowy Catmas T-Shirts 

Tammy W -- 2 Books 141 

Av Larentia -- Ripple Rug, "S" Shape Scratch Pad  Cotton Candy Rug, Donut Bed, 6 Safety Cutters, pack of Delectable Squeeze Ups, Activity Mat, Play Tunnel, Blanket, Food Bowl, Smart Toy Bundle, Dry Erase Board Calendar 

Jesi -- 2 Containers of Temptations , Box of Lil Soups 

Karen & Gilbert -- 2 Domino Cat House's

Anita H -- Box of Nutrish Perfect Broth, 2 Containers of Temptations 

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Bottles of Bleach 

NJ Lurker -- Huge Box of Cheryl's Cookies

Anonymous -- Beautiful Quilt

Anonymous -- 6 Packs of Chicken and Waffle Party Mix, Box of Delectable Stew

Greg R -- 2 Bottles of Mr Clean

Janet K -- 2 Bags of Bonito Flakes, 6 Bananas 

Elaine & Allen -- Case Friskies Seafood Pate, Container of Temptations

Mr. Meow -- Case of Appetizers, Snacks, Food, Toys, Chicken, Lots of Towels 

TMG --Huge Box of Towels

FROM 7/21

           Anonymous -- Pack(18) Mr Clean Erasers 

Arleen R -- Gain Detergent 

Polly & Peanut -- 2 Reams of Paper, 3 Containers of Clorox Wipes

Anna A -- 2 Cases Of Delectable, 2 Boxes of Temptations, 2 Packs of Perfectly Chicken

Lisa T -- Case of Sheba, 2 Boxes of Delectable 

Janice B -- Case of Lil Soups, 250 Paper Plates 

CJ500 -- Case(48) Canned Friskies

Cindy W -- 2 XL Stainless Steel Bowls, Giant Water Bowl 

DarSid -- Large Couch Bed, 24 Pack of Appetizers/ Broths 

Sue Pok -- Case(40) Friskies, Cat Mug, Laurel Birch Cross Body Bag, Cat Crystal Glass Bowl,3 Laurel Birch Cat Mugs 

Diana D -- 2 Rug Runners 

Greg R -- 6 Gallons of Bleach 

Teri G -- Towels, Toys, Treats

Jane 90125 -- 2 Containers of Temptations, 16 lb Bag of Purina One Kitten 

Ju in Ji -- 6 Cases of Baby food 

Rosanne & Bianca -- Container of Temptations, Case of Perfectly Chicken, Pack of Crinkle Balls 

Anonymous -- Box of Lil Gravies and Box of Delectable Chowder 

Mr. Jesi -- Container of Catnip Temptations, Case of FF Appetizers

Aunt Sissy -- 2 Cat Kitty Figurine 

Anna K -- " Vern Got Uppies " Memorial Stone 

Aunt Joan -- Case(30) Paper Towels, Kitty Blanket, 4 Cases of FF Petite, 6 Cuddle Pals, Angel holding a Cat Blanket, Pillow Covers, 2 Cases of Gravy Lovers, 2 Boxes of Delectable Stews, 2 Boxes of Bisque's, 2 Boxes of Squeeze Ups  

Janet K -- 3 Bags of  Bonita Flakes 

Walk-in Donations -- 3 Gallons of Bleach 

Mr. Meow -- Towels, Lots of Cat Food,

Susie S -- Box of FF wild salmon  

MG57 -- Box of Hand Made Blankets 

Gail & John -- 3 Boxes of Tissues 

Joyce OH -- Case(24) of Friskies Shreds 

Myrna -- Case of Kitty Shrouds 

Av Larentia -- Case of Iams Perfect Portions   Mat, Container of Squeeze Ups, Case of Friskies Tasty Treasures, Iams Perfectly Portions, Wellness Signature Selects

Renee B -- 2 Packs of Raised Bowls, Case of Gravy Lovers, 4 Small Food Bowls, Pack of Squeeze Ups, 500 pc puzzle, Box of FF Delights, Hamburger Bed 

Random Cat Supporter -- 4 Large Containers of Temptations  

Karen twokeets -- 2 miniature Cat Paintings  

Annette -- 4 Boxes of Squeeze Ups, 4 Boxes of Lil Soups, 4 Boxes of Appetizers, Pack of Temptations  

Mary SoCal -- Cat Bed, Case of KMR, 6 Cans of Pink Salmon, Bag of RC Indoor Adult Cat Food 

Cindy W -- Wooden Kitty Plaque  , Cat Water Color, Cat Serving Tray 

Anonymous -- 3 Packs of Wipes , 3 Containers of Temptations 

Leo2CAF --2 Cases of FF, Case(30) Lil Soups in memory of Vern

Karen McM -- Pet Massage , Pack of Temptations, Case of FF Petite, Case of FF Delights with Cheddar

FROM 7/26

           Sandra H -- 2 Bags of Purina One Adult Food

Sue Pok -- Lg Bag of Purina One, Case of Appetizers, Pack of 6 inch Plates, 3 Cases of FF Gourmet Naturals, Case of Baby Food, 2 Cases of Friskies Shreds, Case of Perfectly Chicken 

Randi & Mary -- 2 Bags of Purina One

Mary SoCal -- Lg Bag of Purina One

Outside Girl -- Bag of Purina One

Anonymous -- Lg Bag of Royal Canin Dry Food 

Leah S -- Catnip Cactus, Thing 1 & 2 Toys, avocado Toy, Box of Delectable Stews 

Kimberly -- Large Bag of Pipe Cleaners, Shag Blanket, Pet Bed w/Toy (party toys for Lucie's birthday and friends!)

Polly & Peanut -- Color Printer Paper, Case of Packing Tape,   

Debra B -- 3 Packs of Springs, Cat Dancer Toy, 6pk of Lint Rollers, 2 nip Bananas, Box of Gain, Color Printer Paper, Pack of Crinkle Balls

Pat D -- Purple Momma, 6 Yellow Bananas 

Av Larentia -- Slow Eater Food Plate, 2 Collars ( Marilyn & Kiara ), Kiara Blanket, Marilyn Blanket, Container of Squeeze Ups, Interactive Lighted Cat Toy, Friskies Lobster/Mac&Cheese Party Mix, Cat Food Saucer, Raised Feeder, Oval Rug, Lg Blanket, Scratcher Cat Cube/Cave House

Aunt Joan -- Cat Pillow Cases, Box of Lil Soups, 3 Purple Mommas, 4 Boxes of Fabric Softener, 

Michelle H -- Blue Wilderness Dry Food, 12 Cans of Tuna, Case of Friskies Breakfast Mix, 2 Cases of FF Kitten, Case of Pringles

Momma Marilyn -- Case of FF Can Food

Anonymous -- Gallon of OdoBan

Janice B -- 2 Cases of Appetizers

Mr. Whiskers -- 6 Bags of Bonita Flakes

Renee B  -- Case(40) Friskies Seafood and Chicken

Lost Girl -- 1000 6" Plates 

And from May and June I missed our sweet mod Burgundy who sent in Purina Ocean Favorites variety pack - 24 cans, another Fancy Feast gravy lovers pack - 24 cans and a pack of 10 Baby food jars! Thanks Burg! So sorry I missed ya! Hugs!

As always, we are beyond grateful for you all, and are so blessed to have your continued love and support for our kitties and the rescue. You are what makes this place so special, well and the fact that we have some pretty cute cats. :) 

Many hugs, love, and purrs, from all of us here to you. In friendship ~ Megan and the Cats